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OleHickry1814 @qwerty91231
RT @asamjulian: Wow, Trump is fearlessly calling out the media's dishonesty. #PressConference
The Advocate @TheAdvocateMag
If @POTUS didn't want to be scrutinized by press why did he run for president?? #pressconference
Brenda @bo38637
RT @Smith83K: Did Trump really say his administration is running like "a fine-tuned machine?" #Pressconference https://t.co/TB0iMxCfO1
Piña Chiodo @PiaPinachiodo
RT @_SadTrump: The real problem are the leaks, not the illegal activities of my administration. #TrumpPressconference #Pressconference
Maggie Koch @MAKtheknife13
RT @RemInDaBK: Congratulations AMERICA you've elected an imbecile "East Room of the White House" #Trump #Pressconference #DayWithoutImmig…
Kathryn Burkhill @BurkhillKathryn
RT @JOMainEvent: I love #MyPresident so Much! Speaking the Truth about our Bias Media! #Pressconference
Bad Creek Carol @cldopp
RT @MediaJuggernaut: Trump: I've Called The Justice Department To Look Into The Leaks, It's A Criminal Act. #pressconference https://t.co/…
Michael Carlstrom @MikeJCarlstrom
RT @PoliticWD: Reporter challenging President Trump's credibility. #Pressconference #POTUS https://t.co/9qs2VYbjMb
Weezy @Kaeden_Anthony
RT @air_samurai: This is not a #Pressconference. Its #Alternativefacts given by a #SoCalledPresident. And the answer must be #NotMyPres…
Andrew Arway @AndrewArway
RT @211Pine: Trump, "I heard you (media) have a lower approval rating than Congress." 😂 #PressConference #MAGA 🇺🇸
Debbie @datdat39
RT @_SadTrump: Surprise! I'm a hypocrite on leaks. Bad info about me = bad. Bad info about my enemies = good. #PressConference #trumpPressC…
shail60 @shailesh23660
RT @Redpeter99: Dickie Betts isn't the only US born rambling man. Trump is one too. #tweetforthehippies #Pressconference
Mary Ellen Nesham @MaryNesham
RT @BobTerzotis: Trump loves him some Trump!! #Pressconference
Mother Nature @tempkt
RT @jackTweets11: George Washington is rolling over in his grave watching this #pressconference. 😑
°\(ッ)/° Punk Sports @RIAWAHINE
RT @ZayneRocksPM: Wow I think that Trump is having a hissing fit on tv right now🙊 #nicegoing #Pressconference 🙈🙈🙈
Mary Ellen Nesham @MaryNesham
RT @aalleyne: #Pressconference This is so ridiculously self-referential... Very meta.
David Hill @maddog1066
RT @jeannieologist: To #trump, "if the leaks are real how can the news be fake?" #Pressconference
MJBCurious @MJBCurious
RT @MJBCurious: USPL: After the #Pressconference of @POTUS @realDonaldTrump with #mainstreammedia how do you feel? #climatechangeshealth #P…
Puri Monsta @purrmonsta
RT @shortbus1: Can someone remind the President the election was over 3 months ago. The #factercheckers are busy at this #Pressconference #…
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