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Peter Burdon @Pete_Burdon
RT @Gabrielle_J_A: Another of @conorgearty 's programs is his people's UK 🇬🇧 constitution project - https://t.co/HEKqqnmbV1 #publawteach
Robin Banks @extasadc
RT @Gabrielle_J_A: A keynote from Ben Golder at #publawteach -- discussing the need to transform a public law classroom into a public realm
Larissa Reid @larissa_reid
RT @MsCastan: Something for #publawteach, and everyone really. 'The 4 Types Of Constitutional Crises 'https://t.co/e8KMCzAEXX
Wellness For Law @WellnessForLaw
RT @MsCastan: Duelling conferences. 😇Attending #publawteach, while following #wellnessforlawforum. https://t.co/ATN3vzAhrp
Lisa Sylvester @L_Sylvester
RT @IrelandPiper: @drjoncrowe from @BondUniversity speaking on tools, techniques and technology at UNSW public law workshop #publawteach h…
Publiclaw StatInterp @PublicLawSI
RT @MsCastan: Infiltrating parliament to evaluate its value and invigorate meaning in learning; @conorgearty #publawteach https://t.co/p981…
Wellness For Law @WellnessForLaw
RT @DrKateBond: Too many good events being live-tweeted this morning - including #publawteach and #WellnessforLawForum - keep the tweets co…
Fergal F Davis @Fergal_Davis
RT @Gabrielle_J_A: Problematise separation of powers, look to integrity branch, media, and other areas says @ananianwelsh #publawteach
Dr Steven Vaughan @lawvaughan
RT @Gabrielle_J_A: Gearing up for some great discussions at #publawteach -- it's always a great forum for exploring different challenges in…
Felicity Xiaofang Ma @Felicit23785418
RT @Gabrielle_J_A: Need to teach students an attitude -- give them memories that have a positive impact on culture #publawteach
Robin Banks @extasadc
RT @Gabrielle_J_A: Opening #publawteach @_sbrennan talks of the commitment of public law teachers across Australia
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