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Julie Davis @juliehdavis
Reince & Bannon emerged from Spicer's office just now, looked at scrum of reporters. Bannon: "The opposition party, all lined up."
KelleyAnne @AlwaystrumpOrg
RT @MrEdTrain: Time for Steve & Reince to start cleaning out Obamas cronies leaking out classified information ! That's treason in any coun…
Bill Grant @lfbill
RT @RogerJStoneJr: Reince's purge of Flynn a "Pearl Harbor" for Trump loyalists. Hope the midget is ready to rumble @StoneColdTruth
Donald Fasciana @dfasciana7
RT @RogerJStoneJr: Sadly, WH COS Reince Priebus's leaks are harming President @realDonaldTrump . Priebus must go !
Angela @Ike19777
RT @KNP2BP: 70,000 OFA professional agitators TRAINED 2save Obama's loser legacy! Wakeup @GOP @SpeakerRyan @Reince THIS IS ABOUT YOU TOO…
Kathy Belk @kathybelk87
RT @ConstanceQueen8: BREAKING : Infowars Reporting Reince Priebus is Behind "General Flynn Takedown"
Maike @maike_spraul
RT @RepGwenMoore: Hey @realDonaldTrump: @AprilDRyan is a honest & professional reporter. She's not your secretary. @Reince knows @RepRichmo…
KelleyAnne @AlwaystrumpOrg
RT @mitchellvii: Reince will go if and when Trump decides he is not the best person for the job. Until then, Priebus has my full faith and…
Tweety @RosaRosahenry30
RT @Trumptbird: To @Reince Why aren't you protecting our President⁉️⁉️⁉️ Do your job‼️ @POTUS @realDonaldTrump #MAGA #Republicans #shado…
Myra @drmyraponcho
RT @JackPosobiec: Roger Stone: "There will be more revelations about things @Reince has done in this job that don't serve the president. Ma…
KelleyAnne @AlwaystrumpOrg
RT @JackPosobiec: WH Source: @Reince always inserts himself when he sees Trump talking to Conway or Bannon
J Wicks @Novel13jw
RT @rmasher2: Trump on @Reince Priebus: "Half of his job is putting out lies." Finally, Trump says something true. Blind squirrel finds nut…
Patricia Smith @erniesgirl1944
RT @IMPL0RABLE: Bannon feigning ignorance & fury over the hit piece on Reince Prebus by Breitbart. I'm not buying it. Bannon wants more con…
jim @foomoto
RT @IMPL0RABLE: Breitbart does hit piece on Reince. Roger Stone blames Reince Prebus for Leaks. The Nationalist Right want him out. https:/…
Ma Rainey @MaRainey357
RT @mmpadellan: Pay no attention to the fake scrum between sleazebag Stone and Little Man Priebus. Distraction from Russia.…
Admiral General @Ahurastan
RT @JackPosobiec: Wish I could see @Reince face when Trump said this @SamScrogg
RT @RawStory: Trump ally threatens to reveal damaging info on Reince Priebus amid White House power struggle https:…
Big Stew @reemodc
RT @juliehdavis: I think POTUS just said out loud that @Reince is so consumed pushing back on stories of WH dysfunction that he has no time…
redrock @redrock1625
RT @ANOMALY1: 🚨Infowars: @Reince is Behind Gen.#flynn Takedown? @ASavageNation Warns Trump: Reince,He's Everything…
Miss Peache @MissPeache
RT @TheFix: That press conference was a lot Steve Bannon, very little Reince Priebus and all Trump.
Jenny Bronder @jennybronder
RT @thedailybeast: White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus is reportedly wrestling to restore order to the West Wing:…
Shelley Straitiff @Mompact
RT @bannerite: #MSNBC Who can tell the emperor that he's naked? @reince @vppence
Robert Loerzel @robertloerzel
RT @paleofuture: Trump clearly reads Clickhole
FashionHit-List PR @FashionHitList
RT @Stephen44459151: @Reince @WhiteHouse @Reince45 we're watching what's going on in the White House it's pretty disgraceful
Mor2Life @URMort
RT @dsherman2407: #Trump garbling his words on Reince Priebus: "Half his job is putting out lies." Donald: you meant, I think, fires. #fake…
My Info @Ladymab305
RT @USAPolicalNEWS: Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus Want You to Know They Are Definitely BFFs 👈 see here 🇺🇸 RT 🔁 ht…
Amber Waves @Marsha250
RT @CBcooper2093: @JohnFromCranber @Reince If you do, act now for heaven's sake!
Juanita @RiderJuanita
RT @RealTrollNews: @Reince support of @realDonaldTrump has been weak at best, he is a future liability. #FireReince
Prue Ronneberg @pronneberg
RT @AkiPeritz: the dead eyes of Reince Priebus in @realDonaldTrump’s twitter profile
Yvette Jiselle @YvetteJiselle
RT @CameronLMitchel: @voxdotcom Yes Donald Trump, all black ppl are friends 😒 Trump is a racist lunatic #TrumpPressConference @POTUS @Pres…
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