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RT @cocolady_ca: Here's the description of social media @Insta_Dad is talking about #SMBRD https://t.co/IvF2lMU65k
cilantro and chive @cilantro_chive
RT @BrendaSarg: LinkedIn is an amazing resource for tailored information to your industry...to learn and influence @Insta_Dad #smbrd https…
Alberta Retweet @AlbertaRetweet
RT @Insta_Dad: Time for Social Media Breakfast!! #RedDeer 😊☕ @SMBRedDeer #smbrd #smbrd47 @Openhwy https://t.co/DHxefc2kUD
Meagan Parisian @meaganpari
RT @amjwatson: LinkedIn not just a place to find a job. All about connections, network, learning. #smbrd
Ann Garrett @ann_catalyst
RT @_careercatalyst: Not just a place to look for jobs - can post reviews, share articles, find professionals in community #LinkedIn #smbrd
Bull Skit @BullSkitComedy
RT @blckrktherapies: #smbrd getting to hang with the lovely Jenna from @BullSkitComedy. She makes 830am bearable! https://t.co/OzCH9aAdG5
AB Sports HallofFame @ASHFM1
RT @cocolady_ca: Should we all make a goal of posting one #LinkedIn recommendation today? #SMBRD Who's in?!?!
AB Sports HallofFame @ASHFM1
RT @meaganpari: Recommendations on LinkedIn vs endorsements - totally different! Recommendations win every time. #smbrd
Openhwy Media @Openhwy
Great to see you at #SMBRD @RDTreeFest We love that you love your system! Looking forward to doing more training & HOSPITALS' LOTTERY! - BJ
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