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Imran Khan @ImranKhanPTI
Shocked & saddened by condemnable terrorist attack inside Sufi shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar targeting innocent ppl incl women & children.
anihh @sufi_jundi
RT @AimanzHaikal: Bru msuk motif viral dh gelar diri artis. Viral pun sbb buat bnda bodoh, kau fikir kau siapa? Adakah kau lupa ataupun kau…
hi @justfivelsda
RT @johnjwillard: Gibran, Hafez & Rumi. are a few of the most beautiful #meditation or #spiritual human beings to share the word.. #Sufi
Ado Maikano @Sarki_jnr
RT @CraigCons: ISIS attacks Baghdad & Sufi shrine (Pakistan). There's no outrage because the victims are Muslims. We only hate ISIS when th…
AartiPatel आरती पटेल @AartiPatel85
RT @younusalgohar: . @MailOnline Pakistan suffers from yet another terrorist attack, the 8th one in 5 days. This time on a Sufi shrine. Ter…
🌼봄날 🌸 clarissad 😞 @tzeryv
RT @AJENews: BREAKING: ISIL claims suicide attack targeting Sufi Muslims at Pakistan's Lal Shahbaz Qalandar shrine - Reuters…
AartiPatel आरती पटेल @AartiPatel85
RT @younusalgohar: Sufi's in Pakistan under attack from Islamic-hardliners
Asha Shankar Sharma @ashashankar260
RT @younusalgohar: More than 70 killed in Isis suicide attack on Sufi shrine in Pakistan
Martina Miser @MartinaMiser
RT @pmarsupia: 120 muertos hoy en dos atentados: 70 muertos en un templo sufí de Pakistán y 50 muertos por un coche bomba en Bagdad.
Rabby Das @RabbyDas
RT @mehdifoundation: & you're telling us a story vice versa of what is happening. This is a very MISLEADING propaganda that the #Antichrist
death? 🤔 @rubies_nlvender
RT @aimalfarooq: Sufi Muslims died today in Pakistan. At a shrine. While they prayed. Women and children. Where are your flag filters?
Rabby Das @RabbyDas
RT @mehdifoundation: What #ImamMehdi #GoharShahi said was spot on and this is exactly what is happening today. #BombBlast #SufiShrinesUnder…
Alberto Gallardo @gallardoalbert0
RT @AJENews: Pakistan's week of violence
amanda hodge @hodgeamanda
RT @HamidMirGEO: Sufi Saint Lal Shehbaz Qalandar migrated from Afghanistan he spread message of peace and love in Sindh 2day his shrine bec…
Naveed Baig @naveedqadri
RT @Shaykhabulhuda: I call on Salafi scholars in Saudi Arabia & worldwide to condemn ISIS attacks on Sufi shrines. Let not help #Daesh #ISI…
Sahi pakde hein @ttrumped
RT @taslimanasreen: 99 people are killed in Pakistan's week of violence.75 killed by a suicide bomber at a Sufi shrine.Fanatic Muslims kill…
Narendra Joshi @narendrapjoshi
RT @mediacrooks: No sympathy.. No mercy... I hope ISIS bombs all of Pakistan...
