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GoldenStateWarriors @warriors
Love the ocean, but terrified of sharks? 🌊 Klay Thompson gets you. You should #NBAVote for him.
Emma Davis @emmagdavis02
RT @ObviousOstrich: Sharks are the number one cause of shark attacks.
Survival of the Year @Zahnfleischy
RT @markedly: Two Ways Sharks Can Die: 1. if they stop swimming 2. if they start swimming (into my fists)
Holden Owens @holden_owens
RT @CGTNOfficial: Jimmer Fredette, five-year NBA veteran, reignites career with CBA team Shanghai Sharks in China @jimmerfredette https://t…
delilah ross @delilahross
RT @HorrorPlaces: RT if you would dive with sharks
Jeanae ✨ ~ PINNED! @GlassesAndACat
RT @upbeaturie: plot twist: its actually the music viceo for coconut coconut sharks in the water.
Tag the Bird @TagTheBird_uk
RT @officialdjmagik: We are at the whale sharks in Cebu (Oslob) today. @steveaoki #steveaoki
THE BREAD ZONE @sleepysaracha
jaff @jaffryan
RT @jon_bois: watching shark tank. looks like the sharks are hungry for great investment opportunities. but watch out because sometimes the…
Proton @proton243
RT @scienmag: Steroid discovered in dogfish sharks attacks Parkinson’s-related toxin in animal model…
깨구리 ND @ND_nightdweller
RT @katerudy1: Poison detector for your table: shaking sharks' teeth will show which dishes to avoid. Made c 1400. Vienna,Schatzkam https:/…
Shawn Andrade @Sandrade55I
RT @SanJoseSharks: The #SJSharks and @CacheCreekCR are joining forces to give away a dozen glass seats to a game. 🦈:…
Hernando Campos C. @nhc4201
RT @SharkAdvocates: Dogfish shark extract could help treat Parkinson’s disease, scientists hope via @MA_Sharks #Dog…
Lloyd Christmas @jaybird2840
RT @FOXSports: Crazy sequence in Sharks game features massive hit and beautiful goal.
Sri Karina @KarlnaOku
RT @WinnipegNews: Sharks pounce on the scent of blood from flailing #NHLJets
Bob Guildner @bobguildner
RT @scienmag: Steroid discovered in dogfish sharks attacks Parkinson’s-related toxin in animal model…
EvaS @Lycy800
RT @str_voyage: A few sharks dart amid fiery orange coral. The sun beats down.
Milly Bendell @MillyBendell
RT @UoSShipwrecks: Reflections on Archaeological #SCUBA #diving and sharks @Sharkdevocean #FLShipwrecks
kar🍄 @KattTrumbull
RT @teratraviss: sharks game :)) tbh all these pics damn near look the same
Susan Traylor @susantraylor28
RT @PAKWEST_SHARKS: When Great White Sharks gets a worlds bid!!! 🦈
Dustin Campfield @dustincampfield
RT @ModernTurfSport: St James Baseball in the books. 75 tons of infield mix and 2 tons of conditioner later, its ready for the 2017 season.…
mobbkillz 🖤 @ccommaz
RT @Dyovahni11: Can't swim 🏊🏾‍♀️ in the water if u afraid of sharks💯💯
NFL Caveman Doctor @NFLCavemanDoctr
RT @CurtisPashelka: Joel Ward scores a goal, takes a hit, makes a play, leads #SJSharks past Winnipeg Jets 5-2 via…
crystal @canyousaycrys
RT @thecvmevp: Can't hand feed no sharks
DaziLenoirEsq @DaziLenoirEsq
RT @OrlandoWaves: Check out Orlando Waves vs North Florida Sharks on UNATION. Want to go? #DoStuff
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