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jimmy fallon @jimmyfallon
My friend’s resolution was to text less. I know that because he texted it to me. #ResolutionFail
Lo®d J♣n $iz€m♣®€ 🗿 @jonsizemore2014
RT @DammitErin: I mean I started exclusively wearing workout clothes which is almost the same as exercising. #ResolutionFail @jimmyfallon
Chris P. Bacon @ChrisPBaconJr
RT @ChrisPBaconJr: I really blew it. I broke 3 of my 2 resolutions. #ResolutionFail @FallonTonight
Ben Williams @bdubz_13
RT @ChrisPBaconJr: I gave up pizza. I joined The Jim Gym. But they have free pizza once a week. #ResolutionFail @FallonTonight @jimmyf…
Ben Williams @bdubz_13
RT @KelseySchmalz: My New Year's resolution was to eat healthier. It's been 4 days and I've already had Taco Bell... twice. #resolutionfail
Chris P. Bacon @ChrisPBaconJr
RT @ChrisPBaconJr: I wanted to try a 3-some. There were a couple of no-shows. But I still had fun. #ResolutionFail @jimmyfallon
Lo®d J♣n $iz€m♣®€ 🗿 @jonsizemore2014
RT @CookooKimya: My friend said she wanted to pay more attention. Then she proceeded to walk right into a doorway. #resolutionfail @jimmyf…
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