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Kotaku @Kotaku
Guy gets Switch two weeks early, shows off the UI https://t.co/GXTgdRVo1Z https://t.co/1w4RcE9Uzl
German @WhiteTiger2260
RT @Dystify: Some press outlets are receiving Nintendo Switch units. Here's a shot of the Switch UI. (Source: https://t.co/5e8Jz3hRps) http…
Hunter @hunter_oot
RT @NinWire: The Nintendo Switch UI has leaked in a new video! Check it out here: https://t.co/m65jW2BSv3 https://t.co/AJiOQAe6UD
⚡️LazyTrouppleGuy⚡️ @TheLazyShyGuy
RT @GoNintendoTweet: Exclusive! With a retailer breaking the Switch release date and a UI video out there, here's a first look at @GameXpla…
MdodoBat @MdodoBat
RT @Dystify: Exclusive footage of Nintendo Switch's UI! (By hiphoptherobot on NeoGAF) https://t.co/BuPe34hQVI
Thomaswitch @NinThomasYT
RT @Nibellion: We getting a Switch UI video tonight brehs https://t.co/IXKIOHd78u
Julian Jacob @superjuj00
RT @NinWire: Here's just a sampling of screens from the leaked Switch UI video: https://t.co/m65jW2BSv3 https://t.co/w9JolANcGB
Seanlole @seanlole
RT @LeafCam: Switch UI "spoilers". Oh no the entire Tetralogy of the line of Switch books narrative is now ruined for me.
Maloni @jordan_maloni
RT @NinEverything: Rumor: Gamer gets hands on Switch early, new UI image https://t.co/0WAklz0EaP https://t.co/mQspJ4aY1a
DAD - ZELDA HYPE @alpha_099
RT @real_intsys: "Did you hear about the Switch UI being leak-" https://t.co/XouD1NzPJ3
NikofTime @nreeper43
RT @Tracker_TD: Someone on GAF got their Switch early? And they're uploading a video of the UI? ...my, what's that sound? https://t.co/Y2w…
kiran caelum @kingkazuma1_0
RT @gematsucom: Cam-recorded Switch UI video surfaces https://t.co/bL1cIOi2xx https://t.co/29TPMIQtKk
Billy McAlpine @xiDacienix
RT @TechnoBuffalo: Video of Nintendo Switch in the wild as fan gets system early https://t.co/w1h6qdWjSL https://t.co/U3dMZ2rBSa
RT @destructoid: An early look at the Nintendo Switch setup and UI https://t.co/rCZoSy79ac https://t.co/ZaN4Ki6kYL
zedd in 4k @zeddikins
RT @TheXbone: Switch UI leaked, pretty surprising. I'm not sure about the nipple clamps but the verification can QR code reader is a nice s…
Jeff @VitaminCJeff
RT @therealzef: rejoice, the switch has a dark theme no more 3 am nintendo and going blind from their ui
ItsATrapp20 @ItsATrapp20
RT @MegaJacobF: Nintendo Switch UI and more leaks online https://t.co/F6FvX7Ztdr (full video in link) https://t.co/8wph3hp85f
Anthony Ramos @anthonyjrcorea
RT @PrestigeIsKey: Someone got the Nintendo Switch WAY early. Here is a glimpse at the UI if anyone wants to spoil it for themselves :P htt…
Quinn Johnston @QuinnJohnston9
RT @QuinnJohnston9: Exclusive Nintendo Switch UI footage: https://t.co/0pHRwf7s0M via @YouTube
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