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Relive the life, work, and music of the life of Brian Pern, who is now dead. https://t.co/kzdA6JyuZJ #RIPBrianPern https://t.co/2bdHWETkyV
paul m @invernessred
RT @Monster_Maker: Amazing - Brian Pern tribute painted on back alley wall in Penge - @BBCFOUR #ripbrianpern https://t.co/IrOZNXLGYx
monkerboy @BaghdadBuffet
RT @sharkgrappler: Original lead singer with Thotch, Paul Nutall is tearful after hearing of the death of Brian Pern. #RIPbrianpern https:…
Bobbybagel @bobbybagel1
RT @Lost_Droids: He just cant stop himself can be #RIPBrianPern #paulnutallfacts https://t.co/5ufJ4UfRFY
Michael Ferry @MickeyStrabane
RT @BBCFOUR: We can't let this #TOTP episode pass without paying our respects to Brian Pern. #RIPBrianPern https://t.co/RL4w0VEZnk https://…
Phil Greenland @DrFilth
RT @limeandonion: Devastated to hear of the passing of Brian Pern. He was up there with Bowie, Dylan and even Van Day. #RIPBrianPern https:…
Sancho @EwanMitchell
Ora Pro Nobis @kennyhegney
RT @CarovanStudios: #ripbrianpern a subtle and talented artist in the studio. We will miss his deft touch on the soundboard. https://t.co/L…
Jack @sven945
RT @BtFrankland: Typical Brian, always 1 year later than everyone else in rock #RIPBrianPern
Jo Chenery❄ @innerstudent
RT @OccupierNews: Paul Nuttall, the original base player in Thotch mourns the loss of his close personal friend Brian Pern. #RIPBrianPern h…
NYendurance @jorgegarciagon3
RT @ProgMagazineUK: The giant hogweed has exacted its revenge... #RIPBrianPern
Lego Police @LegoPolice
RT @Tone__B_: The fact that #ripbrianpern is trending is a testament to how huge & influential he was to British rock music. Legend & natio…
Lego Police @LegoPolice
RT @AndAnnacadabra: In a state of absolute shock #RIPBrianPern https://t.co/1wIdRh3QP0
Lego Police @LegoPolice
RT @brucedon5: Oh no not another celebrity death, #ripbrianpern. I remember that @PaulNuttall played bass with him at the Isle of Woodstock…
Jack @sven945
RT @tomj191: #RIPBrianPern Can 2016 get any worse?
PromoteHorror @PromoteHorror
RT @UKHorrorScene: Non Horror but #RIPBrianPern .We expect another press conference from @realDonaldTrump to address this news #comedy http…
Lesley J @decafearlgrey
RT @BritDetectives: It's all fun and games until someone dies in a Segway accident. #RIPBrianPern #BrianPern #SimonDay https://t.co/nyYxAMh…
Kippy Woo Too @TygerWhoCame2T2
RT @TygerWhoCame2T: My hope is that Sir Elton will re-record Candle in the Wind again. Or at least Crocodile Rock. #RIPBrianPern https://t.…
Michael Ferry @MickeyStrabane
RT @Hugo_Topper: Nuttall's clearly just heard the tragic news about Brian Pern. #RIPBrianPern https://t.co/sAvggh6b4u
Craig McDowall @CraigRMcDowall
RT @fords42: We need to start a campaign to make Succulent Chinese Meal no. 1 #RIPBrianPern
Kev Porter @threegarages
RT @MisterWindle: Terrible news about Brian Pern. #2017 already looking like following in #2016's ghastly footsteps. #RIPBrianPern #SpeedLi…
KS Motors @KSMotorsSales
RT @HiKennys: #totp on in 10 - hopefully in memory of Brian Pern. #RIPBrianPern
Grace Grey @GraceGrey68
RT @danro_art: #RipBrianPern liked the early stuff all the rest was a bit crap
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