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HaveIGotNewsForYou @haveigotnews
Paul Nuttall announces forthcoming autobiography.
Bob Cross @BlueBobX
RT @UKIPNFKN: The Paul Nuttall Fact Generator #UKIP #PaulNuttallFacts #StokeByElection #StokeCentral #Stoke
Barry O'Hare @Barry_Ohare
RT @LabourEoin: Paul Nuttall says his advisor, not he, is the one exploiting the Hillsborough disaster for gain. Explain this then: https:/…
Stan @stan17efc
RT @Rachael_Swindon: You have to give Paul Nuttall some credit. It can't be easy trying to be an even bigger twat than Nigel Farage.
Martin wignall @Tobysdad41
RT @Rachael_Swindon: The amazing adventures of Paul Nuttall (according to the internet) #StokeCentral #UKIPLies htt…
Sandra Patterson @SandPatterson
RT @SocialistVoice: Paul Nuttall goes into hiding as he fails to disown UKIP donor Arron Banks' vile Hillsborough slur #WheresNutty https:/…
Darren_means_Darren @Daz_Means_Daz
RT @LabourEoin: **POLL** Tonight, Paul Nuttall breaks his silence. He says that he is the real victim of a smear campaign. Is he correct?
AK @mr_akelly
RT @SocialistVoice: Paul Nuttall failure to show up at BBC Radio hustings in #StokeCentral proves how spineless and cowardly he is #WheresN…
P. Pink @ideas4thefuture
RT @JeremyCorbyn4PM: Joe Anderson demands Nuttall's resignation over Hillsborough lies
Alessandro Martorana @AlexTheLondoner
RT @RochdaleHerald: Paul Nuttall denies lying about surviving the sinking of the Titanic
Yvonne Harvell @4evapoison
RT @UKDemockery: NEWS UPDATE: Search continues for compulsive liar Paul 'Nutty' Nuttall #WheresNutty
RT @SocialistVoice: Once a Tory always a Tory: Paul Nuttall follows Tory procedure of hiding away when the going gets tough - just like Jer…
Hugh Jackson @Huge_action
RT @MatthewGreen02: Wheels have come off UKIP. Labour's campaign is in the mire. No surprise @LibDems @DrzulfialiAli is gaining support. ht…
Maya Minty❄️ @mayaminty
RT @MirrorPolitics: Paul Nuttall claims HE is the real victim of Hillsborough 'smear campaign'…
P. Pink @ideas4thefuture
RT @JeremyCorbyn4PM: "The only thing 'fabricated' are the UKIP leaders false and exaggerated claims on a whole range of issues." https://t.…
Willow Hollybee @WillowHollybee
RT @MomentumOx: #Liverpool Mayor calls on #UKIP leader Paul #Nuttall to resign as MEP over Hillsborough claims http…
Greg Eden @EdenGreg
RT @LondonEconomic: Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson demands Paul Nuttall resign over Hillsborough claims #UKIP #paulnu…
SusanBoucher4 @Bouch63
RT @OwaisRajput3: Voting Paul Nuttall UKIP because of anti-war and local community empowerment policies #UKIP #StokeCentral #UKIPStoke http…
Rachel Wadsworth @WadsworthRachel
RT @Redpeter99: ....and Paul Nuttall has just been awarded the Freedom of Liverpool.
Jane Sawkins @JaneSawkins395
RT @Fruitandvegdon: Saturday night! Paul Nuttall won't be there on Saturday - but he might say he was…
Peter Wellings @wellingspeter1
RT @DavidCoburnUKip: Me and Paul Nuttall #Stoke
Guy Longworth @GuyLongworth
RT @GdnPolitics: Ukip leader Paul Nuttall condemned for failing to attend hustings
RT @2tweetaboutit: Paul Nuttall to call for VAT on household fuel bills to be SCRAPPED to feel Brexit benefit
Sue Keen @SueKeen1
RT @DavidJo52951945: Voters are fed up with Labour & Paul Nuttall will win Stoke says former Labour candidate
Roy @red_roy_
RT @PA: Paul Nuttall to pledge fish and chips VAT axe in Ukip conference speech: by @kateferguson4
aldensteve @Essexsteve78
RT @jongaunt: Yes, Paul Nuttall was wrong not to tell the truth, but this is a targeted smear campaign! @DVATW
Bad Hindy @redland15
RT @UKIPNFKN: #Police investigate complaint over #UKIP's Paul Nuttall's #StokeByElection bid #StokeCentral #Stoke
squirrel sandwich @RchrdsRichards
RT @SocialistVoice: UKIP outrage at Labour candidate Gareth Snell's sexist tweet, but silence over Paul Nuttall's misogyny #StokeCentral ht…
aldensteve @Essexsteve78
RT @jongaunt: The controlled media are nearly as desperate to bring down @paulnuttallukip as they are to bring down Trump! Pod 1 https://t…
aldensteve @Essexsteve78
RT @DVATW: My discussion with .@jongaunt @talk2meradiouk - 28 minutes in. Covering Paul Nuttall and Trump! Give it a listen.…
aldensteve @Essexsteve78
RT @jongaunt: Paul Nuttall Hillsborough gaffe - does it matter? Pod One with @DVATW #freespeech
Pam Abbott @pammyred14
RT @red13charlie: Paul🤥Nuttall claims HE is the real victim of #JFT96 Tragedy It's clear, he's learned NOTHING
Robert Lyttle @RobertLyttle4
RT @2tweetaboutit: 'Voters are FED UP of Labour' Paul Nuttall 'WILL WIN' Stoke by-election says ex-candidate
Bad Hindy @redland15
RT @UKIPNFKN: Ukip leader Paul Nuttall condemned for failing to attend hustings via @Guardian #Brexit #Democracy #Politics…
aldensteve @Essexsteve78
RT @jongaunt: Should #UKIP leader @paulnuttallukip pull out of the Stoke by-election or is this just another smear campaign? Pod 1 https://…
Jo Richards 🇬🇧🇪🇺 @JoRichardsKent
RT @UKIPNFKN: #UKIP’s Paul Nuttall is so committed to selling off our #NHS, he put his name to it #StokeByElection #StokeCentral https://t.…
Harry Callahan @tenr0h
RT @KimbleDi: BBC pushing Labour propaganda re Stoke again. It would rather dig at Paul Nuttall Ukip. So bias 😡🇬🇧⛔
Sally Bridge @Sally_Bridge
RT @NoirMJ: Zelo Street: Paul Nuttall - GAME OVER via @zelo_street
Orange Miller @MickFOldfield
RT @BluenosebLawson: this racist thinks we are playing the man not the ball.... @MikeHookemMEP isn't that what UKIP…
Nigel Lloyd @Pittendriech
RT @WomenDefyUKIP: Sunderland fan who saw Hillsborough tragedy attacks UKIP's Paul Nuttall
Sandra Hanna @scarbro8
RT @theipaper: Ukip’s Paul Nuttall pulls out of Stoke by-election hustings amid Hillsborough row
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