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grotsky lil byotch @ReginaViolia
RT @ameliawozniak: "Hawwaa you're in" *everyone turns off tv* #ProjectRunwayJunior
Amanda Triplett @amandi930
RT @JackieSmith114: Welp, #ProjectRunwayJunior, it was nice knowing you. Goodbye.
Amanda Triplett @amandi930
RT @nannacassie: #ProjectRunwayJunior I call BS! Seriously, from the time she bullied the younger little guy in the partner challenge I've…
Grace Colby @gracelinnc
RT @MsLuLu_Tweets: #ProjectRunwayJunior Tieler should have stayed. Most talented designer there. Hawaa has no business in finale. Very unfa…
Amanda Triplett @amandi930
RT @RevrunLowe: Why do they keep saving this girl? What is it? Tieler had one bad week. This girl had at least four. #ProjectRunwayJunior
iamtrendbot @iamtrendbot
RT @FIDM: Okay, fashion lovers! It’s time for the 2nd to last episode of #ProjectRunwayJunior! Let’s do this! https://t.co/DYGCtZH2VC
Grace Colby @gracelinnc
RT @SofieLoz: Lol I didn't know clown costumes were considered fashion #ProjectRunwayJunior
Mercy Lynn James @mercylynn05
RT @FIDM: We know that @Designertieler’s Vincent van Gogh inspired collection is going to be epic. #ProjectRunwayJunior https://t.co/W4tPS…
Reality Queen @sylvie_101
RT @adrian_m760: #projectRunwayJunior Hawwaa designs costumes. @Designertieler was robbed, hands down.
Kayleigh L Jones @born2beclassy2
RT @DannyRatcliffe: I lost it when @hannahbjeter started crying 😢 #ProjectRunwayJunior
Kayleigh L Jones @born2beclassy2
RT @HalliePV: @hannahbjeter You're so sincere and sweet with those kids on #ProjectRunwayJunior . You would've made a good teacher.
Kayleigh L Jones @born2beclassy2
RT @morrowland: @hannahbjeter You've been so kind to the #ProjectRunwayJunior designers. You'll never be able to hide your beautiful, compa…
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