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Larry Fedora
Congrats to Roy Williams and the UNC Basketball team on another Sweet 16
20 Mar, 12:22 AM UTC
Steve Sullivan
" Biggest fight we have had all year" "We were lucky". Roy Williams telling like it is..
20 Mar, 12:20 AM UTC
Ryan Lommen
Roy Williams is not a good coach by any stretch of the imagination.
19 Mar, 11:57 PM UTC
Bo Mattingly
Roy Williams: You’ve got to credit Arkansas’ defense. I thought their defense was better than our offense for all but the last four mins.
20 Mar, 12:45 AM UTC
Bryan Ives
Roy Williams is 41-3 vs teams seeded 8th or lower, best of any coach with 10 such games coached (h/t @ZachMariner).
20 Mar, 12:51 AM UTC
Roy Williams: "I love the way they competed and it feels awfully nice right now." Postgame PC quotes/video: now.…
20 Mar, 01:39 AM UTC
UNC Recruits
Roy Williams called Joel Berry a "tough little nut" and a "little rascal" in postgame
20 Mar, 01:08 AM UTC
Thrill City 45
Official statement from Roy Williams
20 Mar, 12:24 AM UTC
4 more wins
Ya'll fake as hell unc fans need to stop blaming Roy Williams for every damn thing he's a HOF Coach he knows what the hell he's doing
20 Mar, 12:58 AM UTC
Roy Williams on North Carolina's narrow victory: 'We got really lucky.'
20 Mar, 01:20 AM UTC
Taylor Lamb
Roy Williams - "We were really luck, we were really lucky..." Couldn't of said it better myself Roy
20 Mar, 12:20 AM UTC
Lakers Fan Base
NBA Comp Fultz = Taller Lillard Lonzo = Athletic D'angelo Russell Josh Jackson = Wiggins Tatum = Brandon Roy Malik…
19 Mar, 11:12 PM UTC
Tar Heel Illustrated
Roy Williams Postgame Press Conference Transcript @jhardy575 @UNCSportsPhotos @NCPreps
20 Mar, 01:43 AM UTC
Dijana Kunovac
i somehow don't think this is ALL roy williams' fault...
19 Mar, 11:46 PM UTC
Andy Bechtel
Roy Williams and Frank Martin winning the blazer game tonight. Coach K dresses like a mortician.
20 Mar, 01:09 AM UTC
VIDEO: UNC coach Roy Williams on today's win over Arkansas
20 Mar, 02:32 AM UTC
John Hayes
Roy Williams says the win vs. Arkansas "was the toughest fight we've been in all year"
20 Mar, 12:19 AM UTC
Campus Insiders
Roy Williams is a coach and a math teacher? 😂
20 Mar, 02:49 AM UTC
D.J. Belk
Why does Roy Williams wait too late to call timeouts? 😑
19 Mar, 10:58 PM UTC
20 Mar, 12:17 AM UTC
#DSO™ 6'4✈️
Why Roy Williams look like hes about to punch my man in the nuts
20 Mar, 02:47 AM UTC
Tera Fleming
@rickhowerton Roy Williams at UNC is class act. Coach K not so much.
20 Mar, 02:30 AM UTC
J November
Say what y'all want, but there are no better college coaches in the game than Coach K or Roy Williams.
