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Safety tops your priority list? Banking mein #SafeChahiye then ICICI Bank’s iMobile app is just for you! Watch how: https://t.co/tT8EIFcILy
Smriti Singh @smriti2585
RT @hankypanty: Who needs seatbelts? Best safety is photos of Indian Gods and/or blessings from Mummy. #SafeChahiye
BillyWilliam @wrr890766
RT @KeyaSMamma: I place my phone in my wallet, wallet in my bag/purse while traveling alone kyuki humko sab #SafeChahiye
Ronak Panchal @ronakpanchalrr
RT @falgunivasavada: I keep chkng my gas knob multiple times 2 see whether its off! Ufff am paranoid about it! Esp at night! #SafeChahiye
⎝⏠⏝⏠⎠ Devi @Apna_Fundaa
RT @Fuljhadii: The iMobile app by @ICICIBank is your answer to #SafeChahiye when it comes to banking. Watch this https://t.co/g4B4pcMBTh
⎝⏠⏝⏠⎠ Devi @Apna_Fundaa
RT @Hitesh2617: iMobile by ICICI Bank totally fixes the #SafeChahiye paranoia. Watch now : https://t.co/Ju2mTNudlB @ICICIBank
⎝⏠⏝⏠⎠ Devi @Apna_Fundaa
RT @bhairavisampat: Nothing secures better than @ICICIBank iMobile app. Check this out - https://t.co/F9TtGfbHkR #SafeChahiye
Humour is Value! @TheBankey
RT @D_D_great: Dnt miss! Watch ICICI Bank come together with my fav Abish Mathew, 2 impart banking-safety #SafeChahiye https://t.co/DfmSRf…
⎝⏠⏝⏠⎠ Devi @Apna_Fundaa
RT @omarazamii: We want everything safe. Banking mein bhi #SafeChahiye then download @ICICIBank’s mobile banking app. Have a look https://t…
Mr_MadP🃏🔪 @PraveensParama
RT @divyaszaika: When it comes to my food pics, I try to keep a backup in my phone, laptop & hard drive. Boss kyunki mujhe sab #SafeChahiye
Abhishek Rawat @Abhishek_rawat5
RT @thekopargaonkar: Not a risk Taker? Like to play it safe? Then this is for you :) #SafeChahiye https://t.co/XlfM8Yx7zH @ICICIBank
⎝⏠⏝⏠⎠ Devi @Apna_Fundaa
RT @zebfatima_: ICICI Bank and Abish Mathew tell you how to transact safer - #SafeChahiye with ICICI Bank https://t.co/y201AYmd4X @ICICIBank
Abhishek Rawat @Abhishek_rawat5
RT @KameeniChhori: Agar #SafeChahiye toh watch this video by @ICICIBank, I’m sure you’ll relate to it https://t.co/CT3EcwcECn. Now transact…
💕💝अल्फाज अनकही💝💕 @ganeshtutare
RT @Singham_Bhavani: मेरी माँ कहती है कि ज्यादा फोन मत चला अन्धा हो जाऐगा और मुझे तेरी आंखे #SafeChahiye #LovedParentsWorshipDay
LeCoconutWhisperer @ClinxDakoita
RT @KananGill: Haha @abishmathew can make explaining mobile banking fun #SafeChahiye https://t.co/qnfq881Xw4 @ICICIBank
Healthtips @movietwippie
RT @realSunilSharma: #World has d #habit of making room 4 d man whose #actions show tht he knws wher he is going. #SafeChahiye #AtikaByOr…
Ainish Orine Mathias @BritMofo
RT @knowkenny: Watch Abish explain how safe mobile banking is! Miracle this video doesn't have a password! #SafeChahiye @ICICIBank https://…
Amin Andaleeb @amin_andaleeb
RT @hankypanty: Haha. Here's my friend @abishmathew with @ICICIBank telling you about why humein #SafeChahiye. https://t.co/46MNiILX0x htt…
*****jadu***** @MANOTOSHHALDER2
RT @Hitesh2617: Awesome i must say! Its very safe! #SafeChahiye @icicibank https://t.co/Ju2mTNudlB https://t.co/KYE3KTlahw
Anupam Jain जैन 👸 @chavinanupam
RT @chavinanupam: #SafeChahiye One should not invest in unauthentic companies ! Keep your money in safe hands ! 🌷🌱
Maria Hunt @maria_da_hunt
RT @seosmolinks: Don't believe anyone? Need 100% security? #SafeChahiye, then watch this https://t.co/3VCHKTwEFx @ICICIBank
@rjun N@llul@ @arjunnallula
RT @AxisDirect_In: Invest wisely always by picking the right stock at right time, Kyunki #FinancialFuture hamesha #SafeChahiye know how htt…
vipul singh @vipulsi52431285
RT @upkapatra: All the UPians .. Vote for #BJP .. Kyunki samajwad is directly proportional to atankwad .. Aur hum sabhi ko UP #safechahiye
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