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Peter Daou
Safe to say most political observers expect #NeilGorsuch to replace Scalia, taking a seat that was STOLEN from #MerrickGarland.
20 Mar, 11:36 AM UTC
Jamil Smith
Neil Gorsuch is no moderate. He is arguably worse than Scalia. And Democrats should block his nomination.
20 Mar, 12:52 PM UTC
‘Wet Works’: Podesta Email Makes Assassination Reference Days Before Scalia Death via @realalexjones 👇👇👇👇👇
19 Mar, 01:42 PM UTC
Shadow Cabinet
Part II. More from Citizen Attorney General @tribelaw on today's legal front -- Scalia to Gorsuch?
20 Mar, 12:43 PM UTC
Confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch begin Monday - 401 days after Antonin Scalia's death
19 Mar, 05:54 PM UTC
Democracy Now!
.@ZephyrTeachout on Gorsuch's antitrust opinions: "He's going to be at least as bad as Scalia, & we can't forget ho…
20 Mar, 12:45 PM UTC
Good Morning America
WATCH: Supreme Court confirmation hearings begin 13 months after the death of Justice Antonin Scalia:…
20 Mar, 11:13 AM UTC
Trumpism 2.0™
SNAP POLL: Do you believe Justice Antonin Scalia was murdered?
19 Mar, 04:11 PM UTC
Trey Pollard
Don't Drain This Swamp : Gorsuch and Scalia on Clean Water Law
20 Mar, 12:44 PM UTC
Brianne Gorod
Every story that says Gorsuch is nominated to fill Scalia's seat should mention Garland & the GOP's unprecedented obstruction last year.
20 Mar, 01:20 PM UTC
Debra Strege
If you need further evidence the @GOP is crooked, beyond their grifter leader, look no further than #SCOTUS=Scalia=Merrick Garland=#Gorsuch
20 Mar, 01:25 PM UTC
Kimberly Robinson
In year since Scalia's passing, #SCOTUS likely worked hard to present functioning court.
20 Mar, 01:18 PM UTC
Justice Don Willett
"I was confirmed 98-0," Justice Scalia said in 2007. "I couldn't get 60 votes today" RBG: 96-3 AMK: 97-0 SOC: 99-0
20 Mar, 01:32 PM UTC
Emilia Nercessian🇺🇸
The only person I'll accept for the SCOTUS is Merrick Garland. When Scalia died, they stole the seat. That's unnacceptable.
20 Mar, 01:29 PM UTC
Gorsuch Does Not Belong on the Supreme Court - Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Boston Globe WHEN JUSTICE Antonin Scalia ...
20 Mar, 01:32 PM UTC
Ariane de Vogue
If Gorsuch is confirmed, he'll break one major precedent:
20 Mar, 01:25 PM UTC
Before Day 1 of the Gorsuch hearings start, read up on the legacy of Scalia by AUL's Deanna Wallace #ConfirmGorsuch
20 Mar, 01:27 PM UTC
Tom Lynch
@DJMonk1976 @cruzgrassroots #Scalia gave our democracy to the #CorporateElite. Gorsuch wants more corporate money i…
20 Mar, 01:27 PM UTC
Antonin Scalia would've been great for Trump's Supreme Court...if certain people like FBI Director James Comey didn…
20 Mar, 01:32 PM UTC
@PoliticalEmilia Scalia was murdered idiot
20 Mar, 01:30 PM UTC
@flippable_org it's actually Scalia's seat idiot
20 Mar, 01:29 PM UTC
Allentown Buzz
Senate hearings get underway on Trump Supreme Court pick Neil Gorsuch: Thirteen months after Antonin Scalia's death…
20 Mar, 01:29 PM UTC
Dominick D
@MPlummer89 I wonder if he could be as smart as Justice Scalia, if not smarta?
20 Mar, 01:27 PM UTC
Black Indian Prof
@HelenKennedy Yes, it does. Reports state Gorsuch is Scalia copy yet trained under Roberts, who's sided w/liberals on cases. Confirm him.
20 Mar, 01:24 PM UTC
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