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ـعـ | الهاشمي @jfkjjgk_99
RT @emadoviich: الديلي ميل البريطانية تتوقع خلع #الملك_سلمان ويحل محله الإرهابي ابن نايف حسب الرغبة الأمريكية تلاحق عمرك يا حمندي https:…
Dr Shahid @DocPakistan
RT @ShoebridgeC: Peter Oborne: The situations in Mosul & Aleppo near identical, yet media coverage of them couldn't be more different https…
Philip Coggan @econbuttonwood
The BBC "cheered on" Tony Blair according to Peter Oborne on Today. Er, Andrew Gilligan? Hutton report? Ring any bells?
katie @K69atie
RT @DylanStrain: Peter Oborne - brilliant. Media sold us weapons of mass destruction, cow towed to Blair on Iraq and Cameron on Libya. #BBC…
David Swift @dswift352
RT @coralivesey: Fantastic summary by Peter Oborne of BBC prejudice against Trump & BBC support of lies 4 Iraq war & Libya destruction. #…
Jill Abson @AbsonJill
RT @piscisaustralis: Peter Oborne socks it to Blair worshipping #r4today. Mocking giggling response shows how unable they are to grasp how…
I Di©k Slapped Obama @NoCaliphate
RT @palestininianpr: Peter Oborne's article written in 2012 characterises the Israel/UK to a tee.
Lord Omnishamble @0mnishamble
RT @_TheEnquirer: @BBCr4today Peter Oborne smacked some unwelcome Blair home truths to the #BBC this morning. It needs more of this critica…
liz @Mayolaliz
RT @kammersymphonie: Peter Oborne @OborneTweets on the BBC's Iraq and Libya reporting. Jump to 2hr 28mins...
Elizabeth @lizzjones18
RT @josiahmortimer: Peter Oborne arguing Trump is 'democratically elected'. He lost the popular vote by 3m votes. He was undemocratically e…
graham @Grahamcb4
RT @coralivesey: Peter Oborne's assessment of sneeringly biased Jon Sopel is wonderful. Time BBC journos thoroughly investigated for their…
Simon Joe Jones @badlydrawnboyo
RT @twlldun: Reminder that even when you think Peter Oborne is right, he is right for the wrong reasons. See also:Jenkins, S Hitchens (mi…
Summer @cutanddried
RT @JeSuisFedUp: Hey maybe it's possible to despise Trump & realise Peter Oborne has a point about a cheerleading careerist media e.g Iraq/…
Unique Mind Fat Loss @my90dayfatloss
RT @olofum: PETER OBORNE: He may be useless but Corbyn is a hero of democracy via @MailOnline
ian cassidy @iancassidy1
RT @Okeating: #r4today Peter Oborne saying exactly what you'd expect a Daily mail columnist to say. Alt-shite.
Wendy Sturdy @SturdyWendy
RT @foxesdale: @BBCr4today Peter Oborne right #BBC didn't challenge #Blair likes of @campbellclaret #Prescott often on #r4today @bbc5live f…
Iain Houten @IainHouten
RT @rickburin: Peter Oborne does six months as a crusading liberal and then six months as a neo-con troll.
mcmill @m_cmill
RT @candblack: Peter Oborne's refreshingly accurate critique of the msm's reporting of Trump laughed at by #r4today Don't let valid hatred…
ian cassidy @iancassidy1
RT @AliCatterall: Man, Peter Oborne's a dick. Classic Whataboutery from a DM lapdog.
ImpeachtheOrange @Trumpton_VanMan
RT @kiffaroberts: @BBCJonSopel has Peter Oborne forgotten the Hutton Inquiry??? Oh he works for the Daily Mail now. Understood.
KomproMatt @matt_heath
RT @trendswap: Malaysia says needs kin's DNA before releasing Peter Oborne's body
Roberta Stevenson @Catniptwoshoes
RT @vtolmanj: Justin Webb reacted with amusement to Peter Oborne's dig at BBC journalism on #bbcr4today. All very chummy. Imagine it had be…
Dweezil Armstrong @PxKDweezil
RT @LeucoArias: 😈 Peter Oborne Why People Vote against Themselves - a Lesson From Colombia ⚡🌟
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