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Mariam Veiszadeh
I'll say it again, those who argue that s18c should be repealed have the privilege of never having to seek its protection #QandA
27 Mar, 11:17 AM UTC
Stephen Koukoulas
Looks like @qanda has another week without discussing unemployment, record low wages growth, govt debt, inequality, housing. Phew. #qanda
27 Mar, 11:01 AM UTC
Van Badham
The reason Malcolm Turnbull wants to talk about 18C is precisely because he doesn't want to talk about housing affordability. #qanda
27 Mar, 11:30 AM UTC
Mariam Veiszadeh
Hey I was a refugee and I've been working and paying tax since I was 14. #QandA
27 Mar, 11:11 AM UTC
Van Badham
Friends, ask yourselves: why on earth would multi-property-owning government MPs want house prices to go down? #qanda
27 Mar, 11:32 AM UTC
Craig Carey
#QandA I went to the emergency room the other night and it was full of Muslims, one processed me and another bandaged my broken arm
27 Mar, 11:13 AM UTC
Mariam Veiszadeh
Meanwhile, Pauline I'm happy to vaccinate you against Islam. Here have a Halal Snack Pack. 🤓 #QandA
27 Mar, 11:03 AM UTC
Mariam Veiszadeh
FYI The only thing I want to "take over" is my local donut shop. #QandA
27 Mar, 10:58 AM UTC
Mike Carlton
This One Nation woman is as egregiously ignorant as you would expect. #QandA
27 Mar, 11:06 AM UTC
Mike Carlton
I'm far more frightened of people who drive beige Toyota Camrys than I am of terrorists #QandA
27 Mar, 10:51 AM UTC
Jinho Choi
Terrorism is not an existential threat. Global warming is. #QandA
27 Mar, 10:44 AM UTC
Mariam Veiszadeh
Wars in Middle East --> creates refugees --> Stop bombing the Middle East --> people won't seek refuge #QandA
27 Mar, 11:09 AM UTC
Eddy Jokovich
The Liberals seem to think reforming 18C is more important than fixing homelessness. #qanda
27 Mar, 11:31 AM UTC
Van Badham
I'm interested to know what things "tolerant, ordinary" people specifically want to say that they can't now. #qanda
27 Mar, 11:27 AM UTC
🇦🇺 Kev Renner 🐺
#DingoTwitter dominated #QandA last night. Over half the tweets screened on air were ours. Here's some rippers to… https://t.co/tkkoZlqrK9
27 Mar, 07:35 PM UTC
Peter Fox
#QandA People making money from a dozen negative geared properties & a young couple cannot afford a house, something needs to change.
27 Mar, 11:34 AM UTC
.@_MarkSeymour says we have politically exploited a small number of people who came by boat and it's a stain on Aus… https://t.co/ikbLbp9zt8
27 Mar, 11:14 AM UTC
.@TurnbullMalcolm needs to tackle housing affordability, not give corporations a massive tax cut. #qanda
27 Mar, 11:29 AM UTC
Housing affordability problems? Just get a good job which pays good money #qanda #auspol
27 Mar, 11:34 AM UTC
Thank you, thank you, thank you Mark Seymour. #qanda https://t.co/GhADn16VfW
27 Mar, 11:13 AM UTC
Cat Bert
Dear Muslims, I'm sorry that ignorant Australians say such vile things about you. We're not all like them. #QandA
27 Mar, 11:22 AM UTC
Lynetta G
Poll: 8 in 10 voters oppose Turnbull government's #18C race hate law changes #qanda #auspol https://t.co/5b4yFfN1Bd
27 Mar, 10:06 PM UTC
Didn't even need to watch #qanda tonight to know this was the best comeback of the night https://t.co/crKcxUPnRb
27 Mar, 11:52 AM UTC
Tom Henry🇦🇺
#QandA back in the day the public expected something to be done about terrorism. Now they just pray & change their Facebook picture.
27 Mar, 11:08 AM UTC
Gary Smith
27 Mar, 12:07 PM UTC
Margo Kingston
Indictment of ABC that fake news on Khan quote perpetrated by Don Trump Jnr leads #qanda. First time watched for ages. Never again.
