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AJ+ @ajplus
"Be courageous or be complicit.” – Rep. Cedric Richmond, along with civil rights leaders, testifying against Jeff S…
Johnny @JohnMurdoch2015
RT @tjholmes: Rep. Cedric Richmond of LA is testifying now & WENT OFF on the committee for making African American witnesses go last. #Sess…
Tempest Devyne @tempestdevyne
RT @Fusion: "You all must face a choice: Be courageous, or be complicit." Rep. Cedric Richmond testifies against Sen. Jeff Sessions. https…
Dr. Rusty Fritz @hotdogrusty
RT @michellemalkin: Shorter race-baiting Dem. Rep. Cedric Richmond: Getting the last word at a confirmation hearing is a HUMAN RIGHTS ATROC…
Basic Annie @AnnieMcCarren
RT @FeministaJones: Rep. Cedric Richmond said having John Lewis and the members of the CBC go last is akin to being forced to sit on the ba…
(((Barbara)))NtMyPrz @topmom100
RT @AmericasVoice: Rep. Cedric Richmond: "Senators have a choice: Be courageous, or be complicit." #StopSessions
J ason M ar @Banished_Mind
RT @_ProjectPurge: Ask Rep. Cedric Richmond what the civil rights community has done for the Black community under Obama other than line th…
Sam Schinke @sschinke
RT @chrisgeidner: Rep. Cedric Richmond, head of the Congressional Black Caucus, criticizes members testifying last as like being put to the…
James Stillwell @vivs1man
RT @pemalevy: Rep. Cedric Richmond to senators on Sessions: "You all must face a choice, be courageous or be complicit."
Dr. Rusty Fritz @hotdogrusty
RT @toddstarnes: Rep. Cedric Richmond unloads a full deck of race cars - says having to testify last is like sitting in the back of the bus.
Mark S @aerion07
RT @PoliticsPeach: Rep. Cedric Richmond Amazing to find yet another incident where John Lewis has once again LIED, b/c his FUNDERS demand i…
wearealltroydavis @weRtroydavis
RT @AngeloVChampion: Sen. Cory Booker, Rep. John Lewis, and Rep. Cedric Richmond are true American patriots. Take notes @GOP @SpeakerRyan
Deplorable Randy @RPScott1
RT @ThomasPKennedy3: Rep Cedric Richmond race-baiting race-baiting & threatened Judicial Committee "Every Senator who votes will be marked…
carolyn litteral @koopy1
RT @woodruffbets: Anti-torture protesters interrupt Rep. Cedric Richmond's testimony opposing Sessions
Dr. Rusty Fritz @hotdogrusty
RT @ByronYork: CBC chair Rep. Cedric Richmond speaks at Sessions hearing, complains about Lewis, Booker, et al being last on witness list.
Dr. Sha'tu A. Dailey @DrSistahScholar
RT @BlackWebTV: CBC Chairman Rep. Cedric Richmond, Testimony on Attorney General Nomination
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