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Hon Lee Makwiny ™
Uthamaki Kingdom listening to a discussion about @MikeSonko on Kameme. They have disowned him. #SonkoVsUthamaki
20 Mar, 06:09 AM UTC
Lord Abraham Mutai
Meanwhile on this war #SonkoVsUthamaki Sonko must win and Uthamaki MUST fall. No apologies. After all this Uthamaki thing is a club of a few
20 Mar, 06:49 AM UTC
I'm being told Mike Sonko is the topic on Kameme FM now. Lol! #SonkoVsUthamaki
20 Mar, 04:42 AM UTC
One, Sonko has to lose the ticket for Peter Kenneth. That's the decision of Uthamaki and it's final #SonkoVsUthamaki
20 Mar, 07:05 AM UTC
NASA Kenya
sonko just called peter kenneth an Albino! what is mwaura doing in Jubilee? #SonkoVsUthamaki
20 Mar, 07:48 AM UTC
Hon Lee Makwiny ™
Use your vote wisely. VOTE for beauty with brain to change this county. #SonkoVsUthamaki
20 Mar, 06:39 AM UTC
justin orangi
#SonkoVsUthamaki mudavadi was blessed as mademony with muthamaki nanok seitan sonko is still waiting for a title I think
20 Mar, 06:27 AM UTC
Sonko: ''I won't be PK's Deputy neither will he be my deputy'' #sonkovsuthamaki
20 Mar, 07:45 AM UTC
Ian Thee Blogger™
NASA declares war on President Magufuli's deal with Jubilee Government (Details) #SonkoVsUthamakihttps://t.co/db07txiRC0
20 Mar, 07:17 AM UTC
@JubileePartyK has sacked their chairman Wanyonyi. He doesn't represent the Uthamaki interests. @Disembe #SonkoVsUthamaki
20 Mar, 05:54 AM UTC
Peter Kenneth wanted to vie in Muranga. He was talked out of it by State House, which promised full support. #SonkoVsUthamaki
20 Mar, 07:53 AM UTC
Sonko:"Yes I had an E in mathematics but I can count money,but PK had 4 Es in his KCSE.'' #sonkovsuthamaki
20 Mar, 07:45 AM UTC
Collo Is Mambobiad
You cannot lie to us that you support uhuru but hate uthamaki, those things are twins bana #SonkoVsUthamaki
20 Mar, 05:54 AM UTC
Holy Grail ® ™
#sonkovsuthamaki funny how Kenyan politics are all about who has numbers but not who has better ideas to transform Nairobi-Kenya
20 Mar, 06:34 AM UTC
All Kenyans know this Uthamaki narrative is real, only my rift valley people still in darkness but 2022 they will learn #SonkoVsUthamaki
20 Mar, 08:24 AM UTC
Is only sonko who will discriminate people with disabilities and skin color and thinks that is a king. #SonkoVsUthamaki
20 Mar, 07:48 AM UTC
Samantha Wanjiku
#SonkoVsUthamaki my community just don't see how kenyatta family uses us for their own interests.This family will siphon Kenya dry
20 Mar, 07:49 AM UTC
Then Kalenjins should also prepare for a #RutoVsUthamaki after august #SonkoVsUthamaki
20 Mar, 08:25 AM UTC
Sonko spoke many words but what he ment in few words is that Kyuks love themselves. No more no less! #SonkoVsUthamaki
20 Mar, 08:27 AM UTC
Yoana kimwele
#SonkoVsUthamaki Kenya is the only country where mad people vie for elective seats & normal people walk 2the ballot station & vote them in
20 Mar, 08:16 AM UTC
Nairobi Gift Shop
Available Curren military watch Unisex watch 25% off to Kshs. 1,800 #SonkoVsUthamaki #CedoOnKISShttps://t.co/5oJSHSiEv7
20 Mar, 08:21 AM UTC
Steve Muli
Your ex is somewhere "jiggying" in all the positions that you taught them😂😂😂😢😢😢 #SonkoVsUthamaki #gainwithxtiandela #MzanziFolloTrain #MGWV
20 Mar, 07:50 AM UTC
Jeff amota
Hope my FREN is watching all this! #SonkoVsUthamaki
20 Mar, 08:24 AM UTC
Daniel Musyoka
"I only had one E in my KCSE. My competitor Peter Kenneth had 4 E's.." ~ Mike Sonko 😂😂😂😂 #SonkoVsUthamaki
20 Mar, 08:28 AM UTC
Araap Seroney
Who has ever seen PK in Jubilee attire? #SonkoVsUthamaki
20 Mar, 08:19 AM UTC
#SonkoVsUthamaki Umathaki must FALL, for kenya to stand TALL, A sonko - Babu owino tag-team would dismantle the status quo.
