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Here's a puppo participating in the #ScienceMarch. Cleverly disguising her own doggo agenda. 13/10 would keep the p… https://t.co/ZM2gNEODrZ
22 Apr, 06:31 PM UTC
Sasha Aickin
The sign game was strong at the #ScienceMarch today, but this was my favorite. #marchforscience #ScienceMarchSF https://t.co/qNUWlpg1ad
22 Apr, 08:43 PM UTC
Misha Collins
I asked my kids, "what do u like about science?" 1 said "astronomy" the other said "sugar." #ScienceMarch
22 Apr, 09:02 PM UTC
ACLU National
This is what democracy looks like. #ScienceMarch https://t.co/yjiqVwpj9K
22 Apr, 05:01 PM UTC
Paul Joseph Watson
The one placard you didn't see at the #ScienceMarch
23 Apr, 12:38 AM UTC
Kaivan Shroff
RT IF YOU AGREE: We need to fight to protect Mother Earth. #ScienceMarch #EarthDay
22 Apr, 03:11 PM UTC
Virginia Hughes
#ScienceMarch "build this wall"
22 Apr, 02:45 PM UTC
This little girl is my heart ❤ #ScienceMarch #ScienceMarchHou
22 Apr, 05:28 PM UTC
Sam Levine
Best sign of the #ScienceMarch in NYC I've seen
22 Apr, 03:00 PM UTC
Battle Superbugs
One of our favorite signs so far! #marchforscience #ScienceMarch
22 Apr, 05:23 PM UTC
Jazz Shaw
If you think Caitlyn Jenner can be a woman but Rachel Dolezal can't be black you shouldn't be participating in #ScienceMarch
22 Apr, 11:09 PM UTC
sarah everts
"I can't believe I'm protesting for reality." At Berlin's #sciencemarch #sciencemarchBER #chemistsmarch
22 Apr, 01:18 PM UTC
Alyssa Milano
Wait...Aren't you pulling us from the Paris Agreement, @realDonaldTrump? #EarthDay #ScienceMarch https://t.co/Lk6tPvomdD
22 Apr, 11:46 PM UTC
Mike Birbiglia
The president is a bully, but we've got the nerds. #ScienceMarch https://t.co/d3EMRRw54y
23 Apr, 03:59 AM UTC
Joshua Hall
I can't overstate how big of a deal this #sciencemarch is. Have you ever tried to get five scientists in a room for a committee meeting?
22 Apr, 08:11 PM UTC
Mike Hudema
BAM! Sorry Donald, the #MarchForScience Just Beat Your Inauguration Numbers: https://t.co/eqmKIGdWXT #ScienceMarchhttps://t.co/hAkbrRwowu
23 Apr, 12:23 AM UTC
Matthew Bryan
See, I wasn't the only one who thought a cryptic Star Trek reference was the right sign choice for #ScienceMarch!
22 Apr, 09:13 PM UTC
Katye Russell
@scba: Another great sign. #marchforscience #ScienceMarch #ScienceMarchDC ” I LOVE THIS POSTER!
23 Apr, 12:59 AM UTC
The Anti-Trump
#TheResistance #ScienceMarch #MarchForScience There's a March For Science on all 7 continents-- even Antarctica… https://t.co/cMwFmfvxeB
22 Apr, 11:35 PM UTC
Mark Warner
Facts & science matter and must be respected. 👏👏👏 #ScienceMarch #MarchForScience #EarthDay
22 Apr, 10:41 PM UTC
Nidhi Subbaraman
"Girls just wanna have funding" Sam Ritzer. Geology pjs student at Stanford #marchforscience #ScienceMarch
22 Apr, 06:58 PM UTC
BuzzFeed News
We’re at the #ScienceMarch in Washington, DC talking to mad scientists 🗜 https://t.co/sbAhm7qdbV
22 Apr, 03:10 PM UTC
STOP #Trump - Save Planet Earth from that greedy sociopath. #marchforscience #ScienceMarch #EarthDay #ScienceMatters
22 Apr, 05:56 PM UTC
Jennifer Adler
"Forget princess. I want to be a scientist" Little girls after my own 💙. #womeninSTEM #makewhatsnext #sciencemarchhttps://t.co/JZDdvag5ws
22 Apr, 09:00 PM UTC
ScienceMarch Morelos
La ciencia nos permite entender el mundo y tomar mejores decisiones #MarchaPorLaCiencia #ScienceMarch #Morelos
22 Apr, 04:58 PM UTC
Another great sign from #ScienceMarch
22 Apr, 04:58 PM UTC
Free Software Fndn.
Like science, #FreeSoftware enriches our world through peer review & knowledge sharing. Everyone should support both! #ScienceMarch
22 Apr, 09:14 PM UTC
Indivisible Cville
.@Rep_Tom_Garrett's comment about the #ScienceMarch is a link to a right wing blog post by an oft-debunked climate… https://t.co/3SNdNbJmUl
23 Apr, 12:59 AM UTC
Kari Dalnoki-Veress
Marching with my @ESPCI_Paris friends, and a whole lot of others! Wow! #ScienceMarch Paris
22 Apr, 05:00 PM UTC
No president has harmed our planet 🌎 earth more than #Trump #SundayMorning #EarthDay #ScienceMarch #earthday2017https://t.co/pNxvet24mh
23 Apr, 11:10 AM UTC
Tom Zeller Jr.
Officially my favorite. #ScienceMarch @ScienceMarchDC
23 Apr, 11:21 AM UTC
Me and @maluneta_ at the March For Science in Belo Horizonte, Brazil! #MarchForScience #ScienceMarch
22 Apr, 07:40 PM UTC
Thank you #ScienceMarch for the great signs. @neiltyson is a great pinup boy and this sign says it all.
22 Apr, 09:51 PM UTC
Maria Popova
Powerful anthem against the silencing of science and the assault on nature, written for today's #ScienceMarch in DC… https://t.co/Hn6ERBUEw1
23 Apr, 11:45 AM UTC
#CNN #ScienceMarch but Carter Page, Flynn, Jeff Sessions, and Kushner met with Russian Envoy in Ohio DURING the RNC on CAMPAIGN MONEY. #OGE
22 Apr, 06:04 PM UTC
World Bee Project
Thousands marched in London to bring science and research closer to the general public. #ScienceMarch
23 Apr, 11:46 AM UTC
Hist of religiouswmn
oh, were there any other #nuntastic/#friarific/#monkabulous/#jesuicy marchers yesterday at the #ScienceMarch? https://t.co/2ytcZuws0C
23 Apr, 11:45 AM UTC
Melissa DeBiasse
Marches for Science Outdraw Donald Trump’s Inauguration https://t.co/wezm2EM0PA #ScienceMarch
23 Apr, 11:45 AM UTC
🐶🐈Lula Reh🐈🐶
@LalaBova That is incredible! #EarthDay #ScienceMarch
23 Apr, 11:46 AM UTC
Michael Preston
The #ScienceMarch tweets using the scientific method as their canvas have been the best. Thanks for making my feed punny.
23 Apr, 11:46 AM UTC
Heather JFS
Encouraging to see so many at #ScienceMarch worldwide. If each person makes even 1 change, Earth will be better off. What's yours? Go!
23 Apr, 11:45 AM UTC
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