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Oliver Willis @owillis
shorter Trump: "I fired that great guy over a fake news story from a corrupt dishonest news outlet, because apparently I'm an idiot?"
Hilarious @WISuperstar
RT @Stonekettle: Shorter Trump Presser: I'm awesome! I have a huge penis! WHY CAN'T YOU PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THAT? WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU JERKS?
Abu Hena @abuhena0044
RT @EricBoehlert: shorter Trump WH always: we only care b/c we got caught
Allan Brauer @allanbrauer
RT @owillis: Shorter Donald Trump: "I don't watch CNN, now let me run down their entire prime time lineup including guests, pundits, etc"
(((KennethKircher))) @kenkircher1
RT @jkarsh: Shorter Trump: Who are you going to believe, your lying eyes and the work of 17 different intelligence agencies, or Dear Leader…
Kate Antifa @herbluebody
RT @AfraidToFlyNow: Anyone else notice the sniffing when @realDonaldTrump started lying about Russia? He does it every time he starts the l…
Michelle Butler @Jaquebelle
RT @ChristianDems: Shorter Trump: The media is corrupt because it reports my administration's corruption. SAD.
JPR @Global_Empires
RT @WajahatAli: Shorter Trump: "Hey, youre a black journalist. All black people know each other, right? Setup a meeting w Congressional Bla…
Hilarious @WISuperstar
RT @TinaDupuy: Shorter Trump: I fired Flynn for doing nothing wrong. I fired him because of the media.
Hilarious @WISuperstar
RT @fatalmocking: Shorter Trump: We must punish anyone who expose my scandals, which are just fake news anyways.
Tracey Rose @videogirlprod
RT @DKMatai: Wow! #TRUMP on TIME's Cover Again? Inside #WhiteHouse's Rain, Wind and Chaos! #Labor Shorter Trump Monopoly #AAASmtg Did Tr…
Saturnius @PaxNostrum
RT @lancegould: I don't trust any intelligence, I don't need any intelligence, I don't have any intelligence Shorter Trump
Bob Weiner @bobweiner1
RT @Zigmanfreud: Shorter Trump on Flynn: He's a great man treated very unfairly by media, but he lied to VP about having talked sanctions w…
Southerngal🌷 @NCB116
RT @jocelyn528: Shorter Trump "I am having a mental breakdown. Why isn't my staff ending this?" #trumppresser #trumppressconference
Wayne K @Wayke66
RT @PaladinCornelia: Shorter Trump: He doesn't read or process information well. ⚡️ “Is Trump Demented?” by @PaladinCornelia https://t.…
keri w @keriRN
RT @linnyitssn: Shorter Trump: There is no crisis..I'm not unhinged and if you say that one more time I WILL NUKE THE FUCKING CRAP OUT OF…
Abu Hena @abuhena0044
RT @JayandSteve: Shorter Trump: My being Putin's puppet is Obama's fault...
Damon Young @photogdamon
RT @jefftiedrich: shorter Trump presser
therese o'hanlon @thereselite
RT @Alt_FedEmployee: Shorter Trump: I'm not a bigot. Unless you are Mexican, Muslim, African-American, a woman, LGBTQ, or non-white. #trump…
geoffrey mohan @LATgeoffmohan
RT @DonaldJOrwell: Shorter Trump: The information about Flynn was fake. Because of fake information, he had to leave his job. I will find o…
Hilarious @WISuperstar
RT @AJFeather: Shorter Trump: "Flynn didn't do anything wrong, so I asked for his resignation."
Hilarious @WISuperstar
RT @_scottreid: SHORTER TRUMP: I have penis envy. Bigly.
❄❄Okie 👉🗽❄❄ @otono60
RT @imfabulous13: Shorter Trump: media are very very fake liars, very very Russia very very doesn't exist, very very strong, very very bad,…
((Linkster)) 🇺🇸 @linksteroh
RT @kimfrederi: President Trump Shorter Trump Reince Ask Jeff Zucker Labor
Kerin @KerinLeone
RT @GrnEyedMandy: Shorter Trump: Big league, fake news, look at my tiny hands, not the words coming out of my butthole shaped lips.
Anakin Skywalker @Mr_MITCHELL_2_U
RT @good2bgreene: Shorter Trump - "I have no clue what I'm doing. You will all lose your jobs or die. Maybe both. Bigly."
LiNCOLN PARK @linc0lnpark
RT @ksecus: What is wrong with you people in media? Im the King. Kneel before me and kiss my ring . Shorter Trump
(((MamaNasty))) @mamanastase
RT @CraigCo62: Shorter Trump - Reporter: Will you used the Congressional Black Caucus? Trump" OK YOU set up the meeting! WTF???????
Roslyn P. @RoslynRena
RT @ElleLamar: Please tell Trump that ALL African Americans are not stuck in GHETTOS!!! "Shorter Trump" #DumpTrump
Polly Sigh @dcpoll
RT @dcpoll: Shorter Trump: "President Bannon wants me out of office so he told me to do this presser. Tremendous idea. Tremendous." #TrumpN…
Hilarious @WISuperstar
RT @zezzledog: Shorter Trump speech: "It ain't my fault." #BlameObama
LiNCOLN PARK @linc0lnpark
RT @dellakwal: "Shorter Trump"" to reporter" Congressional Black Caucus friends of yours? set up the meeting"
Jessica Forrester @JessicaForrest
RT @Christinaof9: I've come to the conclusion our #POTUS is completely, totally obsessed with Hillary Clinton. 2nd to himself. Shorter Tru…
billy davis @billyndavis
RT @linc0lnpark: Shorter Trump: "I will cut you off and I'm not answering you."
The Dude @iDudeness
RT @GrnEyedMandy: Shorter Trump: Grabbing pussies is good. Getting caught on tape is bad.
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