20 Mar, 08:25 AM UTC
Daily Polls Kenya ️
Who between Sonko and PK wins the Jubilee nominations if the nominations are free and Fair? #SonkoVsUthamaki
20 Mar, 08:29 AM UTC
Who reserves to be Nairobi's Governor #SonkoVsUthamaki
20 Mar, 08:28 AM UTC
#SonkoVsUthamaki how qualified was David to be a king!!!???
20 Mar, 08:22 AM UTC
Pius Muturi ®
Sonko was reminding Uhuru what they went through & should consider him #SonkoVsUthamaki
20 Mar, 08:23 AM UTC
johnny chege
#SonkoVsUthamaki no debating about this @mikesonoko #tukopamoja
20 Mar, 08:26 AM UTC
S/O Motherland
@IvanEvans_Kenya Very true, Uthamaki doesn't have the phrase 'Thank You' in its arsenal .. Ahsante ya punda ni mateke #SonkoVsUthamaki
20 Mar, 08:32 AM UTC
VIDEO: Mike Sonko’s Interview on Citizen TV and how Kenyans Reacted https://t.co/pDUnldtc3v via @3neel… https://t.co/srHtHnVhBm
20 Mar, 08:27 AM UTC
NASA Kenya
@oredocharles @disembe even the dead hears. Mwaura should heed to this Albinism Utterance by Sonko #SonkoVsUthamaki
20 Mar, 08:26 AM UTC
Count Olaf
To Sonko that rebellion element is what u needed so bad to propell u a landslide victory in the nominations.#sonkovsuthamaki.PK will fall.
20 Mar, 08:26 AM UTC
kemboi vincent
kenya will never allow another kikuyu president #SonkoVsUthamaki
20 Mar, 08:11 AM UTC
benz maina
#SonkoVsUthamaki y'all nighuz whining about Uthamaki like underfed kittens. Do you know the meaning of Uthamaki in the first place?
20 Mar, 08:33 AM UTC
U don't gain political mileage by abusing ur opponents ,his politics are just petty PKmakeNairobiGreatAgain #SonkoVsUthamaki
20 Mar, 08:32 AM UTC
Hon Lee Makwiny ™
Mike Sonko promised to step down should PK defeat him on Kameme poll. He has been defeated. Do u think he'll keep his word? #SonkoVsUthamaki
20 Mar, 08:32 AM UTC
Ndungu Gachane
20 Mar, 08:31 AM UTC
@MikeSonko Mr senator help the bigger heads release @C_NyaKundiH to continue exposing thus cockroaches 😂😂 #SonkoVsUthamaki
20 Mar, 08:31 AM UTC
Trending video of Moses kuria walking Out of live Radio #SonkoVsUthamaki #DigitalDoctors Kalonzo Musyoka https://t.co/hrQqkTL0Ta
20 Mar, 08:31 AM UTC
Sonko is mashinani king of Nairobery. You can't just finish him from boardroom #SonkoVsUthamaki
20 Mar, 08:31 AM UTC
Hussein Adan
@MikeSonko is more of a bark dog than a leader. Nairobi needs someone like @Peter_Kenneth whose leadership trait is visible #SonkoVsUthamaki
20 Mar, 08:31 AM UTC
benjamin warui
Naona hii story on twitter "@CollinsJava: What is the vote tally from Kameme fm, Sonko vs PK ? @benjaminwarui #SonkoVsUthamaki"
20 Mar, 08:31 AM UTC
Steven Mapesa
Sonko has absolutely no knowledge of governance, how would he govern Nairobi city with his barbarians act #SonkoVsUthamaki
20 Mar, 08:31 AM UTC
Who deserves the Jubilee ticket in the Gubernatorial race in Nairobi #SonkoVsUthamaki
20 Mar, 08:29 AM UTC
Sonko a terrible threat to some people "I will kill all land grabbers" #SonkoVsUthamaki
20 Mar, 08:29 AM UTC
Byron JEZÜS®
#SonkoVsUthamaki the Sonko I watched on Citizen TV yesternight is a dumbhead, too dangerous for governor, unpresentable as NRB GVN.
20 Mar, 08:28 AM UTC
patrick waweru
#SonkoVsUthamaki my support is for pk i think we have solid prove of what he did.
20 Mar, 08:28 AM UTC
The Voice of Reason
Sonko has been used and misused. UTHAMAKI is vehemently protected by zealots,, oh to you if you are deemed disposable #SonkoVsUthamaki
20 Mar, 08:28 AM UTC
We all be cursing Sonko but He will liberate kenya from tribal cocoons. #SonkoVsUthamaki
20 Mar, 08:28 AM UTC
@MikeSonko should secure fast release of @C_NyaKundiH to continue exposing David Murathe the former Gatanga MP… https://t.co/XzipWn6KlA
20 Mar, 08:27 AM UTC
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