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David Corn @DavidCornDC
"When the president does it, that means that it is not illegal."…
Daniel Tidwell @mmc14dan
RT @jenmar09: "Never forget, the press is the enemy, the press is the enemy." - Richard Nixon recorded December 14, 1972. #TrumpPressConfer…
Maggie Aitch @FreeBesieged
RT @Allen_Clifton: #DonaldTrump makes Bill Clinton look faithful, Richard Nixon look ethical, George W. Bush look like a genius, and Ted Cr…
Brawk @Brawk
RT @AltUSPressSec: "This whole Watergate thing is phoney stuff... only happening because someone leaked information illegally." - Richard M…
carole hope @carolehope2
RT @Bro_Pair: Here is Richard Nixon ordering a first-strike nuclear attack while drunk. But yes, let us respect Trump's inner life https://…
DefenceSylph @carnybull
RT @librarian4facts: Nixon's former WH attorney says, "I don't think Richard Nixon even comes close to the level of corruption we already k…
Kathryn H. Fink @KathrynHFink
RT @RogerJStoneJr: The tattoo of Richard Nixon on my back is a daily reminder about resilience... getting up and fighting back. @chrislhaye…
vicky @vgmarkell
RT @BeschlossDC: Richard Nixon at press conference, 1973: #AP
Abdul W Kassim @awk786
RT @Independent: Donald Trump is the new Richard Nixon – but stupider @EventsProNG
RT @Independent: Donald Trump is the new Richard Nixon – without the brains
kaba dollar @kabadollar99
RT @TheEconomist: Richard Nixon departed on his historic trip to China #OnThisDay 1972. The visit was a diplomatic coup de maître https://t…
Maggie Aitch @FreeBesieged
RT @WernerTwertzog: "When the president does it, that means it is not illegal." --Richard Nixon.
Chillleh @chillleh
RT @swain241: Congratulations to Donald Trump! It took him only 25 days to do what it took Richard Nixon 6 years to do. #TheResistance
(((Ellen Levinson))) @lilzboyzz
RT @Steven_Hyden: Historic photo of Woodward and Bernstein reading Richard Nixon's tweets.
Ümar Hanif @UmzHanif
RT @LackOfShame: "Watergate is fake news." - President Richard Nixon
SoulFunktion @SoulFunktionMCR
RT @llp611: "George Washington could not tell a lie, Richard Nixon could not tell the truth, and Donald Trump cannot tell the difference."
Blue💙Rose @rm1268
RT @RepYvetteClarke: Richard Nixon's paranoia seems mild compared with @realDonaldTrump. #BrooklynResists
Margaret Bartlett @margaretspaeth
RT @Harryslaststand: Actual no #DonaldTrump is Rob Ford the deceased crack addicted mayor of Toronto. #richardnixon
Paul Lam @paulamky1994
RT @SCMP_News: From the Post archives: Richard Nixon’s historic visit to China
⚜️Víva la Resistánce @VegasJessie
RT @MarkHarrisNYC: Dan Rather vs. Richard Nixon. 45 seconds. 43 years ago this was talked about as a major breach of etiquette. https://t.c…
MommaMarDee @b1e56df9ce6549f
RT @AP_Archive: #OTD In 1972, President Richard M. Nixon departed the White House with his wife, Pat, on a historic trip to China https://t…
tweeeeeeeeett @Gift2USA
RT @MerrillLynched: @SykesCharlie @brownlegal Don't forget how Richard Nixon went after Daniel Ellsberg for leaking the Pentagon Papers!
Julay greyham @JulayGreyham
RT @davidfinnerty: @ThePlumLineGS @washingtonpost - (PULLS OFF RUBBER TRUMP MASK) - 'Richard Nixon?! You're behind all of this?'
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