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Jason A. Touw @jtouw
RT @rochebeedee: I've got big plans, how about you? 😉 #SMBMSP97 https://t.co/fXtbe6Lm2u
Dana @dmakerson
RT @JoelECarlson: Great panel at today's @smbmsp about crisis communications. #smbmsp97 https://t.co/GPNAJFSk1j
Jill Teut @jillteut
RT @BMAMinnesota: "Not everyone is going to see your press release on Twitter." - @gregswan So. True. #smbmsp97 https://t.co/tqDhUlCmo1
Jenny Floria @JennyFloria
RT @amandagebhard: Great point by @gregswan. Define what's "normal" in addition to what constitutes a crisis for your brand. #smbmsp97
Spyder Trap @spyder_trap
RT @IamChrisTodd: Re: an external crisis - It's ok to be quiet [on social] Good advice for life too. #smbmsp97
Greg Staffa @Greg_Staffa
RT @StaffaRoadTrip: My #Discrimination story was told in City Pages. Hoping you read and share #smbmsp97 #ChamberConnection #StCloudMn http…
Casey Hall @CaseyHall_
RT @smbmsp: Have a plan for crisis scenarios but be flexible with the execution. @CaseyHall_ #smbmsp97 https://t.co/fofDo6qSPb
Dana @dmakerson
RT @amandagebhard: Leverage a "crisis" to ask for more resources/tools. I've seen this work firsthand! @CaseyHall_ #smbmsp97
Jenny Floria @JennyFloria
RT @michellehals: Engage in social listening everyday. Will help you determine what's normal & what's not. #SMBMSP97
Casey Hall @CaseyHall_
Crediting one of my comments today. I had forgot where I had heard this #smbmsp97 https://t.co/qG3CAM5EqS
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