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Teen Vogue
"Blocking LGBTQ+ creators and content is harmful, plain and simple." –@tyleroakley
19 Mar, 08:55 PM UTC
Paul Joseph Watson
Every video of mine is blocked on "restricted mode". But y'all only care about YouTube censorship when it affects you. #YouTubeIsOverParty
19 Mar, 10:25 PM UTC
To see all LGBT vids, go on the YouTube app, go to settings > restricted mode filtering > click don't filter spread this like wildfire.
19 Mar, 01:04 PM UTC
Music News & Facts
#YouTubeIsOverParty is the #1 trend Worldwide due to the outrage over YouTube's decision to block out LGBT content…
19 Mar, 09:22 PM UTC
Ally Hills
so youtube even blocks it's own #proudtolove video for marriage equality in restricted mode. UM WAIT I'M SORRY WHAT.
19 Mar, 08:24 PM UTC
Jenna Marbles
@YTCreators @YouTube By users you mean advertisers right? Be transparent with us dad we'll take note of who adverti…
20 Mar, 04:47 AM UTC
Jenn McAllister
Go to YouTube > settings > restricted mode filtering & select 'don't filter'
19 Mar, 06:39 PM UTC
Common Gay Boy
YouTube's "Restricted Mode" doesn't show videos with anything LGBT+ related in it's title & blocks out openly gay Y…
19 Mar, 11:58 AM UTC
Common Gay Boy
YouTube's new "restricted mode" prevents viewers from seeing any LGBT+ content on the platform
19 Mar, 11:55 AM UTC
mia loves got7🍼
"It's just restricted mode" If lgbt+ is filtered out, straight couples should be too. #YoutubeIsOverParty
19 Mar, 08:42 PM UTC
nick nock
20 Mar, 01:18 AM UTC
Oh cool so can we also have a "restricted mode" for heterosexual content because that offends me @YouTube
19 Mar, 03:19 PM UTC
Ariana Grande Update
All of @ArianaGrande's music videos, apart from Problem and Love Me Harder, are blocked when using the 'strict rest…
19 Mar, 08:01 PM UTC
Selena Gomez News
Same Old Love's official music video has been blocked by Youtube in Restricted Mode for it's LGBT couple features.…
19 Mar, 07:39 PM UTC
Under "restricted mode", many videos supporting LGBTQ+ such as Ghost are not showing on YouTube #youtubeisoverparty
20 Mar, 01:47 AM UTC
to see all lgbt+ videos on youtube go to your settings and make sure your restricted mode isn't being filtered. ret…
19 Mar, 03:23 PM UTC
Everyone Is Gay
RT if you are as outraged as we are that now, in restricted mode, young people cannot access our library of LGBTQ advice videos on @YouTube.
20 Mar, 01:11 AM UTC
d-1 pristin
bts run is blocked on youtubes restricted mode for Why
20 Mar, 04:06 AM UTC
Adelaine M♡RIN
I thought YouTube was better than this... Their new "restricted mode" not showing the LGBTQ is just going to piss creators and fans off.
20 Mar, 06:47 AM UTC
In the restricted mode of YouTube, the Everyday music by Ariana Grande is blocked
19 Mar, 06:34 PM UTC
☥ Elizabeth M.
