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Ann Coulter @AnnCoulter
Russians asked Flynn about sanctions. The horror! Ted Kennedy asked Russians to help defeat Reagan. That's Cool! D…
Seymour Quilter @SeymourQuilter
RT @KevinMKruse: "It was the biggest electoral college win since Ronald Reagan." -DJT Yes, except for Bush in '88, Clinton in '92 & '96, O…
peter sweetman @peano66
RT @jimsciutto: Trump falsely claims his electoral-college win was the biggest since Reagan. Trump 2016: 306. Obama 2008: 365. Bush 1988: 4…
Ivan Martinez C. @ivmartinezc
RT @jbarro: Trump says he had "the biggest electoral college win since Ronald Reagan," which is true if you don't count Obama, Clinton, or…
Andrew Shain @AndrewShain
RT @CarrieNBCNews: Obama 12: 332 Obama 08: 365 Clinton 96: 379 Clinton 92: 370 H.W.Bush 88: 426 Reagan 84: 525 Reagan 80: 489 Nixon 72: 520…
isidro @_ALexIP
RT @CNN: President Trump falsely claimed he had the biggest electoral win since Reagan — and the press called him out…
Justin Brandt @justbrandt
RT @SteveKornacki: Trump: I had the biggest electoral vote margin since Reagan Actual electoral vote totals since Reagan:…
Pamela Monke @PamelaMonke1
RT @TeaPainUSA: Trump just claimed he received the "greatest electoral victory since Ronald Reagan." Really?
pmb50 @pmb501
RT @ddiamond: National health spending growth Reagan years 1980-1988: 127% Clinton 1992-2000: 60% W Bush 2000-2008: 75% Obama 2008-2016…
❄(((Hope RESIST)))❄️ @HopeReneeResist
RT @NatParkUndrgrnd: 45 just said his 306 electoral votes was the biggest win since Reagan. Obama 2012: 335 Obama 2008: 332 Clinton 1996:…
Becky @whilykit
RT @AltStateDpt: Trump just said he had 'the biggest electoral college win since Ronald Reagan.' This is a LIE. #Resist
Spreading Jelly @VerdaAnne
RT @ActualEPAFacts: Trump just said he got the most electoral votes since Reagan. Bush 88 - 426 Clinton 96 - 379 Clinton 92 - 370 Obama 08…
lucia alaniz @lalaniz1
RT @USATODAY: Trump: 306; Obama: 332; George H.W. Bush: 426
nasreen bhumbra @nsrb789
RT @LarrySabato: Trump: "The biggest Electoral College win since Reagan". No, GHW Bush, Clinton twice, and Obama twice did much better.
Elly Brosius @NovaSupport
RT @brianklaas: New Pew Poll: Approval % (mid February, post-inauguration) Trump: 39% Obama: 64% W. Bush: 53% Clinton: 56% HW Bush: 63%…
robertoagodinez @robertoagodinez
RT @USATODAY: Trump falsely claims biggest electoral win since Reagan
Mark Turnbull @MarkGTurnbull
RT @mmurraypolitics: Trump's answer to @PeterAlexander Q pointing out that his claim of having the greatest Electoral College margin since…
Jules Mc @McneelyJules
RT @thehill: Trump on false claim he had largest Electoral College victory since Reagan: "I was given that information"…
PorcupineSunday @porcupinesunday
RT @BryanDawsonUSA: @realDonaldTrump briefing now: - Again brags about electoral college - Again lies about his margin of victory: "The bi…
(((Moshi))) @Moshi0313
RT @TheBrodyFile: Ronald Reagan cut through media with a butter knife. @realDonaldTrump does it with a chainsaw but both effective because…
Claire @Claire_Eyes
RT @RVAwonk: The only candidate since Reagan who won w/ a smaller EC margin than Trump is GW Bush.
Kirrina Barry @KirrinaBarry
RT @businessinsider: Reporter confronts Trump on false claim he had largest Electoral College win since Reagan http…
Kathy @PayDownTheDebt
RT @jamesdshotwell: “The biggest electoral college win since Ronald Reagan” – False. False. False.
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