20 Mar, 01:45 AM UTC
Derrick Burnette
Is there an anti-Coach of the Year Award? If there is...I nominate Roy Williams... Wow
20 Mar, 12:09 AM UTC
Ray Radlein
@DanaHoule I *think* that both he and Roy Williams came out against it immediately. Cynical interpretation would be they KNEW NCAA would act
20 Mar, 03:02 AM UTC
Mr. Harry Kane
@LakersCanes305 I'm trying to figure out whose tailor is worse, Frank's or Roy Williams'
20 Mar, 03:02 AM UTC
Sean Whitaker
Bet Roy Williams and Coach K have meetings set up with NC State Legislators next year... Different when u ain't playing in Greensboro
20 Mar, 02:55 AM UTC
Landon Nolen
While UNC is good we should of beat them today! Roy Williams was right they were lucky! We're back baby! #WPS
20 Mar, 02:21 AM UTC
20 Mar, 02:16 AM UTC
UNC on Scout
#GoHeels UNC-UA: Roy Williams Postgame
20 Mar, 03:02 AM UTC
Super Kazie
I hope Roy Williams taking Notes from this South Carolina Defense
20 Mar, 02:52 AM UTC
Matthew Phillips
@StephenAtHome @UNC_Basketball UNC Men's Basketball: Roy Williams pre-NCAA Tournament PC OMG...Time-Out my 9! Play
20 Mar, 02:49 AM UTC
Bitch Ass Tar Heels
RT @schlix_gawd: *squats like Roy Williams* COME OOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!
20 Mar, 02:46 AM UTC
Tyler Reed
@Jared_Aubin7 my man bobby knight, jim boeheim, roy williams, the list goes on & on
20 Mar, 02:46 AM UTC
Failed to #RiseUp
*squats like Roy Williams* COME OOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!
20 Mar, 02:44 AM UTC
Travis Ramey
@DwadeCham @G_Widd @KyleTucker_SEC Lol, at least admit Roy Williams is a bad example! 😜 I don't rule out it happeni…
20 Mar, 02:42 AM UTC
Evan Abrams
Not a shock: Roy Williams is 18-0 SU, but 10-8 ATS at @UNC_Basketball when listed as a Double-Digit favorite in NCAA Tournament
20 Mar, 02:39 AM UTC
Erick Neely
Well coach K knows how to take a time out when they are trailing unlike Roy Williams. Sucker
20 Mar, 02:38 AM UTC
Nick Brodbeck
By far the classiest coach in the game today. Never makes excuses and always gives credit to other team unlike Roy…
20 Mar, 02:34 AM UTC
Travis Ramey
@DwadeCham @G_Widd @KyleTucker_SEC Really gonna use Roy Williams? UNC still under investigation for academic fraud…
20 Mar, 02:34 AM UTC
Stephen Novak
@bruner56 1)cause I have that in my bracket 2)Roy Williams is a filty scumbag and leads a program with no integrity
20 Mar, 02:34 AM UTC
eddie green
@GottliebShow We all know what Roy Williams would do 😩
20 Mar, 02:34 AM UTC
@Graham_Couch I fell in love with Roy Williams, Kirk hinrich, and nick collision in 1999. I love my Jayhawks. I do take your tweets personal
20 Mar, 02:32 AM UTC
I love the fact that Roy Williams called @JoelBerryII a "tough little nut"---so glad he was able to play today! #getintoit
20 Mar, 02:31 AM UTC
Eric Boynton
UNC guard Joel Berry II and coach Roy Williams after defeating Arkansas 72-65
20 Mar, 02:29 AM UTC
Danny Cunningham
@roy_nishant Deron Williams thumb
20 Mar, 02:25 AM UTC
Doug Schorpp
Roy Williams: Coach And Math Teacher?
20 Mar, 02:24 AM UTC
@BillSimmons @tatefrazier dibs. Also Roy Williams is awful
20 Mar, 02:22 AM UTC
Peter Yannopoulos
1993 Final Four: North Carolina ( Dean Smith) Kansas ( Roy Williams) Michigan ( Steve Fisher) Kentucky ( Rick Pitino).
20 Mar, 02:18 AM UTC
Roy Lucier
Mitsuharu Misawa/Kenta Kobashi vs Steve Williams/Johnny Ace (All Japan August 13th, 1994): via @YouTube
20 Mar, 02:12 AM UTC
@adriantarheel Roy Williams is a great teacher and a great recruiter I LOVE that we don't get 1 & dones, but he's not a great in game coach.
20 Mar, 02:07 AM UTC
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