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Cornelius Smith Jr @CorneliusSJr
Damn right...We'll see you later tonight for #Scandalabc Stayed suited my friends. https://t.co/69bRvTCpvq
BABESZII @babeszii
RT @itsARCHIEEEtho: THIS BIH AINT GOT NOTHING ON LIV #ScandalABC https://t.co/FuVfzrlweW
Jem @jemwoww
RT @CapehartJ: Mmmhmmm. You done messed up now, Cyrus. #ScandalABC
~☆Ness☆~ @vnessa23
RT @MelaninMomma88: Who 'dis woman Huck?? #ScandalABC #Scandal https://t.co/Lcy2h0Z75s
Unruly @ImanitheOG
RT @URBANKash_: I literally cannot stomach Fitz with this wanna be Liv #ScandalABC
Shadley @ShadleyLove
RT @MinaMarae: So nobody is suspicious that Jake done disappeared? #ScandalABC
Ocian Archer @CATCH__a__WAVE
RT @haleymedcalf: This new chick with Fitz has GOT. TO. GO. #ScandalABC
Unruly @ImanitheOG
RT @kiahlive: Dis man ate his family but not the dog? #ScandalABC https://t.co/P60hs4CCxX
B🔅 @Icequeen_246
RT @justDani___: Fitz say he down with the brown 😭 #ScandalABC
Harlem's Own Lyric @HarlemsOwnLyric
RT @bronzeangel769: Dang I guess Fitz never went back....✊🏾👩🏾#Scandal #ScandalABC
Breyana_Only @breyana_bb01
RT @Carlisias: She'll never be Olivia, Fitz! #ScandalABC
Luh Mich @LuhMichigan
RT @diamonds_babby: Where is Jake?! He up to something! #ScandalABC
IanH127 @IanAustinHurt
RT @cocoachic76: Me looking at Fitz& FBI director lady in bed. Girl...Liv gon light you all the way up! @kerrywashington #ScandalABC https:…
Amber Nicole @AmberAlert_XO
RT @PragObots: Fitz certainly has a type. #scandal #ScandalABC https://t.co/odtQZHOqZg
Breyana_Only @breyana_bb01
RT @vnessa23: As much as i was over Liv and Fitz ... i am NOT ok with THIS.... nope not at all #ScandalABC #TGIT
Tina Bina ☺☺ @IAmTAYLOR_made
RT @iWRIGHTmymemoir: I WANNA SEE HUCK HAPPY!!!!!!!! #ScandalABC
IanH127 @IanAustinHurt
RT @mrs_r629: "Everyone has an oval." @jscandalp love it!!!!!! #Scandal #ScandalABC #TGIT
Laquinta Johnson @JohnsonJohnso6
RT @diamonds_babby: I like Oliva & Fitz better! #ScandalABC
Ky❤️ @iamjakyla
RT @SoShaydee: Wait..what? Me no likey Fitz in bed w/ this broad! #Scandal #ScandalABC @tonygoldwyn @kerrywashington @JOEtheMORTON @JoshMa…
Onasis Harris @OnasisHarris
RT @NaiaBaby22: Since he can't have the real deal Fitz is settling for the Great Value version of Olivia Pope. #ScandalABC #abc
l 0 i s. l a n e @fally_fal_
RT @Blkphoenix856: I just can't accept this Fitz. She is just a stand-in for now... I get it... but Liv is "the one". #ScandalABC
StanleyPienneEtienne @stanleypetienne
RT @rechargwandrene: Whhhaaattt!! When you go black, you never go back. All that chocolate! #thisisnew #ScandalABC #Scandal
BLynne @BrandiCakes0609
RT @ladydaya: Harpo who dis women wit Fitz #ScandalABC
Amber Nicole @AmberAlert_XO
RT @ndennis_benn: "You're beautiful", says Fitz to the gorgeous dark skin black woman in his bed. #progress #Scandal #ScandalABC #YAS @shon…
Sips&Scroll @bourbonbella_
RT @ClassicCityChic: Cyrus is doing what he does best, snaking his way to the top #ScandalABC
Jarred Kinloch @jckcooper1
RT @LidiaElizondo: Abby, you in trouble! #TGIT #Scandal #ScandalABC https://t.co/hiTOfES6tp
ladydayA1 @ladydaya
RT @OldSchool_Lover: I feel like I just cause my bestie friend ex-man with a new chick #somebodytextLivApic #ScandalABC
Emily @gisiana_
RT @luvwins2016: I know im late in all but just who in the hell does Abby think that she is? Liv? #ScandalABC https://t.co/fnvTvvY3fo
IanH127 @IanAustinHurt
RT @SoGuddaButta__: #ScandalABC Cyrus Has Himself A bitch Ladies & Gent
IanH127 @IanAustinHurt
RT @IatnodBlog: #ScandalABC Slow clap. 👏
~☆Ness☆~ @vnessa23
RT @theflowerchile: #ScandalABC Everytime I see @portiaderossi on Scandal...I can't stop thinking how she REALLY is married to someone in p…
Laquinta Johnson @JohnsonJohnso6
RT @AmandaStarshine: What is SHE doing in bed with Fitz? Sacre bleu! #ScandalABC
Mimi C. @SchuylerSistas_
RT @MichelleDeRossi: Me looking at Fitz in bed wit this hussy #Scandal #ScandalABC #TGIT https://t.co/thxa8hBTZ9
Laquinta Johnson @JohnsonJohnso6
RT @afuboo: I can't with these two..I miss Fitz and Liv😩😫😩😫😔😢@ScandalABC #ScandalABC #TGIT
RT @mu_bangbang: Fitz is still sleeping with this chick 🙄🙄 #ScandalABC https://t.co/65YLlWEFRX
leonka @leonka03
RT @__KMarieeeee: What the actual fuck ? 🤔🤔 #scandalabc #Scandal #tgit
ladydayA1 @ladydaya
RT @Pinksunsun416: Replacement Liv or nah! #ScandalABC https://t.co/2adyD5JUCD
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