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Dr Chantal Donovan
Fantastic way to cap off #SMP2017 talking future of women in all sciences with @karenandrewsmp @helenaqcxhttps://t.co/Wa3Fvqy4dt
22 Mar, 07:21 AM UTC
Uni of Adelaide
I took advantage of the 🎤 and my #5secoffame and stole an Ellen-style selfie of our breakfast guests! #SMP2017 than… https://t.co/PKDglt4AP5
22 Mar, 10:28 PM UTC
Ms Butler
Thanks Dr Brown for your funny & engaging speech at the Uni of Adelaide #SMP2017 Breakfast! https://t.co/mHQHOTNsrx
22 Mar, 10:42 PM UTC
Prof Emma L Johnston
Experts respond to the National Science Statement. #SMP2017 https://t.co/XuO2XqaEgy
22 Mar, 09:00 PM UTC
Uni of Adelaide
We showcased our fantastic researchers at breakfast at National Gallery! #SMP2017 #scienceeatsparliament ^HB https://t.co/UBl1Qqgwfh
22 Mar, 10:21 PM UTC
Simon Birmingham
Celebrating the minds and discoveries of Australia's researchers at the #SMP2017 event as part of @Aus_ScienceWeek https://t.co/yYESTvZvbK
22 Mar, 10:47 PM UTC
Dr Hannah Brown
What an honour to have @Birmo and @NicolleFlint join us this morning at our @UniofAdelaide #SMP2017 breakfast! Than… https://t.co/H1TGApmkPp
22 Mar, 11:48 PM UTC
The @UniofAdelaide #SmP2017 delegates met with @Birmo this morning as part of their satellite event, congrats all!
22 Mar, 09:49 PM UTC
Prof Vanessa Peterson presenting @WSFBrisbane today for "cool jobs" talking carbon atoms and research.… https://t.co/GUaB5L2yVm
23 Mar, 05:26 AM UTC
Uni of Adelaide
And our *huge* thanks to @DrScienceLover/^HB for doing such a brilliant job of showing her #SMP2017 experience. Gre… https://t.co/RkLydU6YTg
23 Mar, 12:11 AM UTC
Dr Hannah Brown
So, this just happened! I got the opportunity to talk about my #SMP2017 experience and grabbed a photo op! #scicommhttps://t.co/VpALqAsMQh
22 Mar, 10:34 PM UTC
#SMP2017 Science met Parliament and released a National Science Statement. March for Science Australia's response: https://t.co/h9O9TRZT6I
22 Mar, 08:47 PM UTC
Be a great science communicator, be an ambassador - @DrScienceLover #SmP2017 https://t.co/jcoNkIRGo2
22 Mar, 09:38 PM UTC
Sarah Chapman
The overall learnings from #SMP2017 We are stronger together! Collaboration is key across #STEM sectors @WomenSciAUST @ScienceAU
23 Mar, 12:28 AM UTC
Our CEO Kylie Walker highlights the need for scientists to advocate for science and congratulates #SmP2017 delegate… https://t.co/4h7huFp24F
22 Mar, 08:53 PM UTC
Heike Ebendorff
Great conversation with @senatorback and @senchrisketter yesterday at #SMP2017 on science and collaboration @CNBPscience.
22 Mar, 10:22 PM UTC
Dr Hannah Brown
Was a pleasure to share the experience! Thanks @UniofAdelaide and #SMP2017 for the experience! https://t.co/21jppDvjjf
22 Mar, 10:42 PM UTC
Uni of Adelaide
It's time to go home! Thanks for following the #SMP2017 journey live! Back to the 🔬and labcoats. For now! See more… https://t.co/oadXMdVc60
22 Mar, 11:24 PM UTC
Dr Hannah Brown
Thanks @UniofAdelaide for allowing me the 🔑 s to your account to share the #SMP2017 story! What a blast (and a priv… https://t.co/oIt9cK0ALP
22 Mar, 11:27 PM UTC
The most important role for us is to be an advocate for science says @DrScienceLover. #SmP2017
22 Mar, 09:36 PM UTC
Dr Francine Marques
.@ScienceAU urges scientists to step outside their comfort zone and engage w politicians, media, investors #SMP2017 https://t.co/abXA24guIW
23 Mar, 12:55 AM UTC
Jason M Lodge
Thank you for the chat about #science and #education at #SmP2017 @AdamBandt you are more than welcome to visit us @SLRCAustralia any time.
23 Mar, 02:11 AM UTC
Vicki Thomson
Best way to start the day celebrating world class research and scientists from @UniofAdelaide as part of #SMP2017 @groupofeight
22 Mar, 08:54 PM UTC
jeremy brownlie
So what to do post #SmP2017 ? Follow up! Contact the politician and staff thank them for their time, invite them to visit, send them info
23 Mar, 04:20 AM UTC
Dimitri Perrin
@TRI_info "Beakers beat bunkers. Beakers need bankers." (based on @ScienceChiefAu's opening address at #SmP2017 on Tuesday morning).
23 Mar, 12:39 AM UTC
Dimitri Perrin
@mathildesselle nice! Gender equity was also mentioned a few times at #SmP2017. It was good to see politicians aware of the SAGE pilot.
23 Mar, 01:52 AM UTC
rory robertson
Alex @ceptional This is BIG! Night parrots now again span Oz Any ideas #USyd #SMP2017, on neutralising pesky cats… https://t.co/ToyMa3FPHk
23 Mar, 01:07 AM UTC
Voices on yesterdays National Science Statement released at the National Press Club #smp2017... https://t.co/j09gNmiCFp
23 Mar, 12:11 AM UTC
Bipartisan support for science in Parliament makes it a great time for the sector days Kylie #SMP2017
22 Mar, 08:57 PM UTC
Life Science Network
Here's what you missed on day two of #SmP2017 - when scientists and politicians talk about the future of science https://t.co/cqYG7IVn8C
23 Mar, 07:01 AM UTC
Scott Wade
@astroduff do you know if there's a similar state level version of #SmP2017 ?
23 Mar, 06:13 AM UTC
Bryant Gagliardi
And who better to have closed #SmP2017 than Parliamentary Friends of Science @RichardMarlesMP and @karenandrewsmp
23 Mar, 05:01 AM UTC
rory robertson
Meanwhile, #USyd mngmnt helps its "talent" place fake data in 3rd journal (#AJCN) p64 https://t.co/KfhC3Aj7nA #auspol #SMP2017 @CampusReview
23 Mar, 03:49 AM UTC
Poppy Burnett
Kylie Walker, CEO of @ScienceAU, talked relationship-building between scientists & politicians on @2ser https://t.co/qXtTojAKYG #SmP2017
23 Mar, 02:52 AM UTC
Springwood Preschool
The latest The Springwood Preschool Daily! https://t.co/LNJVX2Uo4t Thanks to @alannahmadeline @ACECQA #smp2017 #npc
23 Mar, 02:07 AM UTC
"to make informed decisions..must rely on expert advice..When it comes to science..vital that we support research f… https://t.co/nX9SwnfT0a
23 Mar, 01:44 AM UTC
Retweeted NationalScienceWeek (@Aus_ScienceWeek): "Science,research and innovation aren't optional extras." @billshortenmp #smp2017
23 Mar, 12:16 AM UTC
Meeting with parliamentarians yesterday as part of #smp2017 to promote science in Australia
22 Mar, 11:58 PM UTC
rory robertson
Complaint by @kj_ton, yet taxpayers in 2015 gave #USyd $403m research$ despite AustralianParadox fraud p79… https://t.co/0abL8WzwRp
22 Mar, 11:58 PM UTC
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