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Yacht Club Games @YachtClubGames
Grab a friend and rejoice! Shovel Knight Two Player Co-op is coming to all consoles and PC!! Read more here:…
Ryan @SS2Jet
RT @YachtClubGames: So many adventures! Even Shovel Knight is sporting a new campaign title! What do you think? h…
Con-kweh-tulations! @AsrielDreemurr
RT @YachtClubGames: Body Swap Mode for Shovel Knight will launch simultaneously with Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment! Read on here: http…
Eric Gonzalez @EricNintendo
RT @IGN: Shovel Knight is headed to the #NintendoSwitch!
Lisassy @lililabolita
RT @MyNintendoNews: Shovel Knight Is Coming To Nintendo Switch
Mahyuddin Zin @Mayu_Zane
RT @Babylonian: This seems like a really smart way to handle the Shovel Knight expansion bloat:
Slenderquil @EthanQQQuotes
RT @NinWire: Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove and Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment coming to the Nintendo Switch. Details:…
Ryan @SS2Jet
RT @Kotaku: AGDQ's Shovel Knight speedrun race was tense:
Brianthetwelfth @Brianthetwelfth
RT @nichegamer: Shovel Knight Heads to Nintendo Switch, Rebranded as Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove for All Platforms…
Andres #AGDQ2017 @andreslop24
RT @GoNintendoTweet: Shovel Knight coming to Switch, Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove revealed
b2j135 @b2j135
RT @GameXplain: Shovel Knight Coming to Switch + NEW Treasure Trove Details!: via @YouTube
Renato/GotW @Renato_GotW
RT @kappaerikka: Seria o Shovel Knight um Pá-Ladino?
Spree Killer Giygas @GenocidalPony
RT @Babylonian: • new Shovel Knight campaigns stays free for current owners, as promised • all SK campaigns now broken out and sold as stan…
Ryan @SS2Jet
RT @realDern: Confused about the Shovel Knight news? I condensed it into easy-to-read bullet points! @YachtClubGame…
Pie Hard @jtyfen
RT @PC_Gamer: Shovel Knight is getting co-op, a new campaign, and new pricing
Kayla Rodriguez @theKwomanrules
RT @widowtomytracer: guys we can make shovel knight gay
Spree Killer Giygas @GenocidalPony
RT @Exploditorium: Okay for those who aren't informed made a lot of Shovel Knight jokes + ran shovelshitposting back in the day and it got,…
ThatBlindBandit @ThatBlindBandit
RT @totalgaming: Shovel Knight gets a name change, new modes and a Switch release
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