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Mark Berman @markberman
Curious what happens tomorrow if President-elect Trump gets up and says it's unfair to take seriously unsubstantiat…
Gigi @lugoginger
RT @_Makada_: President-Elect Donald Trump calls out Buzzfeed and CNN as fake news, tells reporter: "YOU are FAKE NEWS!"…
Dominic Lira @DyviusDom
RT @MatthewKick: President-Elect Trump, at his press conference stepped aside to allow his attorney to speak for him Think about that #Tr…
Gina Neidel @neidel_gina
RT @FoxNews: EARLIER: President-elect @realDonaldTrump to reporter: "YOU are fake news."
Sandra Watson @sontrasaari
RT @BBCWorld: Donald Trump's first press conference as president-elect was a memorable one. Here are the highlights
President Elizondo @JessieIElizondo
RT @TimRunsHisMouth: "You're Fired!" - Trump just ended his first press conference at President-Elect with his catch phrase!!!! #TrumpPress…
Mike McGlauflin @MikeMack36
RT @NathanHRubin: These same people telling us to give President-Elect Trump a shot made it their sole mission to destroy BHO's presidency…
Conservative Grpa @Grpacon
RT @MrEdTrain: It would of made my day if President elect Trump, had that scumbag John Acosta of CNN thrown out of that press conference !…
Deplorable Michael @DonaldT4Prez
RT @AP: BREAKING: President-elect Trump calls unverified dossier on ties to Russia `fake news' and `phony stuff' crafted by `sick people'
Antwain Booth @abooth03
RT @NoahBookbinder: Just to be clear: President-elect Trump did none of the things he needed to do to effectively address conflicts of inte…
mary christie @peaceischrist
RT @newtgingrich: Again and again President-elect Trump has shown patience and a very high standard in looking for the right leaders for Te…
Susi H @palestininianpr
RT @theintercept: While Trump presidency poses grave dangers, so do those who are unhinged in their slapdash attempts to undermine it. http…
Lindsey Collins @LindsECollins
RT @washingtonpost: Fact-checking President-elect Trump’s news conference
RT @newtgingrich: The process President-elect Trump went through to find the head of the VA is very impressive. Interviewed over 25 people.…
Mr. NoahItALL! @MrNoahItALL
RT @anne19brown: #Poll Do you agree with @realDonaldTrump that @CNN is fake news? RT #PEOTUS President-elect @nbc Pence #Trump @jaketappe…
Darth Brooker @irl_selinakyle
RT @ddale8: The president-elect is himself a long-term promoter of vaccine-autism nonsense:
sic transit gloria @DanielaaaaCx
RT @ajplus: President-elect Trump wants to open national parks for more drilling.
Annie Spiczak @AnnieSpiczak
RT @nia4_trump: If you missed President-elect Trump's 1st presser, here's a mashup of best moments, including YOU ARE FAKE NEWS @CNN https:…
brett hagey @Brett_Hagey
RT @davidsirota: Strong case from @ggreenwald that Trump opponents are destroying their ability to oppose him https…
terence hooson @terencehooson
RT @kinni00: Don't u love the fact that President-elect Donald Trump dominates the news & media and nobody is even talking about Obama's sp…
Winnie Gustafson @winniegustafson
RT @FoxBusiness: 'You are fake news!': President-elect @realDonaldTrump refuses to let CNN reporter ask question. Read more:…
Karen Hildonen @klhildonen
RT @OliviaMesser: A law firm advising President-elect Donald Trump today was recently honored as the “Russian Law Firm of the Year” https…
Deplorable Michael @DonaldT4Prez
RT @KamVTV: Hey @mitchellreports @cnn @amjoyshow @MSNBC President-elect Trump is taking about you at his press conference. Fake News 👌🏽😁
Rio Slade @RioSlade
RT @theintercept: The legitimate and effective tactics for opposing Trump are being drowned by irrational, desperate ad hoc crusades. https…
