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Joy Reid @JoyAnnReid
They're not done. Having taken over the White House and #10 Downing Street, the Pepes are coming for California.
AngelBear4TrumpPence @AngelBear2016
RT @ChristiChat: Trump supporter Peter Thiel reportedly considering running for California governor Make California Great Again #MAGA https…
MattFromTexas @MattFromTexas31
RT @CLewandowski_: Peter Thiel considering bid for California governor
Toastmaster Paul @paulsteven
Peter Mikula @PetMikRan
RT @TruthFeedNews: BREAKING : Trump Backer Peter Thiel Considering Run for California Governor #maga #trumptrain #t…
jdiz @jjjjjjjjjjl2
RT @StefanMolyneux: Peter Thiel reportedly considering a bid for California governor.
Rafał Cieślak @Ravicious
RT @ctatplay: Paul Graham, eating breakfast: Pancakes are good. Peter Thiel, smirking: What if pancakes... AREN'T good? Paul Graham: holy s…
einstein frank @IotaNxtArdoBtcD
RT @CryptoCoinsNews: Bitcoin Supporter Peter Thiel Considering Bid for California Governor
Ryuta Takeda @ryutarigato
RT @fermat1665: ピーター・ティールがカリフォルニア州知事に立候補するかもしれない。。。やっぱりそう来たかぁ。 > Peter Thiel considering bid for California governor…
Kaliko Castille @WizKaliko
RT @politico: Peter Thiel considering bid for California governor
Phyllis Gail @PhyllisHart16
Rafał Cieślak @Ravicious
RT @ctatplay: Still thinking about this profile of Peter Thiel and how his only tactic is inverting every question asked of him https://t.c…
FuckCensorship @FollowMeOnGab
RT @williamcraddick: Peter Thiel mulls CA Governor bid, will we see CA go red again in the near future?
Church of Equality @church_equality
RT @djvjgrrl: The Anti-Democratic Worldview of Steve Bannon and Peter Thiel
TheChivalryNewsCorp @JosephArdito
RT @MariaTevesGonz: @ChristiChat @americansr4DT i have lots of friends and family in CA, i support Peter Thiel
Rosa Roman @RosaR1942
RT @MichaelDelauzon: Trump supporter Peter Thiel 'is planning to run for California governor'.…
John D Pell @gaelicWizard
RT @Pinboard: Peter Thiel considering running for governor of California.
Audrey Joan Girard @AuJopts
RT @redlightvoices: Thiel watch: Peter Thiel considering bid for California governor
AMPavone @Zaitsev1955
RT @seacorc: I'd vote for dead Gary Coleman before I'd vote for #trumP scumbag Peter Thiel for governor of California…
Jason Raj @jasonoflondon
RT @SamiraAhmedUK: Why Peter Thiel Fears “Star Trek” HT @arthurascii
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