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Sunday, gather your family and friends together to watch my Saviours' Day address live from Detroit… https://t.co/E8KWFAI4X7
Andreau Berry @MsAndreau
RT @TheFinalCall: The Nation of Islam invites you to attend our annual Saviours' Day Convention in Detroit on Feb. 17-19th. #SD17DET #Farra…
Shanaye Muhammad @ShanayeMuhammad
RT @LouisFarrakhan: Black America, The Ultimate Challenge And Our Future https://t.co/IVOOILnZZf #SD17DET https://t.co/AUjKhYmWHU
Samuel X @SamuelClark4
RT @TheFinalCall: Be sure to follow @NOISavioursDay + #SD17DET for live updates and coverage during Saviours' Day weekend! https://t.co/8W9…
Sakinah M. @QueenHeiwa15
RT @noisavioursday: Detroit Airport welcomes The Nation of Islam! Happy Saviours' Day! Safe travels. 🛫🚘🚇 #SD17DET https://t.co/2po7xGLdA3
The Undertaker @Painandpaper
RT @TheFinalCall: Don't miss Mother Khadijah Farrakhan's Children's Village at Saviours' Day 2017 👉🏾https://t.co/NsD7ePtb5J #SD17DET #Indep…
Angela Muhammad @acmuhammad70
RT @TheFinalCall: The Nation Of Islam Student Association Workshop: "Education With A Purpose"... Be The Change! | Feb. 17 #SD17DET https:/…
Kevin Muhammad @kevm43
RT @BrotherJesse: At #SD17DET? Head over to @TheFinalCall vending for the newly released authorized Study Guides! https://t.co/f2ZCKbo6eT
RWM @RashidWMuhammad
RT @TheFinalCall: Stay plugged in and download the official @JusticeOrElse and @OfficialNOI App! Now available on IOS & Android!#SD17DET ht…
gamesforlife @gamesforlife12
RT @noisavioursday: Saviours' Day Registration February 16, 2017 @ 8:00 am - 8:00 pm COBO - Atrium #SD17DET
Angela Muhammad @acmuhammad70
RT @noisavioursday: The children are ready for Mother Khadijah Farrakhan's Children's Village! #SD17DET https://t.co/iBbGUiWC2H
Angela Muhammad @acmuhammad70
RT @noisavioursday: You do not want to miss the vending area! Be sure to support! #SD17DET https://t.co/zfZwqgoZzs
Saviours' Day @noisavioursday
RT @ImamSultanM: Join us for Saviours' Day #Jumuah! Friday, February 17th @ 1pm | Cobo Ballroom AB #SD17DET #NOIFridays #BlackMuslimFamily
Saviours' Day @noisavioursday
RT @BrotherJesse: As-Salaam Alaikum! Happy Saviours' Day! #SD17DET https://t.co/ASjFj2GtMb
Goddess Zakiya™ @Vanguard_swagg
RT @noisavioursday: Physical Training & Exercise February 17, 2017 @ 6:00 am - 7:30 am COBO - 4th Floor Room 420A #SD17DET
Shaunta X @Shaunta1X
RT @BrotherJesse: Rolling on The People Mover in Detroit with these celebrities! #SD17DET https://t.co/mMUMuRAGhw
Saviours' Day @noisavioursday
RT @MuhammadAnisah: Saviours' Day is always an inspiration to write #SD17DET https://t.co/UV1xVbT8Jg
Lu ☕⭐️ @BruhThahLu
RT @AxiomMariposa: What Can We Do to Win the War Against Islam ? The panel will be Saturday! #detroit #SD17DEThttps://t.co/G7AcKrq0xk
Saviours' Day @noisavioursday
RT @BrotherHannibal: It's way to early for a meeting. It's 5am where I'm from. #TheFinalCall #SD2017 #SD17DET @ Cobo… https://t.co/jG4B1thF…
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