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John Boyega @JohnBoyega
Star Wars The last Jedi 2017
michelle @emperoryusuke
Julia Howard @YMDUrLU9zgAsBMg
RT @_DaisyRidley_: Star Wars The last Jedi 2017 RT if you're ready.
Rey Kenobi's Wife @LittleSeaOtter
RT @VeryLonelyLuke: Lightsabers are red. Lightsabers are blue. I said I was the last Jedi. But maybe there are two.
Mr. Andree 🤙🏼 @aagc_x
RT @9000x: - Debe estar pensando en otra. Todos los hombres son iguales - The Last Jedi ... ¿Y si tienen razón en Internet y es "Jedi" en p…
Alex Acks @katsudonburi
RT @nuriwan: PUBLIC SERVICE FOR MY ENGLISH FRIENDS: in the spanish version, The last Jedi is PLURAL. YOU'RE WELCOME. #StarWarsTheLastJed…
anto @reyesmalfoy
RT @starwarstuff: BREAKING: The Foreign language titles for Star Wars: The Last Jedi confirm that 'Jedi' is plural.
ellie❤ @stydiaskywalker
RT @jcssemcree: 'the last jedi' is confirmed to be plural & i am Alive
모노 @mnplatinum
RT @buzowsky: 스타워즈 한글 판 번역 [깨어난 포스]로 되어서 다들 깨포깨포 부른 거 넘 귀여웠는데 영어 제목은 새 영화랑 이어지게 하려고 [The Force Awakens -> The Last Jedi] 로 했다는 거 알게 된 후로 이런…
sameen @sameen_irfan
RT @midnight: It's official, "The Last Jedi" is plural. So we are DEFINITELY going to see 1,000+ Jedi in the next movie! Exciting! Tell yo…
Whitley Brooker @whit_brook23
RT @StarWarsCount: 301 days until Star Wars: The Last Jedi #StarWars #LastJedi #EpisodeVIII
Marvin Chun @808marv
RT @StarWarsNewsNet: UPDATE: French and Spanish Titles for Star Wars: The Last Jedi Suggest That "Jedi" is Plural! #StarWars #TheLastJedi h…
Greg Kopycinski @GregKope
RT @Gizmodo: Thanks to foreign titles, we finally have an answer to a Star Wars: the Last Jedi mystery…
Blowzie @Interstellarho
RT @GeekFeedDotCom: The "Jedi" In ‘Star Wars: #TheLastJedi’s’ Title is Plural.
José A. Zunino Tosi @jose_zunino
RT @slashfilm: International Titles Confirm 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' is Plural
Tony Borelli @elsqueet
RT @OKnox: The French title for the next Star Wars movie ("The Last Jedi") in English is "Les derniers Jedi" -- so plural.…
cesar pantoja @pantoja92
RT @SomosEspagueti: El nombre oficial de Star Wars: The Last Jedi es anticlimático y un pequeño spoiler: https://t.…
Epic Film Guys @EpicFilmGuys
RT @rolistespod: Breaking news! 😱 The French title of #StarWarsTheLastJedi reveals that its PLURAL! The several last Jedi(s) @EpicFilmGuys
Tikicurse @tikicurse
RT @SyfyWire: International titles for The Last Jedi confirm Star Wars fan theory
raul cardenas @rulho13
RT @atomix: La duda se ha despejado. Ya sabemos si el “Jedi” de Star Wars: The Last Jedi, es singular o plural http…
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