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Jon Passantino @passantino
Wow watch Shepard Smith’s reaction to Trump’s “fake news” claims at press conference
Aimee Fish @aimAZINGfish
RT @RiegerReport: Fox News’ Shepard Smith hammers Trump & sticks up for CNN
PerSister @RalindaRae
RT @DisavowTrump16: Shepard Smith did the right thing today and stood up for good journalists. RETWEET to thank him #journalismmatters #Tru…
mike a schreiber @KrautMike
RT @TEN_GOP: Shepard Smith becomes new Megyn Kelly. RT if you'd like to see Fox News get rid of him. #TrumpPressConference…
Susangardner @Susanga84628522
RT @mikandynothem: ✔ RETWEET✔ if you agree it is time for Shepard Smith leave #FoxNews. He belongs at #CNN or #MSNBC or other FAKE NEWS net…
coco @speedin88
RT @RealJack: RETWEET if you want to see Fox News get rid of hate-filled Shepard Smith.
Connie Brady @conniebradytx
RT @Impeach_D_Trump: Fox News’ Shepard Smith hammers Trump & sticks up for CNN. One of the Few Brave Individuals at Fox...…
Mollie Tolbert 🇺🇸 @MollieTolbert
RT @Darren32895836: RETWEET if you'd like to see Fox News get rid of bitter boring Shepard Smith. @realDonaldTrump
Proud Deplorable @JenniferDonels2
RT @BrokeHungry: Well, I don't want to say this but, Today will be the last time I watch @ShepNewsTeam Shepard Smith! He should go to CNBC…
Sichy mistrz @suchy965
RT @Johndaveis: .@johnnydollar01 @ShepNewsTeam @Acosta Haha sorry Shepard Smith but you are so fake, maybe you should consider moving to CN…
@HottMess@CrazyBitch @RanaeRomano
RT @America_1st_: RT if you want Fox News to get rid of Shepard Smith #TrumpPressConference
Nicky Paraiso @NickyLandETC
RT @TwitterMoments: Fox News isn’t known for calling out the Trump administration, but that didn’t stop Shepard Smith.…
Todd Watson @SuperDriver318
RT @RotNScoundrel: Chuck Todd and Shepard Smith walk into a bar... Bartender: What'll ya have? Chuck and Shep: A Shirley Temple...two straw…
Joe @bbgenius
RT @HersheSquirt: I knew that "Shepard Smith" always wanted to be like "Megyn Kelly" but this is getting ridiculous.....C'mon Fox News Wake…
Donald Fasciana @dfasciana7
RT @nia4_trump: I think Shepard Smith maybe upset over #TrumpPressConference hard to tell with all the botox in his face!💩Shep Shit💩 https:…
Vexed snowflake @SisterGalz
RT @BettyBowers: PRAYER WARRIOR ALERT: Pray for Shepard Smith. He said things inconvenient. He may be killed by 2d Amendment People. https:…
100% Pro-Trump Woman @GoToArtRave
RT @bocavista2016: THAT MOMENT Acosta realized #Trump is no ordinary Republican 👉HE FIGHTS BACK #TrumpPressConf…
stella ragsdale @stellamolly511
RT @RealJack: I'm not surprised Shepard Smith defended CNN and fake news. He reports fake news and buys into the MSM lies everyday. Nothing…
Patricia m. Schurr @Patriot1361
RT @mitchellvii: Shepard Smith Becomes New Megyn Kelly, Viciously Attacks Trump And Defends Obnoxious CNN Reporter (Video)…
antony. @PushYaPushPop
RT @JamesMelville: Shepard Smith calls out Donald Trump and demands answers. A ballsy statement, especially as he works for Fox News. http…
Debra @debrabarrett937
RT @Bill_Rhodes54: If one wants to work for #FakeNews u have to act like Shepard Smith .We saw Megyn do the same thing. Shep is interviewi…
Trisha @Tes_1971
RT @aphoenixalice: RT if you want Fox News to give Shepard Smith a raise.
🇺🇸 Melina Copper @MelinaCopper
RT @mcgilh: Trump Fans Want Shepard Smith’s Head for Slamming President on Fox News
Sally Stuckey @SallySchindle
RT @YahooNews: Fox News host Shepard Smith slams Trump for dodging Russia questions: “It's absolutely crazy” https:…
LilLadyLonghorn @LilLadyLonghorn
RT @Variety: Watch @FoxNews anchor Shepard Smith rip into @realDonaldTrump's attacks on the media…
KristinMAGA3X🇺🇸 @KristinMHart
RT @RednaxalA: Rassmussen @POTUS 55% approval @CNN🐍 tell you? NOPE #PresidentialTVShows #journalismmatters #mediachat Shepard Smith media #…
Denise La Lande @ResistLa_La
RT @StevenReyCristo: Fox Host Shepard Smith Criticized Traitor Trump & Deplorables Freak Out...they tuned in for propaganda, not truth. ht…
deplorablewilly @amberistic23
RT @TutherowCarol: @ericbolling Shepard Smith owes Fox News watchers an apology for the way he trashed President Trump.
James Bahr @Presspup
RT @AmiSheffield: Wow. I'm going to say something I've never said before: Thank you, Shepard Smith. Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️
cthulhcc @cthulhcc
RT @IrlandoDavid: @passantino #Shepard Smith American hero FOXNews
Vlemx @Vlemx2
RT @WIOD: Fox's Shepard Smith feels wrath of Trump Supporters | South Florida's First News w Jimmy Cefalo | NewsRadio WIOD…
Josh @joshbittner
RT @joeinotjoel: Watching Shepard Smith come to realizations is sort of like watching a foal take its first steps??
Halekoa @Hale_Koa
RT @Ed_Nichols1: #FoxNews I'm a loyal viewer of Fox and president Trump, but after the Shepard Smith melt down I will boycott Fox until he'…
Halekoa @Hale_Koa
RT @firecat69: @ChrisCuomo Report on what Shepard Smith from FOXNews said about trumps press conference
Halekoa @Hale_Koa
RT @kellyab33: #Trump Fans Want Shepard Smith's Head for Slamming #President on Fox News
Halekoa @Hale_Koa
RT @praino1789: Shepard Smith is trying to turn FOXNews into MS NBC. I think he needs to go to work there. He'd be great. LilWhiner. https:…
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