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The Supervet @SupervetNF
All animals deserve their little piece of the world and a chance at love, health and happiness #supervet https://t.co/oS2g3nwN9x
Danny Boy @DannySnuggles
RT @SupervetNF: "Dachshunds are just comical, absolutely comical. They get into your heart and they own you!" #dachshunds #supervet https:/…
jemima packington @asparamancer
RT @SupervetNF: "I would have done anything for her. They give you unconditional love, and you’ve got to do your best for them." #supervet
Jazz the Boxer @JazztheBoxer
RT @Channel4: When you're SO EXCITED that #Supervet is back... https://t.co/NmGVIqn6m8
Leigh McCann @Leigh_McCann
RT @SupervetNF: This is unconditional love in one of its purest forms #supervet https://t.co/ZabUZICTId
Sarah Russell @Sarahcats8
RT @SupervetNF: Better than a person #supervet https://t.co/zIWbSQBdXI
jemima packington @asparamancer
RT @SupervetNF: It’s just like, boom, let’s get on with the show! #supervet https://t.co/MTMmyLNlrn
Patricia Hall @Tricia247uk
RT @Channel4: Can we move to wherever this is, please? #Supervet https://t.co/CNR9Neh2x5
jemima packington @asparamancer
RT @SupervetNF: Racing to grab your space on the sofa when you are all animal mad and a brand new episode of #supervet is about the start o…
Invicta Dog Walking @Invdogwalkserv
RT @fitzpatrickref: Tonight sees these 3 loveable characters treated on The #Supervet, tune in at 8pm on @Channel4 https://t.co/KHPjMF9tuc
Christine Wilson @chriswilson_3
RT @SupervetNF: Puppy gets bionic feet in innovative surgery https://t.co/Z1ApAq3Nme via @Femail #supervet
Lioux88 @Lioux88
RT @fitzpatrickref: More than 2 dozen pets have benefited from Fitzpatrick Referrals PerFiTS prosthesis #Supervet https://t.co/uov69iFqfo
Jo Sharp @Sharpy_JoJo
RT @SupervetNF: At times I was thinking, ‘Why have I done this to him?’ Now I know why we’ve been through it. We got Rollo back. #Supervet
amanda @ajcraddock91
RT @LatinLeprachaun: Does anyone else obsessively cuddle their pets while watching supervet? #supervet
Sour Kix @SourKix
RT @OneLiveFestival: One Live is back! Join @SupervetNF on 8 July at Stoke Park Guildford @GuildfordTIC #BRINGONSUMMER #ONELIVE #SUPERVET h…
jemima packington @asparamancer
RT @SupervetNF: Puppy Rodney was never short of TLC during his stay at @fitzpatrickref #supervet https://t.co/CU9p4owNZe
Julie @whoknowsitmay
RT @Odie_T: The dachshund on #supervet is a perfect example of a badly bred puppy farm dog. #AdoptDontShop or if you "must" buy, do your re…
Patricia Caputo @TriciaCaputo
RT @FrasierHarry: Don't be a weakling. Evolve. #GoVegan #nhs #bbc #supervet #vegan https://t.co/Lunf4Azyrx
jemima packington @asparamancer
RT @AmyWilliamsMBE: Great to see @SupervetNF @DiscoveryUK series back on tv. Working wonders on our beloved pets. #supervet
Gary Marsh @Marsh2Gary
RT @VikkiHowells: Heartwarming story of Rodney and his bionic paws on #supervet encapsulates all that is great about @foarctwales 🐶 💖 🐾
WELLYBIX @Wellybix
RT @thedogslist: That awkward moment you realise you nodded off during your favourite programme 🐕 #supervet https://t.co/wxXC9HKjNq
Dan Malakin @DanMalakin
RT @Wattsinthebox1: Making TruffleMats whilst the Crew Snooze! #supervet #dogsoftwitter https://t.co/poeZUgL1Qf
kristina @krysiuniaw5
RT @merisesher: There must be research about why we're often more moved by animals than people. Rodney's stumps had me weepy. #Supervet htt…
FriendsofAnimalsRCT @FOARCT
RT @rach_marshall_: Also, how adorable was Rodney #supervet
FriendsofAnimalsRCT @FOARCT
RT @rach_marshall_: So pleased Nell recovered such a beautiful dog #Supervet
FriendsofAnimalsRCT @FOARCT
RT @Emskiix: Rodney is the cutest thing ever 🐶👟 #supervet
Jenni @jennidrake
RT @nicoooleeee: Think i feel more sad for the dog having a second hip replacement than I would if it was a human 😢 #poordog #supervet
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