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soumitra pathare @netshrink
RT @PeterASinger: My wish: we would see innovation in an integrated way https://t.co/m6PeMbKJFJ #sixwayfinder https://t.co/baJ0ZcbJ0O
tatiana fraser @tatiana_fraser
RT @Joerivds: 9 behaviours @LankellyChase is looking for as signs of #systemchange conditions @AliceMEvans #SIXWayfinder https://t.co/hqxYa…
Manuel Toscano @bigmao
RT @HarveyKoh: Changing systems starts w changing ourselves, assumptions, perspectives. Tremendous stories this morning at #SixWayfinder
Andrea Hamilton @urbanannie
RT @AliceMEvans: Love this quote shared by @UffeElbaekMP #SixWayfinder https://t.co/TxdWWY8QBR
John Kenney @JohnRKenney
RT @gquaggiotto: #sixwayfinder panel key take:don't start by defining an ideal future state, but a better description of the present https:…
Alice Evans @AliceMEvans
RT @TimDraimin: #SixWayfinder @uffeelbaek: I love to create space/platforms for people to unfold their life talent for their highest aspira…
Hivos Global @hivos
RT @TimDraimin: What can the #socialinnovation movement achieve by 2027? #SIXwayfinder Innovating Society to solve #SDGs leveraging global…
Alice Evans @AliceMEvans
RT @stephenhuddart: Spotlighting the power of active listening to inform deeper change. #SixWayfinder. @OzInnovation @suncorenergy @comms_…
John Kenney @JohnRKenney
RT @JordanJunge: We were being judgemental outsiders & ignorant of context. Love the honesty & openness of @saltsea #SIXWayfinder #system…
John Kenney @JohnRKenney
RT @Joerivds: Our goal is not to create #systemchange but create conditions for it to happen. @AliceMEvans abt @LankellyChase #SIXWayfinder
John Kenney @JohnRKenney
RT @JordanJunge: Change takes longer than 3 years. True fact. @AliceMEvans @LankellyChase #systemschange #SIXWayfinder
Jordan Junge @JordanJunge
2027 for #socinn = purpose, agency & connectedness? Time to discuss & commit to #action #SixWayfinder
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