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Edmonton Oilers @EdmontonOilers
VICTORY! #Oilers double up Philly 6-3! #PHIvsEDM https://t.co/aOdB5NfJ4G
Kyle Couture @kylecouture19
Joe Tay @nhltay21
RT @EdmontonOilers: PATRICK MAROON! πŸ‘ŠπŸ’ͺ #PHIvsEDM
КсСния @ksenia_siberia
RT @NHLFlyers: SIMMONDS! 5-2! #PHIvsEDM https://t.co/HlTRBDA2As
Stefan Wasylko @wozman24
RT @EdmontonOilers: WHAT A SHOT! 🎯 #PHIvsEDM https://t.co/ux0xQJXexa
Joe Tay @nhltay21
apicula πŸπŸ’› @aristaiosbees
RT @NHL: The @EdmontonOilers are filling the net, and they're enjoying every second of it. #PHIvsEDM https://t.co/gLQQDQyHAB
RT @EdmontonOilers: Two goals in 75 seconds got us like... #PHIvsEDM https://t.co/JzBncNq0Uk
Jerry McKinnon @JerryMcKinnon3
RT @NHLFlyers: Game ON! #PHIvsEDM
Joe Tay @nhltay21
RT @EdmontonOilers: That one go in? EBSOLUTELY! #PHIvsEDM https://t.co/ggo17o0AmJ
Kyle Hart @kylehart_2
RT @NHLFlyers: #Flyers fall to the Oilers, 6-3. #PHIvsEDM Next Game: Sunday @ VAN, 10PM. https://t.co/i3maOAxKCz
Joe Tay @nhltay21
RT @EdmontonOilers: 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ @NHL points for @MattHendy26! #PHIvsEDM
Joe Tay @nhltay21
RT @EdmontonOilers: Pucks on net, good things happen. #PHIvsEDM https://t.co/m19WaUkqm7
James Battaglia @James_B1476
RT @EdmontonOilers: Two games, two goals for @MattHendy26! #PHIvsEDM https://t.co/eZFfsIeHQ7
Joe Tay @nhltay21
RT @EdmontonOilers: #Oilers offence keeps rolling, goals from @ebs_14 @RNH_93 & @Klefbom93 make it 5-2 through 40 mins. #PHIvsEDM https://t…
Joe Tay @nhltay21
RT @EdmontonOilers: Oscar with a howitzer through traffic for his 10th! #PHIvsEDM
Joe Tay @nhltay21
RT @EdmontonOilers: Simmonds scores. #Oilers lead 5-2. #PHIvsEDM
Kyle Couture @kylecouture19
RT @EdmontonOilers: The captain rifles a wrister for his 19th! #PHIvsEDM
Joe Tay @nhltay21
RT @NHLFlyers: Edmonton, 5-1. #PHIvsEDM
Joe Tay @nhltay21
RT @NHLFlyers: Oilers, 4-1. #PHIvsEDM
Joe Tay @nhltay21
RT @EdmontonOilers: Shot by @grybes02 hits @RNH_93 for the goal! #PHIvsEDM
Joe Tay @nhltay21
RT @EdmontonOilers: Schenn PPG. #Oilers lead 5-3. #PHIvsEDM
Joe Tay @nhltay21
RT @NHLFlyers: Oilers, 6-3. #PHIvsEDM
RT @BetBully: Another x2 hit and winning night! 3-2, +1.4 #Sens ml (x2)πŸ’°πŸ’° #NYRvsNYI o5.5πŸ’° #PHIvsEDM o5.6πŸ’° #DALvMIN o5.5❌ #COLvsBUF o5❌ +1…
Баня @kingmirabni1975
RT @deemer1972: #oilers fans be like after that beat down to Manning & the Flyers #PHIvsEDM #EatShitManning #OilersWin https://t.co/6LORw4B…
YEG Retweet @yegretweet
RT @YEGSportsLIVE: HUGE win for the @EdmontonOilers. 6-3 over the @NHLFlyers. #PHIvsEDM #yeg #NHL - A. Rod https://t.co/ZDyJYRB2aY
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