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New Orleans Pelicans
#PelicansGameday! Tune in tonight as the #Pelicans battle the Rockets on @FOXSportsNOLA at 7 pm CT!
24 Mar, 01:41 PM UTC
New Orleans Pelicans
Anthony Davis blocks Eric Gordon! #Pelicans
25 Mar, 01:25 AM UTC
New Orleans Pelicans
Cousins and Davis have combined for 60 points tonight Rockets up 107-105 - 1:36 left in the game #Pelicans
25 Mar, 02:14 AM UTC
Adam Clanton
Anymore questions about who the MVP is? #Rockets50 #Pelicans
25 Mar, 02:19 AM UTC
New Orleans Pelicans
Final in Houston #Pelicans
25 Mar, 02:22 AM UTC
Jim Eichenhofer
Rockets score 37 pts in 4Q to overtake #Pelicans 117-107, despite 33 pts from Davis, 29 by Cousins:… https://t.co/LyroAFMxu5
25 Mar, 02:31 AM UTC
FOX News
9 dating fail ever https://t.co/dvMyj2NFpN #AFLWGFِ Jungle Edgeِ #CycloneDebbieِ #nswwcِ Morningtonِ #Pelicansِ #Rosehillِ Bryson Tillerِ
25 Mar, 03:22 AM UTC
Analyzing The League
Top-5 Defenses post All-Star Break: #DubNation 99.2 Pp/100 #GoSpursGo 101.2 #WeTheNorth 101.3 #Celtics 102.0 #Pelicans 102.2
24 Mar, 12:56 PM UTC
☇ASAP Sports News☇
NBA - The Beard ties his career-high in ASTS w/ 17, to go along w/ 38 PTS. @HoustonRockets beat #Pelicans 111-107
25 Mar, 02:33 AM UTC
Jim Eichenhofer
#Pelicans were down by only 1 entering 4Q, but Rockets have scored 34 here and lead 114-105 with 50 ticks left
25 Mar, 02:20 AM UTC
Question of The Day: Which #NBA player on this list has scored the most career points? #DubNation #DCFamily #Pelicans #GoPacers
24 Mar, 12:27 PM UTC
House Of Houston
🚀🚀🚀🚀Patrick Beverley with the DAGGER! #Rockets50 WIN 117-107 & season series 3-1. 50th win of the season! #Pelicanshttps://t.co/RaUjjf3IfA
25 Mar, 02:25 AM UTC
Justin Valentine
James Harden had 38 points and 17 assists in #Rockets' 117-107 win over #Pelicans #NBA
25 Mar, 03:08 AM UTC
Simple NBA Scores
The Rockets won 117 - 107 over the Pelicans. #rockets #pelicans
25 Mar, 02:30 AM UTC
Bob Esponja
Boogie with the 🔥🔥🔥🔥 here. #pelicans https://t.co/kXFkNmzZtY
25 Mar, 03:18 AM UTC
Bob Esponja
This doesn't seem like a great strategy #pelicans https://t.co/B8iMM7CBTU
25 Mar, 02:44 AM UTC
Will Guillory
#Pelicans unable to extend 3-game winning streak momentum after 117-107 loss to Rockets https://t.co/5g5uAIxeBy
25 Mar, 02:43 AM UTC
Max त्रैलोक्यविजय
25 Mar, 02:33 AM UTC
Did Pelicans Win?
No, the Rockets won 117 - 107. #pelicans
25 Mar, 02:30 AM UTC
TheRotation Podcast
The #pelicans need to tank to draft DeAaron Fox. Put him with bogey and the brow. Now that's scary #marchmadness #UKvsUCLA #UK #nba
25 Mar, 03:58 AM UTC
VIDEO: Demarcus Cousins Points Calls Technical Foul On Rockets Bench: https://t.co/sI8eijtzzY #Pelicans
25 Mar, 03:51 AM UTC
Rob Carruth👀
Harden's 38 points lead #Rockets over #Pelicans 117-107 https://t.co/CClGtk87zi via @YahooSports
25 Mar, 03:30 AM UTC
Bob Esponja
@Jacob_Revere if the #pelicans owned their pick this year and got their slotted position, I'd be all for Malik Monk. He can shoot.
25 Mar, 03:15 AM UTC
Gregory Salazar
#NBA | #Pelicans 107 - #Rockets 117 || FINAL
25 Mar, 03:11 AM UTC
TT Mobile AU
TT AUSTRALIA 12:07 1.#AFLWGF 2.Devin Booker 3.Jungle Edge 4.#CycloneDebbie 5.Mornington 6.#Rosehill 7.#nswwc 8.#Pelicans 9.Race 3
25 Mar, 03:07 AM UTC
NBA Panel
James Harden scored 38 points as the Rockets beat the Pelicans 111-107 #nbapanel #nba #Rockets #pelicans
25 Mar, 03:00 AM UTC
That Nigga Bubb
Every time I go to a #Pelicans game they always lose bruh!
25 Mar, 02:57 AM UTC
Austin Lizana
Still waiting for an article saying how the Rockets are the scum of the #NBA after this #Pelicans game. Flops/cheap tricks for foul calls.
25 Mar, 02:55 AM UTC
Sergio Ramos
😿 #Pelicans Hamlet (The Pelican Shakespeare) ♥♥ https://t.co/cdRhG33iXZ
25 Mar, 02:53 AM UTC
Samuel Sports ⚡0
#Rockets50 James Harden puts up 38 pts, 17 ast as #Rockets beat #Pelicans, 117-107. #NBAhttps://t.co/jlh2IupvLx
25 Mar, 02:52 AM UTC
Will Guillory
#Pelicans fall to the Rockets 117-107.Pels (30-42) are now 5 games back of the 8th seed. Cousins & Davis combine to score 62. Harden 38 & 17
25 Mar, 02:22 AM UTC
Mitch McWilliams Jr.
Fire Alvin Gentry after the season & hire Mark Jackson #Pelicans
25 Mar, 02:02 AM UTC
Angelina Jolie
What's th #Raucous with #NBA #Rockets and I'm Like- #Pelicans #Feel- Like #Bulls When Bulls was #ChicagoBulls Not ths #NoPlayoffs #Team #NPm
25 Mar, 02:31 AM UTC
Final Regulation
Final: Rockets 117 Pelicans 107. NO: A Davis 33pts, 16reb, 1ast HOU: J Harden 38pts, 7reb, 17ast (ESPN) #nba #Pelicans
25 Mar, 02:31 AM UTC
Mitch McWilliams Jr.
Fire Alvin Gentry & Hire Mark Jackson ..find a way to keep Jordan Crawford too #Pelicans
25 Mar, 02:30 AM UTC
Pelicans Central
#pelicans fall to the #rockets, pels are now 5GB from 8th.
25 Mar, 04:00 AM UTC
Austin Lizana
That 3pt foul call for Harden is what makes me what to shut off the TV as a #Pelicans fan
25 Mar, 02:47 AM UTC
👳 #Pelicans Twelfth Night (The Pelican Shakespeare) ♥♥♥♥ https://t.co/d0mKJAadUr
25 Mar, 02:47 AM UTC
TT Mobile AU
TT AUSTRALIA 11:47 1.#AFLWGF 2.Jungle Edge 3.Devin Booker 4.Mornington 5.#CycloneDebbie 6.#nswwc 7.#Pelicans 8.#Rosehill 9.Race 3
25 Mar, 02:47 AM UTC
nice win-loss record with Demarcus Cousins #Pelicans 😆 terrible trade for a terrible dude. and he's not a winner. just a stat getter.
25 Mar, 02:31 AM UTC
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