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Jeff Perry @jscandalp
Tonight’s episode was masterfully directed by our very own Scott-Jake Ballard-FOLEY! @scottkfoley #Scandal #tgit
babygirl @angellbearrr
RT @myirisqueen: how the Olitz fandom be like everytime they waiting on Scott Foley to tweet something suspicious
❤Sarah❤ @JTRules1
RT @HannahLopeman: Scott Foley needs to shut the fuck up.
Cadillac Cooch @ayyo_nik
RT @SharSaysSo: I know Scott Foley wasn't talmbout me in that tweet, so I'm not gonna respond. I'm in the 94%.
#fuckupsomenazis @angelsscream
RT @xicacha: Scott Foley doubling down? The Caucasian nerve.
Lena-Marleah ➳ @WatchMeEarnYou
RT @WatchMeEarnYou: About Scott Foley:
ramatoulai fofana @ramatoulai
RT @QtrWaterClassic: Scott Foley is still #ScandalBae
ramatoulai fofana @ramatoulai
RT @NelliiJean: I'm just realizing that Eliza is played by Scott Foley's real-life wife! 😳 #GreysAnatomy #TGIT
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