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Kenny Farquharson @KennyFarq
Why on earth is this woman allowed to represent the SNP? Settler Watch was a vile racist organisation that pursued…
SparkyBF2 @Andymarshall316
RT @AgentP22: So as well as having IRA sympathisers passing the SNP vetting process, we now have this.
JB Brown @JBBrown_WTF
RT @BradenDavy: 'Sonja Cameron has passed the SNP vetting process despite being a convinced anti-English racist.' #Indyref2…
Sir Donald Jefferson @SirDJefferson
RT @davieclegg: EXC: Former Settler Watch extremist with links to "tartan terrorist" passes SNP candidate vetting.
Chloë @chloe_0904
RT @AlanRoden: This beggars belief: Convicted anti-English racist with links to tartan terrorist gets nod from SNP to be candidate https://…
Davy @Davycatchalot
RT @rogerlwhite: SNLA-Settler Watch-SNP. No links at all. No siree, not even personnel
(((Danny Boy))) @Danny_BoyUK
RT @BrianSpanner1: Here's Alex Salmond proudly unfurling a saltire with Settler Watch bed wetter Bruce Ogilvie. Civic and joyous. https://t…
Shelfco 595 Hater 😎 @breengin1872
RT @TheHairyJobbie: Get the impression SNP only have mentally challenged fuckheads supporting them? IRA now German Extremists? https://t.c…
Trev @trickytrev30
RT @blairmcdougall: I assumed this story would end with an SNP spokesperson saying she'd been suspended. It doesn't.
(((Just Doogle It))) @GowkyTory
RT @BrianSpanner1: So, we can gather that the SNP don't really give a fuck about Settler Watch. It's a small but important cog in their mac…
(((Just Doogle It))) @GowkyTory
RT @Orkneytories: SNP MSP: IRA were "freedom fighters" SNP candidate: "Up the Provos" And now this..........
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