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James Essex
#SelfieForJames starts in 1 hourrrrr so get those selfies readyyyyy
21 Apr, 02:54 PM UTC
James Essex
that's another #SelfieForJames complete , you guys are so beautiful x thank you for changing my life x
21 Apr, 05:53 PM UTC
Tom Essex
I may have had to stand on my couch , but I'd do anything for #SelfieForJames @ItsJamesEssex
21 Apr, 05:13 PM UTC
Sorry if a break ya camera babes @ItsJamesEssex #SelfieForJames
21 Apr, 05:37 PM UTC
Lauren met Seb ✨
Mirror selfies > front camera selfies anyday 🤷🏼‍♀️ #SelfieForJames https://t.co/ocJgJGjN78
21 Apr, 04:49 PM UTC
amber // 27 days xxx
i'm late but gonna do it anyways x #SelfieForJames @ItsJamesEssex
21 Apr, 06:00 PM UTC
@ItsJamesEssex @sophiequinn_xx @cmoran00 #SelfieForJames When are you coming for a meet and greet in Scotland?😂
21 Apr, 05:40 PM UTC
Another #SelfieForJames because I have nothing else to do😅😩 @ItsJamesEssex
21 Apr, 05:38 PM UTC
Erica ⭐️
#SelfieForJames @ItsJamesEssex Ingore the background x and ay💫✌🏻
21 Apr, 05:18 PM UTC
Alisha Hensley
@ItsJamesEssex #SelfieForJames I'm ugly as hell but here u go 💕 (I'm the girl in the middle btw 😂)
21 Apr, 05:40 PM UTC
Beth Misses Gabe💓✨
#SelfieForJames @ItsJamesEssex I'm ugly but oh well😂💜✨ https://t.co/x2zvPEuQ07
21 Apr, 05:18 PM UTC
jess misses seb:((
@ItsJamesEssex thought I'd pop in the # and say hi:))) #SelfieForJames https://t.co/I19MeQs3Us
21 Apr, 05:51 PM UTC
#SelfieForJames let's join in the crew 😌 @ItsJamesEssex
21 Apr, 05:51 PM UTC
You're all so pretty on this wtf 🙏🏻😩♥️ #SelfieForJames @ItsJamesEssex https://t.co/hqjGYg8C7G
21 Apr, 05:42 PM UTC
megs ADORES louis :)
@ItsJamesEssex I love my hair in this one Ngl 😍😍 #SelfieForJames
21 Apr, 05:38 PM UTC
megs ADORES louis :)
@ItsJamesEssex this isn't exactly a selfie but it's one of my favourite photos taken of me ! ❤️❤️ #SelfieForJames
21 Apr, 05:37 PM UTC
Sissy//The Shades
#SelfieForJames @ItsJamesEssex thank you for have made day 🙊❤✈ https://t.co/W8TAA7am2P
21 Apr, 05:15 PM UTC
Hollie Essex-Soares♡
Ik your meant to post a #SelfieForJames but can we all take a moment to appreciate how cuteee @ItsJamesEssex is 🙊… https://t.co/818QaoKgiC
21 Apr, 05:09 PM UTC
Mikeys Good Half 😂
Hayfever is messing me up so this is the best your getting James #SelfieForJames @ItsJamesEssex
21 Apr, 05:07 PM UTC
Wasim Ahmed
Insight into the trending hashtag #SelfieForJames via @TrendsMap At least 70% of tweets were from the UK.
21 Apr, 06:02 PM UTC
Preetam beaumont🐝
@ItsJamesEssex #SelfieForJames ages ago but hope you like 💛
21 Apr, 05:45 PM UTC
macy 🌻
@ItsJamesEssex #SelfieForJames very very gross but wanted to join in 😂❤️ https://t.co/GFa8awY5kW
21 Apr, 05:44 PM UTC
@ItsJamesEssex #SelfieForJames for the onion ring bantz...@Rossftgomer
21 Apr, 05:44 PM UTC
megs ADORES louis :)
@ItsJamesEssex I love this one ! It's me with my boy best friend 💜💜 #SelfieForJames
21 Apr, 05:37 PM UTC
Lowkey thought this was about you @Jaxivia_ 😂 #SelfieForJames
21 Apr, 05:37 PM UTC
Jennie ❤
@ItsJamesEssex #SelfieForJames not a selfie but my squad ✌🏻
21 Apr, 05:36 PM UTC
#SelfieForJames @ItsJamesEssex need a hug from you soon as i havent had one yet😊❤
21 Apr, 05:31 PM UTC
@ItsJamesEssex #SelfieForJames joining the trend because im a frisky fucker , but love u b xo https://t.co/O8Waz0M3um
21 Apr, 05:23 PM UTC
@ItsJamesEssex I know I love them ☺ I think this one is a bit cuter though ngl 🙈#SelfieForJames
21 Apr, 05:16 PM UTC
@ItsJamesEssex #SelfieForJames why not hop on this bandwagon I love taking selfies👑 especially with the puppy filte… https://t.co/whiBJF6iNT
21 Apr, 05:13 PM UTC
Liv ✨🌸
Can we all just admit how cute #SelfieForJames is! We need more people like @ItsJamesEssex in this world! ❤
21 Apr, 05:10 PM UTC
#selfieforjames just got a hair cut woo
21 Apr, 05:09 PM UTC
#SelfieForJames... Selfie of the love of my life @ItsJamesEssex
21 Apr, 05:09 PM UTC
#SelfieForJames everyone's so pretty nsjsjsjs im so jeaulous
21 Apr, 05:09 PM UTC
@ItsJamesEssex which one should I post on Instagram? btw my Instagram is @ jessica.anne.x if you wanna follow 😂💗… https://t.co/EhcMMk0GdD
21 Apr, 05:08 PM UTC
i would do a #SelfieForJames for @ItsJamesEssex but i look like shit rn
21 Apr, 05:08 PM UTC
Chezdon Morrison
#SelfieForJames thought this hadhtag was for someone that has talent. @TheVampsJames
21 Apr, 06:20 PM UTC
Hoping on the bandwagon🙃 look moody as per シ @ItsJamesEssex #SelfieForJames https://t.co/DVRYXR3sAO
21 Apr, 05:45 PM UTC
Ellie Shepherd💗
@ItsJamesEssex #SelfieForJames i love you🌍💍💗✨ Be mine?!😅
21 Apr, 05:31 PM UTC
Katie💭2 Days
@ItsJamesEssex #SelfieForJames 💭🌹 I hate this photo🙃🙃
21 Apr, 05:31 PM UTC
@ItsJamesEssex #SelfieForJames OKAY COME TO NEW JERSEY PLS PLS
21 Apr, 05:29 PM UTC
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