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Will Presti @WillPresti
Yoda's situation has not improved. Recommend speech therapy. #StarWarsReportCards @MidweekMinute @HashtagRoundup
BadCoq @BadCoq
RT @sethshaffer: #StarWarsReportCards I'm changing your grade from a C+ to a C3PO.
writer1307 @MistahJ1307
RT @PapaSquirrel: "Don't feel too bad. R2 got a D, too" #StarWarsReportCards
Goggly Gogol @nicolaigogol69
RT @PulpLibrarian: I'm afraid R2D2 still struggles with his penmanship... #StarWarsReportCards https://t.co/ox0EM2x2IM
Ulet Natalius @UletN
RT @JessicaNexus: Dear Mr. and Mrs. Hutt, Jabba is having trouble in P.E. class #StarWarsReportCards
Greg Bronstein @bronstein_greg
RT @trumanquinn: Luke Claims His Father Cut His Arm Off, We Have Contacted Social Services #StarWarsReportCards
Charles Warner @deezel21
RT @mrjafri: Very focused on his studies...Still only knows one phrase #StarWarsReportCards https://t.co/7XgJgLNyew
bobozeboz @bobozeboz
RT @TomMalvaso: #StarWarsReportCards A passing Jedi score you're pupil Anakin did not get... https://t.co/g7M5tqMLT7
Mari @MarysDrawing
RT @OfficialArtMark: Correct me if I'm wrong, This is #Pao right? #StarWars #SketchBook #StarWarsRougeOne #Alien #StarWarsReportCards #doo…
Rockets Redglare @daviddavidsocal
RT @AlexaKaySam: Leia is constantly saying this to the other kids. #StarWarsReportCards https://t.co/AhixyRQ517
Greg Bronstein @bronstein_greg
RT @Ciaranmcg1997: #StarWarsReportCards Mr and Mrs Gerrera, whenever a teacher tells Saw he is incorrect he yells "LIES!!DECEPTION!!" and…
Astrid Dux @AstridRory
RT @MomentsAU: The Force is strong with those who stay in school. #StarWarsReportCards https://t.co/8rker4gtpP
Stubacca😢 @TalesofGeekdom
RT @wstrpodcast: If YOU were to grade #RogueOne, what grade would you give it? #StarWarsReportCards
Chris Hagel @MullingHagel
RT @SeriousTalkTwit: Mr. Skywalker, C3PO's grades have improved. He is now C+3PO. #StarWarsReportCards
Emraan Mughal @emraanmughal
RT @kingaizaz: @mohammadshaikh_ #Quran #Guidance for #Mankind #QuranSays #StarWarsReportCards an amazing islamic Scholar https://t.co/hZ3r…
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