saleem yousuf @Saleemyousuf75
RT @MirwaizKashmir: Strongly denounce the cowardly terror attack on a Sufi shrine in Sehwan, our condolences & solidarity with the families…
Ashok Kumar Nayak @pureindianashok
RT @MinhazMerchant: 5th terror strike in Pak in 4 days: #ISIS claims responsibility for attack on Sufi shrine. Pak reaping the whirlwind ht…
Dildar @DildarShinwari
RT @takkar1234: Sufi Saint #LalShehbazQalandar migrated from Afghanistan in thirteen century he spread message of peace and love in Sindh
Gulshan Sahu @Im_gks
RT @RealArnabG: Islamic State Claims Responsibility For Attack On Sufi Shrine In Pakistan's Sindh, 100 Dead .. "जैसी करनी वैसी भरनी" #Pakis…
Laura Hollis-Wood @ScarlettsGone
RT @ScottPresler: ISIS: Suicide bomb claims 70+ lives and injures more than 150. #RadicalIslam #Pakistan #Shrine
BachaJamoora @BachaJamoora
RT @fifiharoon: As a child I went to Sehwan & Shah Ghazi. Later to Bhitshah. Then Data Darbar Main Sufi sarmasta! Bigots will not tell us…
Jayanta Sarkar @jyntmail
RT @sempavansharma: Indian Reply to #NYT @nytimes #GhaziFromToday #TheHinduReFRESHED Urjit Patel Steal The Ignis #HBDPrinceSivaKarthikeya…
🌹RAJU BISHNOI 🌹 @fpclRaqupgEgEpF
RT @iSharmaAkshay: जो हस रहे थे कभी मुंबई जैसे बलास्ट पर.. आज वो रो रहै है गालिब अपने मौत-ए-जनाजे को देखकर..😜😜 Sufi
Shada Islam @shada_islam
RT @dhume: Tragic. Sehwan Sharif is one of the most revered Sufi shrines in South Asia. (Beautifully evoked by @DalrympleWill in Nine Lives…
Sampurna @SampurnaMajumde
RT @timesofindia: IS claims blast that killed 72 at Sindh Sufi shrine via @TOIWorld
Nur Tuba @nurtuba06
RT @_MAZLUMDER: Pakistan Sind eyaleti Sehwan kentindeki Lal Şahbaz Qalandar sufi türbesine intihar saldırısı düzenleyen IŞİD 70 kişiyi katl… 🆎 @abdeshmukh
RT @AartiTikoo: #Pakistan was created & is sustained on the ideology of hate & communal bigotry. Blowing up people of other sects like Sufi…
KANJAR-COMMITTEE :-) @hitman_b1l4l
RT @AusHCPak: Condemn horrific attack on peaceful Sufi shrine #LalShahbaz #Sehwan. Our thoughts are with the victims, their families & peop…
alkesh m shah @alkeshmshah
RT @mauseen_khan: Sufi Saint Lal ShahbazQalandar migrated frm #Afghanistan with a message of peace & love in Sindh. Last night his shrine b…
AIR NEWS AURANGABAD @airnews_arngbad
RT @airnewsalerts: #Pakistan: Death toll rises to 81; in suicide attack inside crowded Sufi Shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar in #Sindh. #sind…
Nate Rabe @hd_nate
RT @ans_bajanama: A Sindhi-Sufi record in raga Pilu in the Voice and Composition of Mr J. M. Gulshan Sufi having the bole "Kahe Sang Dilsan…
Javier @FraykinJavier
RT @RaquelEcenarro: Igual no lo sabes. Ayer hubo 2 atentados: Bagdad 45 muertos Pakistán 70 muertos en un templo sufí No está en las por…
Micky @omerta_97
RT @AFPAfPak: New: Security crackdown as Pakistan mourns Sufi shrine victims
GÜLŞAH ÖZKAN @gulllssah
RT @yeryuzuhaber: Pakistan'da Sufi türbesine intihar saldırısı: 70'ten fazla ölü
Dua Bhutto @duabhutto3030
RT @HaleemAdil: My thoughts and prayers for the martyrs & their families of those who lost their lives at the shrine of Sufi Lal Shahbaz Qa…
Norma Corona @normaeche2858
RT @eleconomista: EI ataca santuario sufí en Pakistán
Arbab Khawar TeamPPP @Khawararbab
RT @ahtisham_hala: A detailed account of deadly attacks on Sufi shrines in #Pakistan. @BBhuttoZardari @JavedNayab77743 @Majid_Agha @Khawara…
LooseMyMonkey @LooseMyMonkey
RT @1SourceNewsUSA: Over 100 Feared Dead As Blast hits Pakistan's Lal Shahbaz Qalandar Sufi shrine @AJENews @1Sour…
Wattpad Indonesia @Wattpad_ID
RT @winarieny: Al HIKAM Ibnu Atha'illah Al-Iskandari (some quotes) - 17 #wattpad #tasawuf #sufi #tarekat #AlHikam @…
Gul Bukhari @gulbukhari
RT @Ali_Abbas_Zaidi: More 35 attacks on at least Sufi shrines in Pakistan over the last decade. And some are still like: I can't understand…
Mahendra Rout @MahendraRout3
RT @udayindiaonline: Death toll rises to 75 in suicide attack inside Sufi shrine in Sindh - Uday India
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