27 Mar, 11:46 AM UTC
Helen Razer
If you're having an allergic reaction to the liberal sugarfest of #qanda, me on hating Margaret Atwood: https://t.co/YE47WxpNXJ
27 Mar, 11:38 AM UTC
Gary Smith
27 Mar, 11:54 AM UTC
Does your consultancy service the gas industry at all, Senator? @SenatorMRoberts @Greens #CSG #auspol #qanda #nswpol https://t.co/bN43LJo23s
27 Mar, 11:27 AM UTC
Prince Fed up
Climate change: ‘human fingerprint’ found on global extreme weather https://t.co/EstPNsMzh5 #abc730 #environment #qanda
27 Mar, 09:22 AM UTC
very Australian man™
The real victims of Islamic Terrorism are actually muslims who may have their feelings hurt #Qanda
27 Mar, 11:15 AM UTC
Australian Unions
All workers deserve to feel safe at the workplace, no matter their religion and race. #qanda
27 Mar, 11:24 AM UTC
PewPew VB
Visual representation of #dingotwitter and #qanda tweets last night
28 Mar, 01:06 AM UTC
Rosie Williams
ABC really owns twitter on Monday nights. #qanda #4corners #mediawatch #abc730 all trending in that order nationwide
27 Mar, 11:21 AM UTC
Asian Aust Leaders
#Ignorance is truly dangerous and will be used by #extremists to further their cause #qanda
27 Mar, 11:14 AM UTC
🔴ONCE UPON a TIME., @ABCaustralia had #qanda & #Insiders BOTH unmissable shows dedicated to important political discussions. NOW #Guthried🔴
27 Mar, 11:28 AM UTC
Philippa Nicole Barr
How do we put Islam into the conversation? You could start by inviting a Muslim or even religious person on the show #Qanda
27 Mar, 11:04 AM UTC
Peter Fox
#QandA Should we rename 'Smashing Pumpkins' to Caressing Squash'?
27 Mar, 11:44 AM UTC
Jessica Lauren B
When #QandA gives you the close-up shot of a lifetime 👌🏽
27 Mar, 08:22 PM UTC
Dame Sir Ron
Malcolm Turnbull: Ban the political terrorists Hizb ut-Tahrir Sign... https://t.co/ALoTS67nMq via @ChangeAUS #auspol #qanda #thedrum
28 Mar, 04:18 AM UTC
Justice Ranga
#QandA we have seen thousands of Australians lives destroyed by this divisive religion. Someone must save us from the Catholics...
27 Mar, 11:02 AM UTC
What issues do you want to vote on? Tell us at https://t.co/DfCkmK5nHb #auspol #vote #democracy #qanda
27 Mar, 09:45 PM UTC
Lisa Newey
The man Peter Dutton is currently trying to deport is not a terrorist, he is a persecuted refugee #SaveSaeed #qanda
27 Mar, 10:45 AM UTC
Ray Simon
@solitaryseabird @possumbrisbane @QandA something to do with #DingoTweet and controversial ABC #QandA executive producer Peter McEvoy .
28 Mar, 07:01 AM UTC
The Maker of Rain
@AmyMek @yassmin_a amazing the most feminist religion in the world #QandA
28 Mar, 07:56 AM UTC
Jinho Choi
Of course it does, @MrAirflakes. You need to accept that racism is part of HMG's terrorism assesssment. #QandA
28 Mar, 07:27 AM UTC
Houston McCain
Gonna do a #qanda #stream around 11am CDT since those are more popular on my #twitch channel https://t.co/IX0nMa1zDX
28 Mar, 07:23 AM UTC
Ray Simon
@possumbrisbane @solitaryseabird @QandA is very interesting. Will see what my complaint to ABC turns up. I suspect will be nothing #QandA
28 Mar, 07:18 AM UTC
Black Duck 48
You gotta love the most feminist religion in the world #islam #abc #qanda https://t.co/O6c9tPK2dU
28 Mar, 06:56 AM UTC
Nick Manifis
Love twitter mute - all #trump and #qanda rants/tweets/whatevers can go eat a dick!
28 Mar, 06:55 AM UTC
@ABCthedrum Oz a Terrorist Breeding Ground, East Hizb ut-Tahrir outlawed in Middle East thrives in Oz #qanda #abc730 https://t.co/pQ9Dfe73gM
28 Mar, 06:54 AM UTC
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