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Michael @Michael_3986
RT @WORLDSTARC0MEDY: Clemson football team funny af 😭😂
POLITICO @politico
Democrats fear Trump team will destroy Michael Flynn documents
Daniel Good @GespenstOne78
RT @politico: 5 times @realDonaldTrump’s team contradicted itself about Flynn’s Russia talks
Oliver Santa Cruz @osantacruz
RT @DucatiMotor: 2017 @ArubaRacing - Junior team riders @Michael_Rin21 and @@mikejonesracing #forzaducati #arubaracing…
RAW AIR Tournament @raw_air
RT @Newsskijumping: Lahti2017🇫🇮 Team Austria🇦🇹 Gregor Schlierenzauer Markus Schiffner Andreas Koffler Manuel Fettner Stefan Kraft Michael H…
tiki @lucysprincess
RT @Brettdier: @jdbcolleen there is always a team Michael 😎
døntgrøwupitsatrap. @Petuska_a
RT @Newsskijumping: Lahti2017🇫🇮 Team 🇺🇸 Kevin Bickner William Rhoads Michael Glasder Casey Larson #skijumping #skispringen
Robert Darling @bbbob61
RT @Dan_Shaughnessy: Team Trump now scripting "The Departure of Michael Flynn In Context.''
Diana Oliva @HDIdiana
RT @Jaxsn_12: @michael_HDE leading Alignment Meeting 2017 in Chicago! Special thank you to @Frankparas for joining our great team as well!…
Bere @lovelybere_831
RT @jdbcolleen: @Brettdier I'm mad at the cw for ruining Jane's life by making u die which means THERES NO MORE TEAM MICHAEL. I LIKED YOU *…
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