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Margarita Noriega
Oh the irony that Donald Trump and Paul Ryan have no Plan B
24 Mar, 06:35 PM UTC
Mark Ruffalo
Congratulations to the #Resistance for win on Health Care. Decency won, driven by you! Humbled to stand shoulder to shoulder with you!
24 Mar, 08:03 PM UTC
Rep. Barbara Lee
Make no mistake: the failure of #TrumpCare is a victory for the resistance. The Affordable Care Act will continue to save lives.
24 Mar, 07:46 PM UTC
Lawrence O'Donnell
The resistance crushed @realDonaldTrump today. Impossible to overstate what happened to Trump presidency today. @TheLastWord 10pm
25 Mar, 01:11 AM UTC
Tea Pain
What a week for the #Resistance! Trump under criminal investigation by the FBI and Obamacare repeal goes down in flames. Booyah!
24 Mar, 09:02 PM UTC
Rep. Joe Kennedy III
This was more than an act of #resistance. It was the proud first round in Trump Era battle over the character of ou…
24 Mar, 09:17 PM UTC
Matt Christman
This will not be the last time I repost this.
24 Mar, 10:02 PM UTC
A.D. McCarthy
When you still winning and you are not even in the game anymore #Obama #Biden #Obamacare #KillTheBill #RESISTANCE
24 Mar, 09:40 PM UTC
Lawrence O'Donnell
If you predicted @RepAdamSchiff would be the leader of the resistance in the House, please accept your pundit of th…
24 Mar, 03:55 PM UTC
Wil Wheaton
This is extremely important. We're going to lose a lot of fights, and we need to remember this when we do. Never st…
24 Mar, 08:11 PM UTC
State of Resistance
The defeat of Trumpcare is a reminder that #Resistance works. Keep showing up at town halls, keep calling, keep protesting. #KeepResisting
24 Mar, 10:12 PM UTC
Black Metal Cats
We are the flames of resistance, hunting like wolves in the shadows.
25 Mar, 01:22 AM UTC
Tom Perriello
Today showed the resistance is working. Calls, protests. Thanks to @MoveOn @IndivisibleTeam @ACLU @PPact others for advocacy to #KillTheBill
24 Mar, 09:02 PM UTC
Women's March
Day 62 of the resistance!
24 Mar, 08:08 PM UTC
devil's beef tub
resistance is putting a bandana around your head and getting mad online
24 Mar, 10:59 PM UTC
Oliver Willis
Resistance works: Democratic unity was key to Trump’s health care collapse and failure #KillTheBill
24 Mar, 09:41 PM UTC
In my little corner of the country, resistance to AHCA was organized by PP and Indivisible, led almost entirely by…
25 Mar, 12:22 AM UTC
Ari Berman
Wasn't all GOP infighting. How grassroots Democratic resistance helped sink AHCA. Important piece from @daveweigel
25 Mar, 02:54 AM UTC
Jared Yates Sexton
Hey. Today was an extremely good day for the American people. All the calls, town halls, and emails paid off. The resistance is paying off.
25 Mar, 04:03 AM UTC
Tune in to @BE_AT_TV's broadcast of the RESISTANCE Arcadia Spider LIVE from Miami beginning at 4:30pm EDT…
24 Mar, 08:03 PM UTC
Hot Since 82 is now LIVE from the RESISTANCE Arcadia Spider! Tune in to @BE_AT_TV's stream via @YouTube at…
25 Mar, 12:57 AM UTC
💥BREAKING💥 The #DayWithoutWomen Leader Convicted of Terrorism Loses US Citizenship, and is Deported 😂😂😂 #Resistance
25 Mar, 03:27 AM UTC
Tomi Lahren
.@realDonaldTrump failed to deliver on his health care promsies today. RETWEET THIS VIDEO or Trump will get away wi…
24 Mar, 11:28 PM UTC
ALT🛂 Immigration
Hey @SpeakerRyan We fixed the @CNN headline for your news conference. #ahca
24 Mar, 08:21 PM UTC
DoYū Risa Bear
.@altUSEPA Watching our Coasties practice rescues on the Umpqua River.
25 Mar, 01:23 AM UTC
Resistance is not just a twitter slogan. Organize, organize, organize. Jam the phones. Attend town halls. Stay acti…
25 Mar, 03:03 AM UTC
Ben Jacobs
It's 2017 and the resistance is led by Teen Vogue, Mark Meadows, the Merrian Webster Dictionary twitter account, and the Koch brothers
24 Mar, 05:00 PM UTC
John Nichols
"People Have the Power." Trump/Ryan cannot match it. The #RESISTANCE is working. Because the future is us, not them.
