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k @Kay_reactions
RT @learntoendabuse: "We turn a blind eye when we don't see a black eye." @tvaillancourt13 on bullying #promotinghealthyrelationships
Corrine @CorMcB
RT @PREVNet: Family dinners nourish healthy relationships/wellbeing. https://t.co/5JTpMa7BRG #promotinghealthyrelationships #PsychologyMon…
Dana Bozzato @dana_bozzato
RT @melphuong: Some helpful mental health resources on the @smhassist website #promotinghealthyrelationships #KNAER2 #wellbeing https://t.c…
Steve Yurkiw @SteveYurkiw
RT @TPSChrisBoddy: Thanks for connecting with cops on social media. #PromotingHealthyRelationships
Carol Campbell @CarolCampbell4
RT @melphuong: If you're in a good place and you know someone who isn't, help them back up! #promotinghealthyrelationships #KNAER2 #4Rs #me…
cal @calerost
RT @OPCouncil: Evaluation of BroTalk - 93% would recommend service to others. #promotinghealthyrelationships
Angie Bell @AngelaBellTO
RT @TALGroup: In your opinion what's the best way to ensure that we are #promotinghealthyrelationships in the workplace?
Helmut Tinnes @HelmutTinnes
RT @OPCouncil: Tracy Vaillancourt, Canada Research Chair, mental health and violence, addresses conference. #PromotingHealthyRelationships
Helmut Tinnes @HelmutTinnes
RT @OPCouncil: Are children bullied because they are unwell or or they unwell because they were bullied? #PromotingHealthyRelationships
cal @calerost
RT @OPCouncil: Boys engage more in high risk behaviours, but not going to @KidsHelpPhone for support. #PromotingHealthyRelationships
Rebecca Sullivan @profRAS
RT @learntoendabuse: Check out these 4 resources suggested by Lianne Lee & Lana Wells in their workshop @ #promotinghealthyrelationships ht…
Wilf Gray @torgray
RT @OPCouncil: Vaillancourt: 7-10% of Cdn kids are bullied daily. Rates are among highest in world. #promotinghealthyrelationships
NFF @NFFOntario
RT @learntoendabuse: Sandra Pribanic from @boostforkids is here at the conference on #promotinghealthyrelationships to represent a trauma-i…
Helmut Tinnes @HelmutTinnes
RT @OPCouncil: For more information on BroTalk, contact @KidsHelpPhone #promotinghealthyrelationships
Helmut Tinnes @HelmutTinnes
RT @OPCouncil: Fourth R - Adolescent triad is connected to their mental health & well-being.#promotinghealthyrelationships
Helmut Tinnes @HelmutTinnes
RT @OPCouncil: Vaillancourt speaks about link between mental health and bullying. #PromotingHealthyRelationships
Helmut Tinnes @HelmutTinnes
RT @OPCouncil: WiseGuyz curriculum addresses healthy relationships, sexual health, gender & human rights. #promotinghealthyrelationships
cal @calerost
RT @OPCouncil: Evaluation of BroTalk -depression considered most imp topic b/c of stigma associated with it. #PromotingHealthyRelationships
cal @calerost
RT @OPCouncil: Boys - do not want to talk about needing help, do not want to talk about mental health. #PromotingHealthyRelationships
Helmut Tinnes @HelmutTinnes
RT @OPCouncil: Attending conference on promoting positive relationships for youth. #PromotingHealthyRelationships #TheyAreOurFuture https:/…
Stephen Perry @RecruiterSperry
RT @talgroupUSA: What do you think is the best way to ensure we're #promotinghealthyrelationships in the workplace? #Vote on @TALGroup's po…
Unveiled Stories @NicoleHind
RT @VicKaulback: You don't want to start talking about healthy relationships in grade 9... thats too late. #PromotingHealthyRelationships
Charlotte Patterson @Lindenbankcp
RT @melphuong: Interesting to see proximal and distal outcomes in the @smhassist Theory of Action #promotinghealthyrelationships #KNAER2 ht…
Helmut Tinnes @HelmutTinnes
RT @OPCouncil: Vaillancourt: bullying is a stressful event. Can lead to cell death. #PromotingHealthyRelationships
Helmut Tinnes @HelmutTinnes
RT @OPCouncil: Fourth R - integrate skill development & role play. Need to learn by doing. #promotinghealthyrelationships
Kristine Klassen @klassensroom
RT @ILIDYouth: "Social expectations and the enactment of these expectations limit youth identities" #promotinghealthyrelationships
SMH-ASSIST @smhassist
RT @melphuong: Challenges school systems face re mental health. #promotinghealthyrelationships #KNAER2 https://t.co/4FgPq5Ruf2
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