this is bs. why can i still watch heteros on restricted mode doing the exact same thing my own gay videos are restr…
20 Mar, 01:01 AM UTC
Katy Perry Views
These are Katy's only music videos available in YouTube's 'Restricted Mode'. #YoutubeIsOverParty
19 Mar, 06:35 PM UTC
#1 Fire Stan
So @Youtube is blocking access to LGBTQ+ content and it seems that some of Soshi's music videos are not available i…
20 Mar, 01:55 AM UTC
Carolyn Petit
We here at YouTube are pleased to offer Restricted Mode for those who wish to raise their kids in a fantasy world where LGBT ppl don't exist
20 Mar, 02:31 AM UTC
YouTube blocked ATM, company, love yourself and WDYM in Restricted Mode 💀 lmao
20 Mar, 02:45 AM UTC
#1 Fire Stan
Some of the MVs that were blocked in the restricted mode: ITNW, Oh, Run Devil Run, MrMr, CMIYC, Party, Mystery, Don't Say No, I Got Love
20 Mar, 01:57 AM UTC
Katy Perry Views
ALL videos from the 'OOTB' era were blocked from Youtube due to YouTube's new "restricted mode". #YotubeIsOverParty
19 Mar, 06:09 PM UTC
Ian Miles Cheong
Feminist Frequency's "tropes vs. women in games" vids are unavailable in restricted mode. It's what you wanted, right? #YouTubeIsOverParty
20 Mar, 05:12 AM UTC
kat o'keeffe
If lgbtq+ creators are not affected by "restricted mode" WHY DOES CONNOR FRANTA NOT SHOW UP WHEN YOU SEARCH "CONNOR…
20 Mar, 02:13 AM UTC
With "restricted" mode, @YTCreators has blocked about half of my videos on topics like LGBT health, veterans, marri…
20 Mar, 02:33 AM UTC
The Verge
YouTube apologizes for hiding LGBTQ users’ videos in its Restricted Mode
20 Mar, 03:56 AM UTC
19 Mar, 08:12 PM UTC
Kiran فاطمہ☭🏴🌈
.@Youtube is putting videos with LGBTQ content in "restricted mode" but leaving neo nazi and white supremacist vide…
20 Mar, 04:23 AM UTC
Rowan Ellis
Restricted mode is based on videos "Flagged by users". Surprise kids, it was the world that was homophobic all alo…
20 Mar, 01:30 AM UTC
Erica C
@transscribe a 53-minute sermon by a pastor denouncing public schools that protect transgender students... is not blocked in restricted mode
20 Mar, 05:01 AM UTC
Homo-Homey Koschta
Wenn Videos von dir im restricted mode landen xD #DankeDafürYOUTUBE ach man ...
20 Mar, 08:40 AM UTC
cosmic queens 👑
apparently wjsn's catch me is removed from yt under the restricted mode i told yall catch me was about coming out wow i love wujugayicons
20 Mar, 06:50 AM UTC
Lucie Ronfaut
YouTube cherche-t-il à restreindre l'accès aux vidéos LGBT, au même titre que les contenus à caractère sexuel ?
20 Mar, 08:18 AM UTC
Marie Slavicek
YouTube Is Now Flagging LGBTQ Videos as "Potentially Inappropriate" via @TeenVogue
19 Mar, 10:03 PM UTC
The Violent Pacifist
@SarconMalorn @amazingatheist There's a restricted mode that ranks videos, and makes it so certain accounts can't see mature content
20 Mar, 08:46 AM UTC
so no im not ok with the whole restricted mode thing y'all can suck ass
20 Mar, 08:46 AM UTC
Henry Ejemuta
YouTube responds to complaints that its Restricted Mode censors LGBT videos
20 Mar, 08:46 AM UTC
amb 🥀
restricted mode on @pewdiepie lOL
20 Mar, 08:46 AM UTC
Julie #TeamValMani
YouTube: Get YouTube to remove LGBTQ+ Videos from the "Restricted Mode" via @UKChange
20 Mar, 08:45 AM UTC
Dan Street
@stefsanjati I turned on restricted mode to check it out and most of the vids I could still watch had the comments blocked. Horrendous.
20 Mar, 08:45 AM UTC
Trash Alert
Could someone explain why Restricted mode is such a big deal? I thought it's just a kids mode. But still finding my position on it for a vid
20 Mar, 08:45 AM UTC
Roe McDermott
YouTube's 'Restricted Content' is hiding videos by LGBTQ creators - regardless of the content.
20 Mar, 08:45 AM UTC
@asxphia are just a couple of your videos that disappear when the restricted mode is on 🙄🙃
20 Mar, 08:44 AM UTC
Pablo Aragonés
@CensoredGaming_ restricted mode has been available since a few years ago, why is everyone suddenly talking about it?
20 Mar, 08:44 AM UTC
Jose Cuesta
YouTube’s Restricted Mode has been filtering innocuous LGBTQ+ content
20 Mar, 08:43 AM UTC
Caliban ❤⚫
Youtube's restricted mode is some bullshxt.
20 Mar, 08:43 AM UTC
@pewdiepie @YouTube your channel is gone on youtube restricted mode only video there is I'm deleting be my channel ahahahhaha
20 Mar, 08:43 AM UTC
Marc Scheepers
Ook ik vind het belachelijk dat @YouTubeNL LGBTQ+ video's blokkeert onder de nieuwe 'restricted mode'. Hopelijk draaien ze dit snel terug!
20 Mar, 08:42 AM UTC
Spring Milk Maid 🐮
@fucktoyfox Very interesting. I can watch all my videos, even in restricted mode X3
20 Mar, 08:42 AM UTC
Psycho Hamster©
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Restricted Mode and Cencorship
20 Mar, 08:42 AM UTC
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