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Pottery Throw Down @PotteryThrow
Raku! It brings the potter out in you! #PotteryThrowdown. Thursday. 8pm. @BBCTwo. https://t.co/diKU1xb4a6
Jeremy Peake Pottery @crackingpots
RT @potclays: It's Thursday which means one thing... #potterythrowdown book competition! To enter the draw RT and follow. Winner picked Mon…
Mrs Trellis @theonlywayisup
RT @PotteryThrow: Ryan's day job. Footage by popular demand. #PotteryThrowdown https://t.co/Z80oTg9PEO
isa rahmanlar @yugokar
RT @HistoryNeedsYou: #potterythrowdown in #Palestine 1900. Incredible skill to make such a large pot. #history https://t.co/u8DlPwuDnv
Jack Haywood @haywoodjack2006
RT @CBBC_Hacker: I worked for a pottery maker once... until I got fired! #potterythrowdown https://t.co/JppHwNCsc6
Elaine Wells @ElaineWellsPots
RT @PotteryThrow: Well done to Spot Test winner James! A great design that was beautifully executed. #PotteryThrowdown https://t.co/EsqxYCj…
isa rahmanlar @yugokar
RT @HistoryNeedsYou: One of my favourite pots is this 5750 year old funky-footed pot from #Egypt #potterythrowdown #history in @metmuseum
The Arts Institute @arts_institute
RT @CraftsCouncilUK: Potters across the land - could you host a #HeyClay event from 7-9 April? https://t.co/LSWP7bFup8 #potterythrowdown ht…
Graham Taylor @Pottedhistory
RT @HistoryNeedsYou: Transforming mere mud into marvels is a wondrous skill. I raise my #tea to potters everywhere. #potterythrowdown phot…
Gary Carse @gary_carse
RT @PotteryThrow: "Simple can give you some wonderful results" #PotteryThrowdown https://t.co/GkWrr7LacI
Elaine Wells @ElaineWellsPots
RT @PotteryThrow: There was much ado about Nam's raku. #PotteryThrowdown https://t.co/8sutXSN6Vd
Elaine Wells @ElaineWellsPots
RT @ValentineClays: Well done @cernamic on pot of the week, fab looking sake set 😊 #potterythrowdown #raku #ceramics https://t.co/hZRhM6CWAv
AndyH Vaillant @andyh_vaillant
RT @BBCTwo: When your shirt matches your chemical reaction... 🔥🔥🔥 #PotteryThrowDown https://t.co/K8D7ts2daE
Sandra W @BibsyP
RT @PatriciaShone: To all who love #potterythrowdown, support the new Clay College and the next generations of budding potters #pottery #ce…
Carol Allison @EquestrianPR
RT @AnglianPotters: Living in the east and inspired by #PotteryThrowDown ? Join nearly 500 like-minded people! https://t.co/0hUvO4MQ9F #Ang…
Gary Carse @gary_carse
RT @PotteryThrow: A master at work. @KBJWhitstable makes a rice bowl using the Japanese wiring technique. #PotteryThrowdown https://t.co/4k…
Elaine Wells @ElaineWellsPots
RT @PotteryThrow: A fond farewell to James! A Spot Test win was sadly not enough to survive tonight. #PotteryThrowdown https://t.co/HAjyJV7…
Rob Jones @valboy7
RT @PotteryThrow: Avoid an unwanted hole in your bottom by giving it a good tap. #PotteryThrowdown https://t.co/NsBzFb6Aze
Ruthanne Tudball @RuthanneTudball
RT @ceramicreview: Here’s Japanese master Shoji Hamada demonstrating how to throw ‘off the hump’ #potterythrowdown https://t.co/3tgWjtf6TG
Rob Jones @valboy7
RT @sot2021: We could watch someone turning and trimming all day.. Mesmerising.. #potterythrowdown https://t.co/UnOHAVckUW
Starry Angel @StarraAngelle
RT @panstick: Loving #potterythrowdown - not so much Sara cox's necklace https://t.co/0FtDziEspJ
George Ormerod @GeorgeOrmerod
RT @ceramicreview: Curious about Raku, as seen on #potterythrowdown? See our how-to from CR issue 271, available free for limited time: htt…
Maggie Johnson @MaggieEJohnson
RT @Hobbycraft_RDG: #potterythrowdown DEVILS WORK 👹👺🍶rice grain pattern, see some examples https://t.co/43gbPmyYrS
Allan Skerratt @AllanSkerratt
RT @WistfulCass: Maybe Paul Nuttall is missing #stokebyelection Hustings tonight, so he can enact his own private #PotteryThrowDown .. or…
Elaine Wells @ElaineWellsPots
RT @BibsyP: #potterythrowdown Judges are a bit rough today. Well done @cernamic
Elaine Wells @ElaineWellsPots
RT @potclays: "The clay is the inspiration..." @ElaineWellsPots we couldn't agree more. #potterythrowdown #perfectdayforclay
Elaine Wells @ElaineWellsPots
RT @potclays: Well that's week 3 done and dusted. And what an episode. #nospoilers #potterythrowdown
ZebraMingo Crafts @ZebraMingo
RT @LeapHareGallery: If #potterythrowdown has you more interested in #raku, come visit us. We have these gorgeous pots by Chris Hawkins htt…
Rob Jones @valboy7
RT @ValentineClays: Loving seeing all the old #potteries footage on #potterythrowdown. Very proud of our heritage in #stoke 😊
cait gould @GouldCait
RT @moramento22: That's rude @BBCTwo!!! I didn't knew there's new season of #potterythrowdown on already!!
WiFi on Trains @WifiTrains
RT @Noddy_Taylor: When youre on a train from LND to Newcastle - realise your fav show #PotteryThrowDown is on & the @VirginTrains wifi save…
Dave Foy CMIOSH @dfoy2
RT @1974rapport: A perfect example of how not to wear #rpe on #potterythrowdown https://t.co/Q7cv674Zhy
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