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safiyyah @Sxfiyyah__
RT @timgostony: Obama should resign a day early to make Biden the 45th President just to ruin all of Trump's merchandise
jawden @jordan_aystin
RT @saddsquatch: I lost my virginity while Obama was president what a privilege
The New York Times @nytimes
Breaking News: Chelsea Manning will be freed in May. President Obama is commuting her sentence.
DJT Voter @TrumpRight2016
RT @jessebwatters: President Obama attacked Fox News for eight years. Media yawns. But now media flips out when Trump hits CNN? Got it
Skull Knocker @LeadNDN
RT @jesseberney: Trump questioned President Obama's legitimacy based on a racist lie. Lewis questions Trump's legitimacy based on verified…
Steffen Rademacker @webgefrickel
RT @ACLU: BREAKING: President Obama commutes Chelsea Manning's sentence! She will be released from prison in May. h…
Carpe Dixie @carpedixiexxx
Chloe ann kellum @KellumChloe
RT @FoxNews: .@newtgingrich: It's as though President Obama and his team set out to do everything they could to undermine America's positio…
한정은 @CrownQ
RT @nytimes: President Obama surprised Joe Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom
Lu Jones @rvaLuJ
RT @foxandfriends: "[President Obama's] not transferring prisoners, he's letting terrorists go." -Dr. James Mitchell, former CIA interrogat…
Bruno Moser @LVTbruno
RT @GovJVentura: President Obama did the right thing with Chelsea Manning's sentence today. Now, how about pardoning Snowden?
Eliz @lizziebelle_07
RT @nytimes: Not since Lincoln has there been a president as fundamentally shaped by reading and writing as Barack Obama…
Weird Identification @fearoffreedom
RT @CNN: President Barack Obama reduced or eliminated the sentences for hundreds more non-violent drug offenders ht…
Renier Swanepoel @RenierJustWonIt
RT @TheDailyShow: Tonight at 11/10c, President Obama tries to baby-proof America before Trump takes over.
paxspiration @paxspiration
RT @trevortimm: Here's what Daniel Ellsberg said upon hearing that President Obama commuted Chelsea Manning's sentence:…
✊🏾💥TrAcEy💥✊🏾 @Here_ISound_Off
RT @spectatorindex: BREAKING: Obama to leave office with approval rating of 58%, the highest of any departing President since George H.W. B…
shawn mowles @csmowles
RT @ElishaKrauss: President Obama doesn't call Gold Star families after they lose a loved one but commutes the sentence of a guy who got em…
Whitney Leigh @G_Whitney_Leigh
RT @NewRepublic: It's time for President Obama to pardon Edward Snowden.
Connor @ConnorPoulton10
RT @ObamaSpotify: President Obama is currently listening to American Idiot by Green Day
Obsessed w/ Fandoms @ttsreina
RT @Iron_Spike: Rando: Wow Mr. President you're leaving office with such a high approval rating, I can't imagine it getting much higher Ob…
Ricardo Elford @relford
RT @Lawrence: Barack Obama is still president. 273 recipients of pardons and clemency are grateful for that.
R. Miloh @miloh
RT @RuthHHopkins: Letter from the Oglala Sioux Tribe to President Obama requesting clemency for Leonard Peltier.#FreePeltier…
Anne Dahl @AnnejDahl
RT @SaveManning: Our dreams have come true: @POTUS has commuted @xychelsea's sentence:
colt @zodiac_wolf
RT @LindseyGrahamSC: Yet another poor national security decision by President Obama. (3)
Kathy Sherman @iswdopn
RT @SarahPalinUSA: Ready for a President who will stand with our friends in Israel... 🇺🇸🇮🇱
mwrcomposer @mwrcomosepr
RT @drudgeheadlines: #African-Americans reflect on eight years with a #black #president...
Gabriela Silang @bayaningpinay
RT @barry_corindia: Obama should resign a day early to make Biden the 45th President just to ruin all of Trump's merchandise…
George Orwell 1984 @BiekerLori
RT @foxnation: #WattersWorld: Supporters Tell @jessebwatters How President Obama Disappointed Them in Farewell Edition:…
Benjamin Blandin @benjaminblandin
RT @nytimes: President Obama’s stark options on ISIS: arm Syrian Kurds or let Donald Trump decide
حسين محمد عدن @ronaldo129
RT @kylegriffin1: President Obama has granted more commutations than the past 12 presidents combined —@WhiteHouse
Sissi @zhavorsa
RT @BNONews: White House: President Obama pardons 64 people, grants commutation of sentence to 209 others, including Chelsea Manning
Dianna Wolfe @diannawolfe13
RT @scotusreporter: How President Obama’s home will transform into President Trump’s in just 5 hours--and new shoes for bowling alley! http…
Ellison 4 DNC Chair @GottaBernNow
RT @relombardo3: Breaking! President Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning's Prison Sentence. Thank You, Obama! #FreeChelseaNOW #FreeSnowden https…
Gady @gadyle
RT @oliviertesquet: La libération de @xychelsea est d'autant plus historique qu'Obama a été le président américain le plus dur avec les lan…
Maurizio Iacovelli @maurizioi
RT @lifehacker: President Obama commuted Chelsea Manning's sentence today, and 209 others. Here's how commutations and pardons work: https:…
lindy s @sexygirl798
RT @changejustice: Today President Obama granted #clemency to 209 people. Denise Quintanilla, serving life, was one of them.…
Milah X @kamilahvictoria
RT @prisonculture: Will President Obama be freeing Mutulu and many others too??? Please do this!!! #FreeThemAll
Jerry J @Myobian
RT @johnfund: President Obama scores poorly in working with Congress on legislation - worst record un decades - @wa…
Old #TrumpWON Dude @o1d_dude
RT @occdissent: Now that Trump is becoming president, we are #DividedStatesPBS. Because we were so united when Obama was in there
Eyal Allweil @allweil
RT @slashdot: President Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning's Sentence
dublj @dublj
RT @erguncaner: President Obama was FURIOUS at the Russian leaks. SO furious. Oh & he commuted the sentence of a traitor who betrayed the U…
Random Questions @TheQuestionerr_
RT @TheInfoNGMedia: African American music stars visit president Obama at the White House
Geilerkerl @Geilerk3rl
RT @gaycivilrights: President Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning's 35 Year Sentence
Miss Me? ^v^ @GustinsGlambert
RT @JWilliamsCrew: Jesse Williams to narrate a documentary on President Obama's defining speeches. #TheObamaYears
Questionable Adam @AdamReakes
RT @NeKap: With two days left in office, President Obama had better hurry! He's going to run out of time to grab everyone's guns AND enact…
billy miner @dollar1billy
RT @dollar1billy: #Trump and they're trying to say because of Trump the economy is doing so well,"not" I believe President Obama just did 8…
Shannon Alexis @shannon__alexis
RT @alllison_x: michelle obama should have just ran for president
connie l nash @connielnash
RT @mtariq_1: @connielnash president obama,plz free dr afia. u r a kind hearted man.
Tijuana Escamilla @vinogradovadox1
RT @phillygirl145: Obama is a destructive, vengeful man. The worst foreign policy President this nation has ever had, on par with Chamberla…
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