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Mark Ruffalo @MarkRuffalo
It would be grossly irresponsible for the Senate vote on Pruitt before review of 1000s of emails. https://t.co/Qj9hVl1UIq #PostponePruitt
marycontrary @nasty_woman2
RT @SenatorCarper: If the shoe were on the other foot, moving forward on this nomination would be unthinkable. #PostponePruitt https://t.co…
Ted Servis @tedservis
RT @SenatorCarper: My colleagues are making a mistake to move this nomination forward without reviewing these documents #PostponePruitt htt…
Sarah Ma @sarahma3845
RT @lori_go: Make no mistake. This is history repeating itself #TheResistance #DayofFacts #PostponePruitt #FlashbackFriday #indivisible #Re…
RT @NPCA: We must #PostponePruitt until his emails are released and the Senate has time to review them https://t.co/iZd47tmoGo
SoldierGirl*n*Xfiles @LisaHauser8
RT @ddonigernrdc: We must #PostponePruitt until his emails are released and the Senate has time to review them. https://t.co/bHeihWpkoq
2kidsnomoney @2kidsnomoney
RT @Earthjustice: Pruitt ordered to release his emails with energy companies and polluter sponsors. We must #resist & #PostponePruitt https…
sunshine916 @sunshine916
RT @amjoyshow: NEW: Dem Motion to Delay Pruitt Vote FAILS. Voted down 47-51. #PostponePruitt
Aimee #VyRTPromoTeam @Aimee30STM
RT @NRDCFedGov: Vote now is on whether to #PostponePruitt vote until emails are released. Final vote on confirmation will follow if this f…
Matt Keller @mattk1999
RT @GreenLatino: We must #PostponePruitt until his emails are released and the Senate has time to review them. https://t.co/Ak9BIinaqq http…
~Cindy+F+Solomon~ @cindyfsolomon
RT @CommonCause: The Senate should not vote on #Pruitt's EPA nomination until his emails are released to the public! #PostponePruitt https…
vaculb @vaculb
RT @NRDCFedGov: Vote to #PostponePruitt just failed. Final vote on #PollutingPruitt happening next!
⚔️TrumpsterWarriorsD @cecki
RT @Blu_Collar_Man: DONT #PostponePruitt they've delayed this long enough,letting a president pick his cabinet is "top priority",now this i…
Mrs.Opie @MrsOpie88
RT @julia____rock: Apparently Republicans are only in favor of extreme vetting when it comes to refugees #PostponePruitt #pollutingPruitt
Cathy @MoomaCat
RT @JenniferPlace: .@SenFranken My hero! Thanks for championing the environment and calling to #postponepruitt. You're doing your job, not…
LoveFreedom @Aquene1
RT @CoreyGStone: Senate shouldn't vote on @EPA nom before reviewing thousands of emails w fuel companies #PostponePruitt #DayofFacts https:…
Texas Liberal @TXmadskills
RT @fsa1996: The fact that #PostponePruitt blocked requests for information alone disqualifies him! #Resist https://t.co/pYDPCHWP1n
BardOfEarthRESISTS @BardOfEarth
RT @DeniseShearin: .@SenateGOP is not willing to #PostponePruitt because they themselves lie, hide, & don't care about the environment or t…
KM Davis @BellwetherLV
RT @Donna_West: .@SenateMajLdr would you rather #PostponePruitt so we can see his emails first or let 45* fire when they are released?
Mairi @mvanas1050
RT @CleanAirMoms: #PollutingPruitt must be vetted; his vote must be delayed until the Senate can review his emails. #PostponePruitt https:/…
Charlotta @charlotta615
RT @toddwhaines: Oh the IRONY of the Left trying to #PostponePruitt on account of THOUSANDS OF EMAIL they say will disqualify him from runn…
Katherine Wright @kwrigh02
RT @ScienceMarchMI: Update: Motion to #PostponePruitt fails. Likely to be confirmed in order to force through EOs, even if Pruitt ends up F…
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