であこん @Deacon_blues82
RT @KS_1013: とりあえずトランプの記者会見が終わった。ツイッターでの口調と同様、自分のペースで言いたいことを言ったという印象。相変わらず話は抽象的でつかみどころはなく、ヒラリーや民主党を攻撃し続けている点は選挙期間中と何も変わってなかった。…
Piery Catessy @Piery71
RT @LindaSuhler: #PresidentTrump won't suffer fools... #FakeNews Outlet CNN's Planned Attack on Donald Trump Backfires #MAGA…
Lews Therin @MorganJD77
RT @FoxBusiness: Bayer, Monsanto CEOs meet with President-elect #Trump, argue merger would create U.S. #jobs
Gavin Vincent @gvin0403
RT @VH1springbreak: President-Elect Donald Trump was the original vocalist of the seminal hardcore-punk band, Black Flag.…
EbonyChaunte @EbonyChaunte
RT @markberman: Here's a look at 14 untrue, misleading or exaggerated statements Trump made today by @GlennKesslerWP
Absolut Mandrin @AbsolutM
RT @Salon: President-elect Trump’s first press conference was a total disaster
Mike Beacham @Mike_Beacham
RT @LindaSuhler: YUP! President-elect Trump: 'The American Public Isn't Concerned About My Tax Returns, I Won' #MAGA…
Courtney Vaudreuil @LaVaudreuil
RT @THR: .@JuddApatow on #TrumpPressConference: "Trump is batsh— crazy. He is out of fiction. But this is real"
Corin samsen @corin_samsen
RT @Heritage: When President-elect Donald Trump enters office he will inherit almost $20 trillion of national debt.
Laura Osterbrock @stcrispinsday
RT @WestWingReport: President-Elect says no one cares about his taxes. Other than 74% of all voters and 62% of Repubs, he's right https://…
❄️mebennui❄️ @mebennui
RT @harveyjkaye: This will not end well: President-elect Trump's first press conference was a total disaster https:…
Carol J Davy @caroljdavy
RT @TheBaxterBean: Lol. Trump’s new law firm recently won 'Russia Law Firm of the Year award’…
TJ @Naples_Fl_Gator
RT @CNNPolitics: These are President-elect Donald Trump's ties to Russia
RT @PressTV: U.S. President-elect Donald Trump gives his first news conference since being elected
Nasty Libtard ❄️️ @3DzD
RT @JeffreyGuterman: President-elect @realDonaldTrump & @SeanSpicer used strong-arm tactics at presser, like #Trump did w/ @jorgeramosnews
NME @TheNotoriousNME
RT @markberman: President-elect Trump linked intel agencies, the new Russia allegations and "Nazi Germany." The ADL is not thrilled https:/…
Mr. NoahItALL! @MrNoahItALL
RT @hrkbenowen: Fake News Outlet CNN's Planned Attack on Donald Trump Backfires
Patrick Henz @Patrick_Henz
RT @businessinsider: 'You are fake news': Watch Trump attack a @CNN news reporter during his first press conference as president-elect http…
MAGA Cynthia @junkmistress
RT @TRUMPMOVEMENTUS: Today President-elect Donald J. Trump announced his intention to nominate Dr. David J. Shulkin as Secretary of Veteran…
Ben Frank @BenFrankIV
RT @ringer: What we learned from Donald Trump's press conference: He's on an eternal campaign, and “fake news” is meaningless…
TrumpProudHunter @kldreams61
RT @mikeo159: Stripping the dishonest media of their power and rewarding hardworking new media outlets for telling the truth.…
Steven @steven94117
RT @floridarocket: Fact-checking President-elect Trump's news conference
Global Dealmaking @insurgentintel
RT @jeremylawhodges: Trump Remains Shockingly Uninformed on Policy
WSJ Risk&Compliance @WSJRisk
RT @WSJvideo: During Wednesday press conference, President-elect Donald Trump delved into controversial issue of Russian hacking: https://t…
Diana T. @BlackLotus_Luna
RT @LaCrystalRosas: president elect trump just asked me to twerk on stage at his inauguration.. He must have seen my twerk video -->https:/…
Tallthruitall💜 @jacquelinepend2
RT @wsbtv: President-elect Trump: 10 highlights from news conference:
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