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Tom Holland @holland_tom
This is terrible news. A tunnel under the #Stonehenge landscape wld be devastating archaeologically - & morally too https://t.co/AyQM1eI3u0
Logan Wright @wildwrighty92
RT @DavidBrentMovie: News: #Stonehenge tunnel gets the green light! "I wouldn't mind escaping up her tunnel" https://t.co/0IXqqjwSAQ
Phil Hall @phiiphall
RT @SkyNews: There's a plan to build a road tunnel under #Stonehenge #A303 https://t.co/tgj53b3K3u
Lisa Young @DorsetG1rl
RT @greg_jenner: This short video by @holland_tom explains why the #Stonehenge road decision is such bad news for Archaeology https://t.co/…
luminaria98 @Luminaria98
RT @Telegraph: Forget sitting in traffic – the best way to see #Stonehenge is on foot https://t.co/WFhlInpEF7 https://t.co/hEkHMZkDDx
Johnny Collaro @JCollaro
RT @nw_nicholas: Now we've fucked up the NHS let's see what we can do with Stonehenge. #Stonehenge
ComedyTiming @ComedyTiming
RT @ComedyTiming: So the busy #A303 that runs next to #Stonehenge is to get a tunnel, says #DFT (Department for Transport) good or bad idea…
Buddy The Monkey @traveling1223
RT @SmallTownWA: 20 Washington State Travel Experiences For 2017 https://t.co/st3VjQ4s5s #hike #beachlife #Stonehenge #natja #ifwtwa #trave…
Dr Laura Varnam @lauravarnam
RT @PunchBooks: #FolkloreThursday @GP_writer #Stonehenge privately owned til 1918 when given to nation! PUNCH's ideas for public ownership…
Culture West @CultureCw
RT @EH_Stonehenge: This weekend's Anicent Technology Demo takes a closer look at Bronze Casting. #Stonehenge #handsonhistory https://t.co/P…
Frankie Saxx @frankiesaxx
RT @TetZoo: To those saying "there's already a road close #Stonehenge, a tunnel won't be worse", existing roads don't affect undisturbed ar…
Helena Handbasket @PhyllisCopeland
RT @TiernanDouieb: Of course Grayling gave go ahead for tunnel underneath #stonehenge. Tories excel at destroying the foundations of Britai…
Milford Street @MSBPSalisbury
RT @SpireFM: NEWS: The FULL breakdown of what the #A303 #Stonehenge tunnel plans might include is here: https://t.co/XV4WGjnSHR
Kate Ball @KatieBall11
RT @sophiiee89: A tunnel under #Stonehenge? Can these people literally not leave anything alone?!
Eliades Acosta @eiacosta
RT @EZuelow: The Stonehenge tunnel will bring us closer to a mythic past [Thoughts?] https://t.co/N8oWrFpPyH #Stonehenge #Opinion #Archaeol…
Kathy Call @KathleenCall62
RT @Erostree: Leave #Stonehenge alone. No #StonehengeTunnel what a stupid idea. https://t.co/qEv7gkvYHK
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