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EdenwoodMiddleSchool @EdenwoodMS
RT @MrBrandPDSB: Sergeant Joy Edwards eloquently shares her narrative of breaking barriers and chasing dreams. #PEELSOJ17 https://t.co/jfOj…
Shivani Dhir @ShivaniDhir2
RT @jaimicamp: Panel of amazing inspiring woman sharing there stories of success and determination #equity #peelSOJ17 @thunderwolves98 @Pee…
Sayema @ChowdhurySayema
RT @ShivaniDhir2: Starting our day inspiring our female youth to explore unconventional paths in Science and Technology! #PEELSOJ17 https:/…
Harpreet Kaur Neelam @HarpreetKaurN
RT @AssessmentGeek: Residential school system caused unspeakable damage to generations. This is not "in the past". #PEELSOJ17 @MissCHillin
Maham @MahamAliii
RT @kalliopixoxo: Thanks for sharing your journey Andrea #peelsoj17 https://t.co/rNwHuSICar
Central Peel @CentralPeel1
RT @SJaBrace: @CentralPeel1 Sci-Tech girls excited to be participating in #peelSOJ17 https://t.co/OhYqrQX8ot
Jasmeet Sidhu @JasmeetSidhu
Thank you @PeelSchools and @safarinstitute for inviting me to speak about my journey from Brampton to SF! #PeelSOJ17 https://t.co/NHZ8NycEs1
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