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Baked🥛Alaska™ @bakedalaska
Sarah Silverman gets hired regularly by @Disney for dressing in blackface. PewDiePie makes internet jokes and gets…
angelina soto @angelplier_666
RT @markiplier: @pewdiepie You've always been true to who you are and that's what I respect most about you.
SteveSailerMoon @SteveSailerMoon
RT @MarkDice: Hey @Disney, why did you put Sarah Silverman in @TheMuppets when she tweets 'jokes' about molesting children? cc: @PewDiePi…
Paul @PetitChevreau
RT @leroidesrats: Tellement de connerie en si peu de temps putain renseignez-vous et stop omettre des infos pour rendre le truc + scandaleu…
john @dild0swaggin
RT @PhillyD: Their takedown attempt of @PewDiePie has been SUPER EFFECTIVE. lol If you need to go after anyone else, please hit me. I'd tak…
Rammers @Purple_Helmet
RT @PhillyD: AND the author of the article, @EmmaGreyEllis, thinks @PewDiePie's "reign" is over. He should send her a gift basket for the n…
Duh Real Lombardy @realLombardy
RT @RAZ0RFIST: Donald Trump is president. The Cubs are World Champions. And I'm... defending PewDiePie. Life comes at you at WARP speed.
💗Masai💗 @macytweets2u
RT @chescaleigh: "PewDiePie Isn’t A Monster; He’s Someone You Know" via @jacobtwop
Jillian 🌷 @Jillian1650
RT @CaptainSparklez: @pewdiepie sorry man, bummer of a situation, but you made a good response
Sarah @smosh_reality
RT @_Aphmau_: Please know that there are many who support you from all sides of the YT community @pewdiepie 💜
Nick @NicholasHuckeby
RT @HolaniRahul: @pewdiepie @YouTube Most accurate reply to the wall street journal, yet. We atamd with you poods! 🙌
Mirian Silva @mirianSilva1506
RT @felipeneto: Galera, quem tá do lado do PewDiePie nessa guerra da mídia contra ele, curte meu comentários nesse vídeo, please? https://…
Christian Wayne @WhinerWayne
RT @Matthiasiam: Title originally ‘Pewdiepie was always racist”. Why did you change your title @WIRED, worried it was slander and you could…
dastan @viiraanlatiif
RT @isaevian: Me after watching @pewdiepie response video. #WSJ #pewdiepie
Your Stalker (Alma) @AlmaLindskold
RT @TheQMcConathy: Pewdiepie literally made a vid about the media taking things out of context, & they took parts of it out of context. The…
Beat Romano @TombaHat
RT @Daemonprofane: Was amazed the Pewdiepie vid that started the press furor was so tame & then recalled how few actually read the Zoe Post…
Cauchy @Suppose_Not
RT @wokieleaks1: Pewdiepie: Avatar of Populist Reactionary politics
Saved_ By_Music @kittehkatt26
RT @Glam_And_Gore: All the outrage & "news" surrounding the @pewdiepie stuff makes me think of how different the internet was just a decade…
Hazencruz @Hazencruz
RT @MrRepzion: My respect goes to @pewdiepie response to all this media shit. I dont know if i could mentally deal with such character ass…
Cauchy @Suppose_Not
RT @wokieleaks1: This is Pewdiepie's Beer Hall Putsch
Youngroberttv📺 @Youngroberttv1
RT @jeremiahc_: LEAVE PEWDIEPIE ALONE!!! - new video!! 😮 (RETWEET!!!) the media has gone too far lol cmon now
Sarah 🇮🇲🦄🍕 @cure_wishiwashi
RT @wokieleaks1: "How we cursed later," a survivor of Pewdiepie's reign lamented "that we did not resist until it was too late. We were alr…
Lord Nurgle @The_Spore666
RT @VixenRogue: If they'll come for PewDiePie, no one is safe.
Robert Novak @gallifreyan
RT @TOUCHSTONE___: YouTube star PewDiePie rejects anti-Semitism claims
cheyenne @CheyenneMYK
RT @Vigoriance: Hey old school media? Your influence is dying. Stop fighting it. @pewdiepie is a good guy. You'll never win against our onl…
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