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Jonathan Torrens @TorrensJonathan
Maybe while they're at province house, NS teachers could help Liberal MLA's with their resumes for their upcoming job search.
Jeff Sylvester @jeffsylvester71
RT @NSTeachersUnion: Teachers #NSTUnited against #Bill75 surround Province House.
Charity Cooke @cookechar
RT @real_timbophoto: Impressive scene as thousands of teachers march and rally around Province House in #Halifax #NSPoli for @xpress_local
Amber Marquel Hiltz @Amber_Hiltz
RT @MegFerguson1: It's our house!! It's 5:20am, and @NSTeachersUnion is going STRONG! #NSTUnited at Province House #BlizzardBill #SnowJob h…
Reg Curren @newsmanbluesman
RT @CBCNS: Nova Scotia teachers walk off the job and make tracks for Province House
MBrace @mbrace73
RT @heis39: A glimpse of the amazing support today at province house @NSTeachersUnion #NSTUnited #nspoli
Christy MacNeil @cmamacneil
RT @wsadave: "Province House" is trending today on Twitter. Will @NSLiberal MLAs come out to talk to their visitors? #nspoli…
Lori Smith Hill @Lori_SmithHill
RT @SarahRitchieCTV: This is the scene outside Province House right now. Teachers from all over the province are here, making their voices…
John MacKay @OhioRider
RT @Bill_Henwood: Teachers marching around Province House. FYI @StephenMcNeil , these 1000s of professionals likely aren't voting Liberal i…
Colin A.P. MacDonald @ColinAPMacDona2
RT @SarahRitchieCTV: Meanwhile inside Province House, MLAS are voting on an amendment to Bill 75 put forward by the NDP. It's defeated by t…
Leo McKay @LeoMcKayJr
RT @Alison_Smith_: The search is in full force outside Province House. #nspoli #NSTUnited
Elizabeth Ryan @mrsryan_teacher
RT @ckbwradio: Thousands of people surrounding province house to protest Bill 75
Lee Ann Ferguson @Lee__Ann
RT @NEWS957: Thousands of teachers marching on Province House in Halifax protesting Bill 75. Photos from News 95.7's @meggroff…
Lee Ann Ferguson @Lee__Ann
RT @CBCcameraman: Thousands of striking #NovaScotia teachers protest around Province House passing statue of #JoeHowe #nspoli @CBCNS https:…
Richard Helpard 🇨🇦 @rhelpard
RT @susanleblancNDP: There's a ferry full of protesters on the way to Province House! #NSTUnited #nspoli
Val Cyr @valcyr16
RT @globalhalifax: Updated: Nova Scotia teachers rally to protest Bill 75. #nspoli
Annette Burke @AnnburkeAnnette
RT @BrittWentzell: Bus load of Queens County teachers and supporters is ready for the 12 pm rally at province house.
Jason @jcochrane647
RT @TrafficNS: "@Tim_Bousquet: Traffic backed up on Barrington St all the way to the bridge. Not sure, but maybe because of Province House…
StephenVernon @StephenVernon
RT @salah_michelle: @HfxRegPolice thanks for the amazing job downtown in the streets surrounding province house! Teachers appreciate you!!
Lee Ann Ferguson @Lee__Ann
RT @899TheWave: Busy day around Province House! Do you have any teacher friends? - Promo Emma
Halifax Bloggers @halifaxbloggers
RT @Cove17: That's a good demonstration down at Province House. Compare it to the 1960s: @NSMHistory…
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