25 Mar, 12:36 AM UTC
Collin Rugg
Funny how the #resistance thinks they caused the #TrumpCareFail. The proposal wasn't conservative enough. Wait for the next proposal...
25 Mar, 03:26 AM UTC
Nikita Singh
The political resistance reading at KGB Bar's Red Room last night. 🇺🇸🇮🇳
24 Mar, 01:15 PM UTC
Derenic Byrd
Obamacare is the law of the land! And Obama's legacy is still intact. Another victory for the resistance! #ObamaCare
25 Mar, 01:53 AM UTC
My Magnum Opus, the pièce de résistance, my @MitchJonez Cosplay #cosplay #twitchtv
25 Mar, 03:31 AM UTC
Local Activism
#Resistance News: Did Trump get .5% of Russian oil company Rosneft & help in election for promise to lift sanctions?
24 Mar, 11:51 PM UTC
Guardian news
Raccoons of the Resistance: you can't dismantle capitalism if you have a headache | First Dog on the Moon
24 Mar, 06:39 AM UTC
If Trump Thought Losing On Health Care Was Bad, Wait Until He Sees What Democrats Do To Gorsuch #Resistance
25 Mar, 03:47 AM UTC
Sarah Jamie Lewis
Cool anonymity thread - shall we talk about an impossible problem - censorship resistance verses discoverability?
25 Mar, 04:05 AM UTC
Ali Velshi Demolishes Tom Coburn's Lies About Healthcare #Resistance
25 Mar, 01:21 AM UTC
Interesting article about #Hillary admiring #Putin weird this never comes up. #Dateline #MAGA #Resistance
25 Mar, 03:46 AM UTC
Trump Family Begins To Crumble After Vote Fail , Ivanka Thrown Under Bus By Donald #Resistance
25 Mar, 03:49 AM UTC
David Futrelle
RESISTANCE WORKS! Celebrate the victory today in an open thread.
25 Mar, 04:19 AM UTC
The #Resistance wins the battle this time, but we are ALL IN for the long haul. 👉🏼 @realDonaldTrump and @GOP. #NeverthelessWeWillPersist
25 Mar, 04:23 AM UTC
Mass. General team identifies mechanisms behind resistance to FGFR inhibitor drug
25 Mar, 04:19 AM UTC
«Ви багатієте швидше за Петра Олексійовича. Це непристойно», — нардеп Воропаєв — бізнес-партнеру Ахметова Геллеру…
24 Mar, 10:39 PM UTC
Paul Chenery
@CharlieSnow The EU shows more similarities to a totalitarian dictatorship. Trump & LePen are the resistance. One day you might understand..
25 Mar, 04:32 AM UTC
Brian Kinker
Skillet - The Resistance [Official Vídeo]
25 Mar, 04:31 AM UTC
Sasha Stone
Never saw these tweets so: 1. gay marriage doesn't raise everyone's taxes. 2. Not my resistance. I belong to it. 3.…
25 Mar, 04:31 AM UTC
All Age Beauty
✰✽ Insulin Resistance May Speed Cognitive Decline Check it out
25 Mar, 04:31 AM UTC
Don Freeman
This resistance group is sending Trump notes on toilet paper
25 Mar, 04:31 AM UTC
Renée Whitfield
Stop Keystone XL and DAPL. Join the Pipeline Pledge of Resistance. #noKXL #noDAPL
25 Mar, 04:31 AM UTC
Cats Against Trump
@HennieInglis I'm an American, and totally agree with you. It's mainly the Republicans who are insane, especially Dictator Trump!#Resistance
25 Mar, 04:30 AM UTC
Save the #EPA & #COP21. The fight is on at the #Earth2Trump Roadshow of Resistance. #ClimateAction #ClimateMarch
25 Mar, 04:30 AM UTC
Joye _Mcfann
Imagine a world in which cities become hubs of social resistance instead of vapid consumption.
25 Mar, 04:30 AM UTC
Steven Gatlin
25 Mar, 04:30 AM UTC
This resistance group is sending Trump notes on toilet paper #ChainFeedsDotCom
25 Mar, 04:30 AM UTC
Raven Nevermore
Proof that the #Resistance is working and people are disgusted at what the #GOP has gotten involved with.
25 Mar, 04:29 AM UTC
☆ Nasty Woman ☆
Thank me and thank you. Keep up the #RESISTANCE
25 Mar, 04:29 AM UTC
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